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First appearance "Speed and Spyke"
Voice Neil Denis
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Species Mutant
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
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Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies X-Men
Enemies Brotherhood of Mutants
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Spyke is a former member of the X-Men. Joining the team after being framed by his rival and childhood friend Quicksilver,[1] Spyke was quick to reveal the group's location to Sabretooth.[2]


Formation of the Brotherhood

Joining the X-Men

Evan participated in a basketball game and scored the winning shot for his team. He unwillingly revealed his powers to Ororo when a spike came out of his shoulder and as he fell to the ground, it tore into the floor. Evan noticed it as he recovered from the fall and after it went away, celebrated his victory with his teammates. In the locker room, he was confronted by Pietro, who accused him of hogging "all the glory". While Evan complimented his pass despite the insult that Pietro gave him, he expressed his doubt that Pietro could have made it down the court in time to shoot.

He was then met by Ororo, who he greeted. She confronted him over his powers after he thanked her for coming to his game and he insisted he had his powers under control. However, he sneezed and caused his spikes to fly out. Ororo tried speaking to him about joining the Xavier Institute for training, but he expressed his belief that he could take care of himself and slashed a tree with his spikes in front of Ororo as an example of how he would handle someone that messed with him.

After she brought up the incident in the locker room, Ororo suggested that they speak with his parents about his powers, but went along with his plan to not reveal his powers to them until the following day since it was a "big night" for them. Evan went in his locker at school the next day and found his money had been stolen from his locker. Pietro came to him and questioned why he kept getting "ripped off".

With Evan clueless on who was stealing his money but determined to confront them, Pietro gave him some "bait" money to use. That night, he spoke with Scott Summers and Jean Grey along with his parents and aunt about his powers. When Scott stressed that having powers could be cool, Evan challenged him in front of everyone, though backed down at the intervening of his mother.

Evan then established that he liked being at home with his parents and did not want to go the Xavier Institute before heading upstairs to his room. As everyone else conversed downstairs, Evan went out the window using his skateboard and headed off to his high school to confront the thief that had been stealing his money. As he sat in position, he noticed a breeze of wind come past him as it started unlocking the lockers. He openly questioned the breeze and what it was doing before using his spikes to try and stop it, which resulted in Pietro revealing himself in costume under the alias "Quicksilver".

Evan was surprised to see Quicksilver and questioned why he would want to rip him off as the latter revealed he had done so primarily for entertainment. After Quicksilver hit him, Spyke tried hitting him with a spike and was pushed down by him. As law enforcement arrived, Quicksilver left the scene and Evan behind, causing him to be assumed by arriving officers that he was responsible for damaging the lockers. He was then placed in jail, where he was met by Scott, Jean, Ororo and his parents. Scott explained that Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, would use his influences to get him out of jail in exchange for him giving the Xavier Institute a chance.

Rather reluctantly, Evan agreed and was enrolled at Bayville High School, though still wished vengeance on Quicksilver. During one of his training sessions, Cyclops offered for him to take a brake, but Spyke refused since he had been brought there to train. He dodged and retaliated a majority of the spheres thrown at him by Jean, but was knocked off and helped up by Wolverine, who complimented his work. Shadowcat then informed him that Principal Darkholme had scheduled a game against his old high school.

As Pietro arrived at Bayville High, Evan confronted him. Evan tried attacking him, but was knocked over by Pietro as the pair were confronted by Scott and Jean. Pietro revealed that he was the one who trashed the lockers to them and then ran off. Evan then chased after him and swore that he would win the fight, but was knocked off his skateboard by Quicksilver. Quicksilver then started running and damaging property. Cyclops and Jean caught up to him and Spyke expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of progress he had made from training.

Quicksilver then came back to them and the whirl caused by his speed sent the three hanging from a pole. Cyclops fired an optic blast at Quicksilver and Spyke then fired his spikes at him, causing him to be trapped and stuck to a wall. As the three confronted their defeated adversary, Spyke revealed the tape he had of Quicksilver confirming he was the one who damaged the lockers and the three then left him as law enforcement arrived. Evan later joined the X-Men at the Xavier Mansion's pool and threw himself into the water, causing Kitty to fall off her float and he apologized to her for this.[1]

Dealing with Middleverse

Evan was among the X-Men as they discussed going to Duncan Matthews's party. He was for going to the party, but Scott was not and voiced his primary concern that one incident could lead to mutants being revealed. He pointed out that the X-Men were not the only mutants at the school, referring to the Brotherhood, to which Evan referred to the X-Men as the "cool ones". After Kitty left, Scott and Kurt got into an argument. This was due to Scott disliking Kurt's goofing around and the latter disliking Scott's mannerisms, such as pulling his tail.

Kurt withdrew from the group and teleported away. Scott asked Jean and Evan if he had messed up; the pair confirmed he did. When Nightcrawler teleported away, he ended up on a pile of boxes in a room, where he encountered a screen with Forge telling him the place would explode. It did, but not to any harmful extent and Rogue came in to see if he was alright. She also noticed a device, which she picked up.

Nightcrawler tried to take it from her and she blasted him with it on accident, seemingly vaporizing him. In actuality, Nightcrawler was teleported to an alternate dimension, where he met Forge, who had been trapped in the dimension for the last few decades and had been wanting to leave ever since.

Rogue tried discarding of the device, which Toad picked up and started using. She overheard Jean as she was unable to sense Nightcrawler, which made her believe she had in killed Nightcrawler. Scott and Jean got into a conflict with Lance and Blob, ending with Scott and Jean being escorted by Principal Darkholme to her office. There, the three found her furniture was nowhere to be found.

