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Wolverine is a member of the X-Men. He was one of the group's first members. Wolverine had a trip to Mt. McKenna, which ended in him having a chip removed that caused him to act out in a chaotic manner.[1] He led the X-Men to the battle at Asteroid M and freed the captive members of the group.[2]

History Edit

Wolverine was experimented on during the Weapon X program. The experimentation left him with claws. He escaped the experiments by cutting himself out of the tube he was in.[1] He met Sabretooth and the two became archenemies. He joined the X-Men. He became acquainted with Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Charles Xavier, the group's founder.[3]

Formation of the Brotherhood Edit

Return to the X-Men Edit

He was away from the X-Men at the time that Scott unwilling used his powers and caused an explosion, which Logan learned about while reading a newspaper. He was watched by Sabretooth and he returned to the Xavier Mansion as Toad was leaving the mansion, who he stopped but left go off when Charles told him to. Wolverine explained he had returned because he had smelled trouble, but speculated it may have been Toad, referring to his smell. Charles told him he was glad to have him back, prompting Wolverine to tip his hat.[3]

Wolverine smelled Sabretooth while at the mansion shortly after returning home and went off to confront him. While riding on his motorcycle, he was seen by Scott and Kurt. The pair followed him and lost him briefly as he confronted Sabretooth. Wolverine slashed up his motorcycle and was put in danger when Sabretooth tried crushing him with a car. Cyclops intervened by blasting Sabretooth with an optic blasts and Nightcrawler tried to assist as well, though Wolverine had to save him from being hit by Sabretooth. The latter fled the fight, proclaiming that they were not finish and would later resume their battle. Wolverine spoke with Nightcrawler and Cyclops after the ordeal and made it clear that he did not want the pair to follow him again.[4]

Meeting Rogue Edit

Wolverine met Shadowcat after she joined the X-Men following being recruited by Charles and Jean. Logan did a demonstration for her and the other X-Men with Storm, which at different points he was attacked by Storm. The demonstration ended when Charles contacted Wolverine telepathically and told him to stop attacking the automated defenses of the Danger Room, citing financial concerns. Wolverine defended his destruction of the automated defenses and Scott criticized them. Wolverine came into the room with the other X-Men and voiced his concern that the group would need some better defenses.

His choices were not agreed with by Storm, and he backed down. Charles approached the X-Men after this and informed the group that he had tracked a mutant named Rogue in Mississippi, who had the ability to absorb the powers and techniques of others. During the group's ride on the Blackbird, Wolverine became annoyed by Nightcrawler and Shadowcat's antics and voiced his feelings as Shadowcat walked past him.

Mystique used his form when attacking Rogue and portrayed the X-Men as mutant hunters. After Charles could not get any information on Rogue's whereabout by scanning Cody's mind, Wolverine led Nightcrawler and Shadowcat during a search on foot for her. Wolverine went through a few trash cans and found no results, though eventually located her when she was speaking to Irene. Wolverine chased after as she tried running away, but Nightcrawler stopped him.

The latter pointed out that she seemed scared of him and recommended that he approach her. Wolverine went along with his proposal, though advised him to use his Image inducer and to keep an eye on Shadowcat, who he referred to as "half pint." The latter was angered by this comment and tackled Rogue. She absorbed Nightcrawler during the confusion and Wolverine met up with Jean, Cyclops, Storm and Charles after this. When he learned of what had happened, Wolverine blamed himself. Rogue absorbed Storm later and gained her powers before teleporting away following a brief conflict with Cyclops and Jean. The rest of the group met up with them and Wolverine carried Nightcrawler there, as well as realizing Mystique had played some role in what had transpired.[5]

Blob Edit

He watched over Shadowcat and Nightcrawler as they trained and instructed Shadowcat during the game of keep away to make sure Nightcrawler did not get the ball. He criticized the pair, but was stopped by Charles, who then received a telepathic communication from Jean, informing him that she had been kidnapped. Charles told Wolverine, who had Nightcrawler to retrieve Cyclops. Wolverine then changed into his costume and left to find and confront Blob, Jean's kidnapper. Wolverine arrived at the building he was keeping her in and Charles ordered him to wait for back up, which he refused to do and he charged in to attack Blob. However, the latter crushed him using his weight and threw his body at Cyclops, who had arrived right after Wolverine, knocking him out as well. Rogue came to Jean's aid and defeated Blob, saving her and she was questioned by Jean about her motives for doing this, resulting in her leaving the X-Men by running away. Wolverine stopped Jean from giving chase, stating that Rogue was not ready.[6]

Meeting Spyke Edit

The group recruited Evan Daniels, who unwillingly joined the team after agreeing to giving the group a shot in exchange for Charles getting him out of jail. He had been placed in jail based on police believing him to be the perpetrator of damaging lockers at his school, in actuality caused by his childhood friend Pietro Maximoff. During the breakfast the day after his recruiting, he did not join the team and Charles told Scott that he had not entered Evan's mind to find out who was responsible with damaging the lockers nor had the latter come to inform him, but believed he would tell him when he was ready.

