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First appearance "Strategy X"
Voice Kirsten Williamson
General Information
Full name
Species Mutant
Physical description
Hair color Gray
Eye Color Blue
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies X-Men
Enemies Apocalypse
Powers and abilities

Storm is a leading member of the X-Men.[1]



Ororo Munroe originally was part of a tribe in Africa, which included Hungan and Nerombo among its members.[2] Storm joined the X-Men after this and met Charles Xavier, the group's founder, Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey.[1]


Storm accompanied Charles to meet Kurt Wagner at the subway and the two located him and brought him back to the Xavier Mansion. There, Ororo joined Charles in showing Kurt to his new room and the Image inducer, which allowed him to hide his real physical appearance with one similar to that of a normal human. Kurt thought this made him normal, but Storm said he already was and did not need the Image inducer. Charles later requested her to test Toad while she was watering plants with her powers and Storm tested Toad out by using her powers when he approached the Xavier Mansion.[1]

She moderated Wolverine's demonstration for the students and caused several disruptions to his advancing in the demonstration, including freezing him. The simulation ended when Charles telepathically contacted Wolverine to stop him from further damaging the automated defenses and Storm reasoned the session was to teach the students the weak points in automated defenses after Scott questioned the purpose of the demonstration.

Charles approached the team to inform them of Rogue, who had recently discovered her power to absorb the abilities of individuals and the X-Men went out to recruit her. During the group's attempt to recruit her, Mystique used her powers to morph into members of the X-Men to convince Rogue that the group was attacking her, which included Storm. When she saw the real Storm after this, Rogue ran off and Storm noticed that she was scared of her, but still tried to comfort her after she was attacked by Mystique posing as members of the X-Men and was unaware of this when Rogue absorbed her powers and caused Storm to fall unconscious. In the time Storm was knocked out, Rogue briefly caused havoc before teleporting away and the rest of the X-Men arrived as Storm returned to her consciousness, being held in the arms of Cyclops.[3]

Powers and abilities

Storm used her powers for recreational purposes, such as watering plants.[1]



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