Wolverine voiced his opposition to Charles's theory, believing that Evan would try to confront the real perpetrator by himself. During the group's training, he helped Spyke up after he performed well and complimented his hard work. Wolverine's theory proved correct, as Evan would confront Pietro by himself without telling the others, though he was still assisted by Scott and Jean.[7]

Mystique's identity Edit

Not long after, Wolverine participated in a training simulation with the students as a guard. The students were trying to rescue a captive and Jean tried levitating Cyclops and Nightcrawler to get the captive, but lost her concentration thanks to Wolverine, who as a guard approached her and caused Cyclops and Nightcrawler to touch the motion sensors. As Cyclops tried helping the captive, she revealed herself to be Rogue. The latter's inclusion in the simulation prompted Cyclops to call for it to be stopped.

At the Xavier Mansion, after the students went to school, Wolverine spoke to Charles about revealing to them the identity of Mystique as their principal. He believed they needed to know the truth, but Charles voiced concerns that the group may not have been ready to know. Mystique revealed her identity to both Scott and Rogue when she tried killing Scott and soon tried killing them both once Rogue retaliated and learned that she had attacked her when the X-Men had come to recruit her, in an attempt to keep her away from the group.

The X-Men learned of Rogue's inclusion on the trip when Jean returned to the mansion and Wolverine, Charles and Storm rushed to his aid. The group had difficulty finding him, until Rogue had Scott to fire his optic blasts into the sky. As the team descended to the two, Wolverine confronted Mystique and urged her to leave the two alone unless she wanted him to defend them by attacking her. Following her departure, Wolverine was able to save both Scott and Rogue as the bridge the three were on collapsed, getting them into the Blackbird right as the bridge crumbled.

As Storm tended to Scott, Wolverine came up to Rogue and asked her which side she was on, the X-Men or the Brotherhood. When he confirmed that she would not be thrown off if she said the Brotherhood since it was not the X-Men's style, she chose the X-Men and Wolverine extended his hand to her in acceptance. The trip not only revealed Mystique's identity to Rogue and Scott, but the rest of the students found out and confronted Charles over not telling them.[8]

Mansion lockdown Edit

Wolverine pulled up to the Xavier Mansion. While doing this, he was recorded by Evan, who had recently obtained a camera from a teacher for having failed an assignment and planned to use the camera to record current events that meant much to him as part of his makeup assignment. When Evan was leaving from Bayville High School and en route to the Xavier Mansion, he was attacked by Sabretooth.

The latter knocked him out and after obtaining his camera, found the footage of Wolverine and in doing so, learned where he resided. Wolverine and Cyclops soon had a training exercise, where the latter was taken down by projectiles and recorded laying on the ground by Evan. As Wolverine encountered another projectile, Evan began skating up to him and the projectile turned its attention towards Evan. Wolverine pushed him out of the way and deflected the projectile's weapons.

Wolverine then confronted Evan on him being there and while the latter tried to explain, Wolverine took interest in his camera. Wolverine deleted Evan's footage because he got on his "bad side" and looked through the rest of his footage. He found the recording of himself pulling up to the Xavier Mansion and soon found the message left by Sabretooth thanking Evan for showing him where Wolverine lived.

Evan, having never heard of nor seen Sabretooth, asked who he was and Wolverine merely said his name as Cyclops filled him in. Sabretooth then arrived at the mansion. He easily got through the automated defenses and confronted Wolverine, Cyclops and Evan. Charles contacted Wolverine and recalled the latter as having previously been able to keep Sabretooth from following him to the mansion.

Wolverine confirmed he had been able to do this in the past, but implicated Evan as having been Sabretooth's aid in finding the group. The other X-Men came out to aid the three, but that did not stop Wolverine from beginning to fight Sabretooth by himself. Storm broke the pair up as the rest of the group got involved, ultimately prompting Sabretooth to flee. Wolverine refused to let him leave and chased after him., despite Storm's pleas for him to remain. Despite the pursuit, he lost Sabretooth's trail.

Wolverine soon had a conversation with Charles over Sabretooth. The pair agreed that he would not come back to the mansion, since the automated defenses would detect him, but Wolverine voiced his theory that Sabretooth would try kidnapping one of the students to use as a hostage in an attempt to get him away from the mansion. Charles realized that all of the students were in danger and Wolverine said he needed to do something about it. The pair were overheard by Evan.

The latter had Rogue and Kitty to leave the mansion with him to lure Sabretooth to them and defeat him. During the mansion's lockdown, Wolverine stopped Scott from leaving to get food and asked him where the others were. He learned of Rogue, Kitty and Evan's departure and had Scott to remain at the mansion and look after the others. He confronted the three as they were being defeated by Sabretooth, who he got off of Rogue. However, the fight between the two was cut short when Rogue absorbed Sabretooth and gained his powers.

Evan confirmed to Wolverine that he had planned out the encounter and warned him not to do it again, stating that the three could have been killed. He grounded the three and confirmed that Sabretooth would get a "cooling off period". The cooling off period was Sabretooth being dumped into the arctic and having his memories of the event erased by Charles. Not long after, Logan attended the screening of Evan's film "Family".[9]

Juggernaut Edit

Charles's half-brother Juggernaut was broken out by Mystique, who tried getting him to break into the Xavier Mansion and locate Cerebro. The X-Men were for the most part away from the mansion as he began his rampage through Bayville, as the students were in a survival training camp. The group had been given the option of either having survival training there or with Wolverine. He spoke of this to Charles and voiced his opinion that the group would have benefited from his training over the camp. Charles then detected Juggernaut.

He explained the relationship between him and his brother to Wolverine, who pledged to protect him from his powerful brother when the latter came. Prior to confronting Juggernaut, Wolverine told Charles that the Danger Room would be his best place for defense. He then confronted Juggernaut and the latter voiced his superiority, though this did not stop Wolverine from attacking him as he tried entering the mansion. Despite his attempts to subdue the villain, Wolverine was tossed around and easily disposed of by Juggernaut.

Juggernaut turned his attention to Mystique after she lashed out at him for damaging Cerebro. As Juggernaut was trying to grab Charles, the X-Men and Brotherhood arrived to combat him, Cyclops telling Wolverine upon arriving to take "a break". With the two groups attacking Juggernaut, Wolverine directed them while in pain to remove his helmet, which allowed Charles to enter his mind and defeat him with his telepathy.[10]

Nightcrawler's past Edit

Nightcrawler was the subject of Rogue's dreams, which brought about a number of questions from Nightcrawler about his past. Charles tried to address these in the best ways he could and confronted Mystique in Principal Darkholme guise at Bayville High School. When he brought up the experiments Magneto did on him, Mystique mentally recalled the experimentations and allowed Charles unintentionally to find out where the castle he was experimented on in was located. Magneto found out about the contact that Mystique was trying to make with Nightcrawler about his past and also became aware of Wolverine being sent there as the latter arrived.

He was electrocuted and then attacked before finally entering the laboratory, which had all of its containments destroyed. Wolverine reported to Charles and voiced his belief that he was expected, as well as speculating that the lab may have researched DNA but confirming taht the person who operated it "pulled out" very recently. He then learned of the lab had been rigged to blow and ended his transmission with Charles, narrowly avoiding the impact of the blast. He spoke about the laboratory and Kurt's past with Charles, Jean and Scott later on and voiced his opinion that Kurt should not be informed of the experimentations by the team, since some of the information could be "pretty damaging."[11]

Trip to Mt. McKenna Edit

Logan thought deeply about his past and recalled his experimentations with the Weapon X program during the night, visibly being shaken by it. The following day, Kitty wrote to her parents and became frustrated with being crowded at the Xavier Manson, which she voiced to her parents in her writings. After a few instances of being crowded, she sat in the kitchen with Wolverine and wrote to her parents that Wolverine "doesn't want to talk to anybody." He noticed her staring at him and jokingly questioned if he was reading to loud for her, referring to his newspaper that he had been silently reading.

As the rest of the X-Men came into the kitchen, there was a news report on television which caught Wolverine's eye. It was about Mt. McKenna being closed and Logan turned up the volume, though left the room after uttering its name. When he entered his bedroom, Logan began to lose control and slashed the front door as Kitty was walking past it. When he came out of his room, she asked him if he was alright and he confirmed he was, having just finished "redecorating."

In actuality, he was having problems with his mental state and did not understand what it was. He consulted Charles about it and requested that the latter enter his mind. Charles proceeded and the Weapon X scientist along with Logan in the pod he was experimented on when he gained his powers. The two broke off the connection momentarily, though Logan insisted that they continue and concluded after a further look into his mind that the Weapon X scientist was responsible for his claws and for what was happening to him.

Wolverine then headed off to Mt. McKenna by himself, despite Charles offering company. While he began to pilot the Blackbird, Kitty and Kurt were in the back. The two fell down as the jet started and found out who was piloting it when they spied on him from behind. Kitty cautioned Kurt against confronting Wolverine given his behavior that morning, but Kurt wnet ahead and tried speaking to him.

Wolverine threw his claws at him and upon regaining himself, put the Blackbird on autopilot to question the pair on why they were following him. He lost control again, though while trying to explain his strange mental state and shut the door between him and them. After arriving on Mt. McKenna, Wolverine began walking and was soon followed by Shadowcat and Nightcrawler. The Weapon X scientist found out about Wolverine's landing by his hidden cameras in the forest and sent Sabretooth to confront him, and adjusted the chip to have even more stress on him.

Sabretooth confronted Wolverine and Wolverine easily defeated him, demanding answers. Wolverine then was confronted by the Weapon X scientist, who used the device on him and with the intensity made his main focus, Wolverine was taken out by Sabretooth. The scientist tried using his control on Wolverine to resume the Weapon X project and had his training begin with going after Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, who the scientist referred to as test subjects. Wolverine, despite being under his control partially, yelled out his opposition to harming the pair and had even more control put on him by the scientist.

Wolverine was spotted by Shadowcat and Nightcrawler as the two were looking for him and they soon noticed Sabretooth standing right next to him. Wolverine and Sabretooth started to chase the pair and Wolverine caused Shadowcat to fall off a ledge. She pleaded with him to return to himself and was succeeding until the Weapon X scientist turned up the intensity of the device, again causing him to lose control and start chasing her.

The chase ended after Wolverine continuously slashed trees to get to her when Shadowcat phased through to the other side of the mountain, which had a river right next to it. Wolverine thought he had killed her and was confronted by Shadowcat when she phased behind him. Though he resisted attacking her after throwing his claws at her, she succeeded in bringing him back to himself when she asked if he really wanted to hurt her and the two shared a hug before Sabretooth attacked Wolverine.

Wolverine started making his way to the Weapon X scientist's lab and there was stopped from harming the scientist by the latter's robots. However, Shadowcat came in behind him and managed to destroy the control panel, which allowed the scientist to control Wolverine. Freed from the robots and free to attack the scientist, Wolverine instructed Shadowcat to leave but the latter refused until Nightcrawler teleported her away. Wolverine said to the scientist and Sabretooth that Weapon X had been terminated.

The mountain then exploded and Wolverine managed to escape, though took the blast and passed out upon seeing Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, who had waited for him. The three returned to the mansion, where Wolverine had surgery to remove the chip in his head. Kitty had visited him every hour since the surgery when he woke up to Charles. Wolverine promised to Charles that he would one day find out who had experimented on him.[1]

Asteroid M Edit

With construction of Asteroid M finished, Magneto chose to have the X-Men and Brotherhood fight each other individually, the winner being offered a place on Asteroid M, which would serve as their sanctuary. At this same time, Charles used Cerebro and discovered Alex Summers, the brother of Cyclops, was still alive. It was a surprise for the pair and Charles had Wolverine to get Scott to speak with him. After Charles revealed his brother was alive, the three left the mansion to meet his brother in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When the three arrived in Honolulu, Wolverine and Scott scouted the beach that Charles had detected Alex at while Charles remained in the Blackbird. The two found a number of footprints and Wolverine smelled Magneto, who's name was unfamiliar to Scott. The latter asked him about Magneto and Wolverine hinted that he was going to soon confront him for the first time. Magneto used his powers to propel the Blackbird into the air and take Charles with him. Wolverine got onto the jet, but was made to come off by Magneto who used his abilities to get rid of him.

Wolverine landed on an island where he was confronted by Sabretooth. The pair began fighting and during their confrontation, Wolverine demanded that he tell him where Magneto had taken Charles. Sabretooth hinted at Asteroid M by referring to Charles being taken there as a "free pass to sanctuary". The pair continued to fight and became the last two left battling for a place on Asteroid M.[12]

While the two were fighting, Charles contacted Wolverine telepathically, instructing him to lose the fight. This was due to the X-Men victors being placed in decompression chambers should they win their fight. Charles did not get to inform Wolverine of this, as he contacted him while being placed in the chamber by Magneto and was rendered unconscious, ending his warning to Wolverine.

The latter did not understand Charles's reason for requesting him to lose the fight, but did not question his instructions and informed Sabretooth that he knew Magneto. Sabretooth's response, that he was the one who belonged at Magneto's side as opposed to Wolverine, was cue for the latter to withdraw his claws. Sabretooth then punched him and caused Wolverine to fall of the island and onto a ledge, from which he pretended to be knocked out. Sabretooth was then picked up by a metal sphere and journeyed to Asteroid M.

He returned to the Xavier Mansion and found Mystique offering the students to come with her or to go by herself. While he insisted that the group would be accompanying her, Mystique tried to make herself leader but Wolverine instructed her to get her "own ride" and started walking with the X-Men to leave when she gave in and agreed to accompany the team without having leadership.

As the group flew in their plastic jet, Toad began to believe that the jet's nonexistent metal was straining and the jet would soon break up. However, Wolverine confirmed the jet was not made of metal. As the group arrived, Wolverine zoomed in on one of the two males standing and seemingly waiting for the jet to get closer and sadly realized it was Scott, who had been transformed by the asteroid's enhancer.

After the jet went inside the asteroid and the started to scatter, the first thing Wolverine saw fit to do was free the X-Men from their decompression chambers and asked them upon freeing them where the Blackbird was. After Charles told him, Wolverine instructed the group to gather there before being attacked by Sabretooth, the latter having been upgraded using the enhancer.

Wolverine fought against his old enemy and was no match, but was saved by Storm's cyclone. As he saw Charles leaving Scott and Alex behind following a conversation between him and them in which he disapproved of their choices, Wolverine asked about the pair. Wolverine watched as they saved both the X-Men and Brotherhood and joined them in the snow.[2]

Pre-Mutant Revelation Edit

In the months following the battle at Asteroid M, new mutants joined the X-Men. Wolverine instructed the new students as he did the older ones.

New recruits Edit

Wolverine and Charles spoke about the new students while watching them and concluded that they would need more instructors. Storm ended their conversation by bringing up a news report of a car being shot away from slamming on a school bus filled with children by a mysterious beam, which Charles correctly assumed was Scott's optic blast. When Scott arrived at the mansion, the three waited out for him. The Brotherhood later revealed their identities as mutants and the X-Men to the Beyville High School student body. Charles tried using his telepathy to erase the incident from every one's mind and passed out in the process. Wolverine met with him when he woke up at the Xavier Mansion.[13]

When Rogue and Risty returned to the Xavier Mansion sometime after the group was nearly revealed, Kitty phased behind Risty and caused her to question where she had come from. As Kitty stumbled to give an answer, Logan used his claws to retrieve an apple. As he started walking away, he muttered "And they say I don't follow the rules" in reference to Rogue bringing Risty, an unscheduled guest, into the mansion. Later, Jean's powers began to go out of control after already causing her trouble at school and Logan had to get Scott away from her despite the latter's wishes to support her.

When the team retreated due to her powers causing everything in the room she was in to levitate, Rogue suggested using her absorption to allow Jean to not have so much of her abilities on her mind, essentially requesting to drain her. While Charles was skeptical of the idea, Logan admitted that they did not have many options and the group went through with the plan. Wolverine participated in destroying different obstacles that came at him and the other X-Men while trying to reach Jean.[14]

Wolverine served as an instructor to the new recruits while Boom Boom was scheduled to perform a rescue on Nightcrawler. Wolverine confronted her while she was listening to music and questioned the whereabouts of her com link. Boom Boom went out to save Nightcrawler and after reaching him, she instructed Wolverine to pull them up, referring to him out of name only for him to correct her. Nightcrawler teleported out since she had not strapped him in and Boom Boom used her powers to cause ruckus, which ended in Nightcrawler beginning to fall to the water. Wolverine saved his life, diving in after him and pulling him out.

Later Boom Boom's father came to the mansion seeking to meet with his daughter. While Charles turned him due to instructions left to do so, he threatened to reveal the X-Men as mutants and when he put his hands on Charles, Logan threatened him. The three were soon met by Tabitha and Kurt and the former spoke to her father.[15] Wolverine and Storm's absences after this caused Charles to have to place Scott and Jean in charge of the mansion.[16]

Hank McCoy, a teacher at Bayville High School, started having difficulty controlling his animalistic tendencies. His difficulty with controlling himself led him to develop a serum, which he drank and transformed into a beast. The X-Men were sent out by Charles to confront him and Wolverine combated him after he was spotted by Shadowcat. Though he instructed the students to remain with each other, Spyke disobeyed his orders to confront Hank by himself and recite the lines that Hank had specified for him to memorize after he ditched his class. Wolverine fought him again briefly before he was restrained and restored to his mental state by Charles and Spyke. Hank then joined the group under the codename "Beast."[17]

Avalanche arrived at the mansion in the night and the X-Men confronted him as he tried entering. Wolverine questioned him about being there and Avalanche revealed his wishes to join the group, surprising everyone but leading Wolverine to remark that he wanted to be the tooth fairy if Avalanche really wanted to join the group. Charles then came outside and through his conversation with Avalanche, was convinced to allow him to join the team. Wolverine attended the conference with Avalanche and Charles and left after he was granted membership on the team.

Iceman piloted a jet during a training simulation and despite crashing it, he expressed happiness to Wolverine in taking twice as long to "crash and burn." Wolverine scolded him for his flight skills and was confronted over this by Charles. Wolverine defended his actions by recalling his ability to "walk away from a crash" while the students could not and had Nightcrawler to stop staring at Iceman and continue working off his probation, which he reminded him he had another weekend of.

As Nightcrawler apologized, Wolverine instructed him to mop out the simulator when he finished sweeping the floor. Some of the new recruits used the X-Men's vehicles for joyrides, which caused them to be tired during Wolverine's sessions in the early hours of the morning. Cyclops noticed this and questioned Wolverine over whether or not he was pushing the students too hard, but the latter dismissed the idea of his training with the group and stated that it was good for them.

He introduced the new recruits to the Blackbird and joked off Iceman questioning if they were going to be able to ride the jet. He instead showed them to the X-Van, which had been damaged during the new recruits's joyride. Wolverine was unaware of this and questioned what had become of it. The new recruits took the Blackbird after this and were stopped from running into serious trouble by Kitty and Lance. The group later confessed their actions to Charles, Wolverine and Scott. When Jubilee said the group had taken his motorcycle for one of the joyrides, he briefly reacted angrily before they revealed she was joking.[18]

Some time later, Wolverine drove on his motorcycle when realizing that he was being followed by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., who followed behind him both on air and using vehicles on land. Wolverine was able to get away from the ones on land by going through a narrow formation of stones, though his luck ran out when S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicopter went down and Nick Fury revealed himself. Wolverine intended to leave Fury where he was standing, but began listening once his motorcycle was targeted. learning that Operation: Rebirth had been stolen, questioning who did it and being shown an image of the damage which Fury described as being the work of some "magnetic pulse". Wolverine quickly deduced that it was Magneto.

Returning to the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine explained to Charles what Operation: Rebirth was and after explaining that Steve Rodgers had been a product of it prior to becoming Captain America, surprised Xavier in revealing just how old he really was. Wolverine clarified that much of his past prior to his military service was a blur and that Captain America had been destroyed as a result of being part of the experiment, further expressing his dismay at knowing that Magneto had gotten a hold of it.

Within the mansion, Wolverine and Charles used Cerebro at full power, Wolverine showing his surprise by how many mutants had developed and predicting that they would not be a secret for much longer. With Charles stating that he was having a difficult time pinpointing where exactly Magneto was, Rogue's tongue slipped for a moment before she caught herself and became quiet once more. However, Wolverine surmised that she had something to say and called on her to say it, Rogue revealing that she believed Magneto was keeping Operation: Rebirth in a dome, one which she pinpointed to being in the Sahara Desert. Wolverine denied that she would join him on the mission after she said that she could recognize some landmarks and showed further dismay when Nightcrawler was approved by Charles to join the mission due to his ability to get past the dome with the use of teleportation.

Wolverine explained what Magneto wanted with Operation: Rebirth, why it failed and went to the direction Rogue advised him to, ordering the pair to prep the motorcycles while he landed the jet on the ground. Wolverine explained more and assumed someone else must have created a copy of the original, the three dodging missiles while on the motorcycles and being teleported by Nightcrawler into the dome. Wolverine saw that someone was already inside the chamber and tried to advance toward it but was attacked by Sabertooth. Wolverine was able to dodge his attacks and exchange banter with him, but was pushed around at one point and called on Nightcrawler to pull the pin that would have destroyed the chamber. Once Sabertooth was discarded off, Wolverine grabbed Magneto out of the chamber and told everyone that it was time to leave, destroying the chamber seemingly with a pulling of the pin which detonated.

After this, Magneto became enraged and was able to best Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler, gaining the upper hand but sparing the group after noting that Nightcrawler had done the same for him. Magneto opened an entrance for them and said to Wolverine that "a small boy in Poland" who owed him that much, causing Wolverine to remember and decline telling Rogue and Nightcrawler what he meant by this as it was a long story and he did not have time for it. Wolverine later visited Captain America as he laid unconscious in his chamber, promising that he would find a cure and that he would be there when he got out. Wolverine told Fury that he would remember that he was not there, as Fury had him to promise.[19]

Wolverine can't bring himself to hurt Shadowcat

Wolverine cannot bring himself to hurt Shadowcat.

Not long after, Jean seemingly went missing, though in actuality was being possessed by Mesmero to do his bidding, Nightcrawler also being possessed. Charles was able to detect the pair at Townshift Bank thanks to their use of their powers, Wolverine and Cyclops heading over there to confront the two, Wolverine sniffing out the two as being in a vault which Cyclops opened using his optic blasts, where they confronted them but were soon pushed out of the bank by Jean with the use of her telekinesis. As the two saw them leaving aboard a helicopter, Wolverine said he was starting to become upset as he and Cyclops were forced to wait for a number of hours without any transportation before a helicopter containing the other X-Men appeared. Wolverine commented that it was about time and that he and Cyclops were not dressed for socializing with the general public, though Beast informed him of the circus being their next destination, where the group confronted the mind controlled X-Men. Wolverine dodged Cyclops after he was thrown by Jean and revealed his claws, being confronted by Shadowcat. He told her that she knew he could not harm her as she kicked him in the knee and he grabbed a hold of it, saying that was why he did not like to play nice. As Mesmero fled the scene, the others returned to their selves, Wolverine sarcastically commenting that they now remembered just after having already inflicted damage on him, referring to Shadowcat.[20]

Wolverine was present as Nightcrawler went through a test run for an invention by Forge, which slowed down his teleporting, though at the cost of bringing out some of the organic creatures that lived in that dimension that he was theorized to pass through when he teleported. As Charles and Forge discussed their findings, Wolverine noted the organic molecules that Charles had been speaking of and asked if he could go with Nightcrawler on his next trip there just in case after Charles said that Nightcrawler could be harmed. When the team regrouped again, Wolverine blowed off the threat of the creatures and told Nightcrawler that he was willing to go with him, a line being connected to the pair so that they would not be separated in the incoming teleportation. The two teleported there and were attacked by the creatures, one of which falling onto the line that had been connected to keep them from separating. Wolverine was forced to cut it to gain some distance from the being and he and Nightcrawler became cornered before teleporting to the Wayville High School gym, Wolverine saying that the creatures were pretty hostile and asking Nightcrawler if he thought the same who showed his disdain for teleporting now that he had seen the creatures, leading Wolverine to tell Charles that he would have to pick them up since they were not going to have a return trip. After Forge and Charles came to get them via car, Wolverine inquired on whether or not the creatures could follow Nightcrawler back to his own dimension and asked what the odds were of Nightcrawler's dimensional gates not fully closing behind him. At the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine surmised that Nightcrawler would not teleport again for a long time based on the way he was speaking about it after Forge mentioned the theory of furthering his tests with Nightcrawler's ability and saw one of the creatures arrive to the dimension, which happened at the school as well.[21]

Wolverine chased after Sabretooth in a sewer and despite knowing he was being followed, he was determined to chase after the latter. When he finally caught up with Sabretooth, Magneto from afar used his powers to wrap Wolverine and trap him. The latter busted out of his containment, but was attacked by a drone, which shot a green substance at him. He was then encased in the green material once it hardened. Bolivar Trask saw him escorted by members of his entourage into a truck. Wolverine came to his senses once he was out of the truck and began attacking his captors, but was stopped by Trask, who used his control over Wolverine's cuffs by causing them to electrocute him. Wolverine went aboard an elevator with his captors and realized he not been kidnapped by Magneto, but also expressed his view that his captors resembled S.H.I.E.L.D. and prompted Trask to reveal his distaste for mutants.

Sentinel prepares to kill Wolverine

Wolverine is nearly killed by the Sentinel.

Upon learning this, he tried defending mutants from Trask's statements and the latter hinted at his decision to level "the playing field" and Wolverine caught onto this, unsure of what he meant until he was made to enter a room. There, Trask unveiled his Sentinel, which he had to attack Wolverine. The latter was able to avoid the majority of the robot's missiles and attacks and even was able to slash it with his claws, but was ultimately defeated and had his comatose body picked up by the Sentinel as it came to the decision to terminate him.[22]

Post-Mutant Revelation Edit

Wolverine was held at Area 51 in Nevada, being questioned about his involvement with the Sentinel and growling as he became angry. He gave Spyke a signal, who in turn fired one of his spikes at Wolverine's constraints and in doing so allowed for him to free himself. Wolverine soon bested the men that were present and used his claws to cut into the filter of Spyke's confinement, ordering him afterward to free the others while he handled the guards. Wolverine then encountered Nightcrawler and Mystique, telling Nightcrawler that it was about time he showed up and then asking him why she was with him, in actuality having come together to free both the X-Men and Blob. Wolverine tried to use his claws to get through one of the doors after it locked but was unsuccessful. After Iceman found an exit, Wolverine crawled through it and in the aftermath of Cyclops leaving Mystique to be captured since she would not disclose the location of Charles, Wolverine told him that he would have done the same thing if he were in his position and swore that they would find him.[23]

Personality Edit

Wolverine is gruff and not prone to opening up. He is sarcastic and often expresses his distaste with other members of the X-Men, typically the younger students.[5] However, he does care about his teammates. When Jean was kidnapped, he was the first one to go after her and prioritized confronting the person who had kidnapped her, Blob, over waiting for back up to make sure he would be alright.[6]

Despite his demeanor, Wolverine has several close relationships with younger mutants, particularly fellow X-Men Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Rogue. He has been friendly towards the three for different reasons and they have proved his compassion and understanding for them. Most of their issues are reflective of their own. He and Shadowcat both had been annoyed by other members of the group, both he and Rogue had lost control of their powers and themselves and both he and Nightcrawler were unsure of their origins.

Wolverine was caring about each member of the group. His reaction to Jean being kidnapped was to instantly go out and save her and he openly denied following Charles's orders to ensure she would be saved and presumably believed that something could happen to her in the time he waited.[6] Though hard on the students, he was always able to give them credit for doing a good job and did this with Spyke when the latter first joined the group.[7]

Powers and abilities Edit

Wolverine has adamantium claws, as well as an entire skeleton composed of the material. His claws, which are retractable, give him the advantage of having a weapon on him at his disposal. He has heightened smell, which allows him to detect others without being near them or having them close by. His smell gives him the ability to serve as a tracker for the X-Men whenever the subject of one's whereabouts are raised and he usually can locate them.[3]

He also possess fighting prowess and can go toe-to-toe with larger enemies, which given his short stature, is a normal occurrence for him.[12] For opponents such as Blob and Juggernaut, Wolverine typically tries using his shorter size to an advantage by jumping on them or placing himself in a position which allows him to avoid being touched, such as on their back where they cannot reach him. This has worked a few times, but he has also been taken down by merely being grabbed and thrown away.[10] He's also been crushed and rendered unconscious.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • Both Wolverine and Charles are in every episode of the first season except "Middleverse".
  • Both he and Spyke have reacted to being surprised by nearly using their abilities. He used his claws on Nightcrawler in "Grim Reminder" and Spyke did the same thing with his spikes in "Spykecam". Both times were to Nightcrawler.
  • Wolverine is noticeably absent from the future vision which Charles saw while in the mind of Apocalypse, along with Charles himself.
  • Wolverine is one of only four characters to change in appearance over the course of the series, along with Spyke, Mystique and Apocalypse. His second costume is based heavily off the costume of the Ultimate X-Men incarnation of the character.
  • Wolverine stars in a single episode per season.
  • Only animated version of the character to have blue hair.
  • Wolverine fights Sabretooth more than any other two character combat each other in the series.

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