After Darkholme ran out of the office, Jean and Scott noticed Toad using a device to make different objectiles disappear. The X-Men chose to confront him over the device, believing it had a role in Nightcrawler's disappearance. Toad did not want to interact with them and fled from the team, using the device to shoot at them. Spyke eventually caught him with one of his spikes against a tree, telling him to "stick around". The group interrogated him over having a role in their friend's disappearance, which he denied having involvement in. Rogue then approached the team and revealed her role in the disappearance.

She then gave the group the option of finding Nightcrawler or continuing to bother Toad and never locating him. The team went with her to the site of the incident. Spyke and Shadowcat did a diagnostic check on the device and concluded that it had trapped Nightcrawler in another dimension. They were correct and later argued over what to do with the device. The group came to the decision to destroy it, which had it been carried, would have trapped Nightcrawler and Forge in the dimension forever.

Fortunately, Nightcrawler teleported back to the dimension for a second and told them to "Reset" and tried telling them to not destroy it before teleporting back to the alternate dimension once the second was completed. While Cyclops had doubts about what he said, Spyke instantly believed that he wanted him to destroy the device and reasoned that Nightcrawler was joking around about reseting it. Cyclops did not believe in Nightcrawler playing around with something so serious and reset it.

Once he did, a portal appeared and Nightcrawler and Forge became visible. The two could still not return to their dimension and went off to get enough energy to return home. The Brotherhood then arrived to confront the X-Men and Rogue withdrew. Toad challenged Spyke and started to harass him by jumping around and insulting him. He then made his way to the device, which Spyke stopped him from touching by throwing spikes in front of him, which Toad slammed into and was knocked out by. After the latter's defeat, Spyke both mocked and insulted him.

The Brotherhood then came together and prepared to attack the X-Men as a whole. Just then, the X-Men took cover as Nightcrawler and Forge came out of the alternate dimension and returned to theirs, concluding the battle between the X-Men and Brotherhood. After he reaffirmed his friendship with Kurt, Scott reconsidered his decision to not go to Duncan Matthews's party.[3]

Mystique's identity

Spyke participated in a training exercise. He took out a guard and violated protocol by stating he was "catching z's" and realized this, correcting himself right after. Rogue was used in the exercise, to Cyclops's surprise, who called for the simulation to be stopped. Following the latter's school trip, the entire group found out about Mystique's identity as their principal at school and expressed their frustration at having not been told about who she was. Evan and Kurt both stated they would not have any difficult pretending that there was no conflict between the group and her. Rogue was then asked by Charles for her input and she claimed that it was not her place. Evan and Kitty both encouraged her to speak, the former telling her to tell the group how she felt.[4]

Sabretooth conflict

Evan was given an assignment called the Star Wars Project. The assignment was supposed to be about the National Space Defense System and Evan chose to do the assignment on the Star Wars movie. Evan received a "D" on the assignment and his teacher asked to speak with him. Evan requested a make up assignment and his teacher pulled out a Digicam, which his teacher gvae him to film things that meant much to him, regardless of how important they were in general. Evan thanked his teacher and started filming outside the school's window.

He filmed Wolverine as he was entering the Xavier Mansion through its gate and removed his helmet and looked around. Kurt grabbed Evan, who he scared and caused to reveal his spikes. Kurt explained following shocking Evan that his Image inducer was acting in an uncontrollable manner and he would have to return to the mansion and miss their next class together. Evan told him he would film the class for him and Kurt teleported away, the two being seen by Sabretooth.

Evan started filming Kitty and Rogue as they were arguing. Kitty accused Rogue of stealing her book, which Rogue denied doing and claimed to have received the book and stated she was going to give it back. As Kitty moved in to further argue with Rogue, the former dropped her materials as she collided with Jason, who picked her stuff up for her. Evan stated, "Enter the love interest" as Kitty and Jason spoke about the Dracula play.

After Jason left, Kitty and Rogue insulted each other and the pair both expressed interest in auditioning. Rogue then turned her attention to Evan, who she noticed filming the two. She asked what he was doing and threatened him. He assured her to not worry about what he recorded and approached the two, asking if they were going to try out for the play. Rogue said she would and Kitty did as well, the pair walking off in opposite directions after looking at each other angrily, which Evan referred to as "Character conflict."

After school, Evan nearly hit several students while riding on his skateboard and was struck by Sabretooth while en route to the Xavier Mansion. Sabretooth went through his footage while he laid in a trash can and saw his footage of Wolverine entering the Xavier Mansion. He recorded a message for Wolverine on the camera and then departed. Evan came to his senses as Sabretooth left and found the camera on its own.

Evan returned to the Xavier Mansion and the following day, had difficulty turning off his alarm clock. He shattered a mirror and a light with his spikes by accident and Storm came into his room, speaking with him and informing him that breakfast would be ready in ten minutes before turning her attention to the camera. Evan explained why she had it and she stated she would have to look over what he had recorded, to ensure he had not taken footage of his powers or of anyone else's.

Evan tried recording Jean as she was figuring out what to wear and she noticed him. She then used her telekinesis to close the door on him. Evan insulted her, saying she was not that interesting anyway and went to record some "real action." He stumbled on Wolverine and Cyclops during their training together. Cyclops was made to fall over by one of the obstacles and Evan recorded him on the ground, impressed by getting the footage. Wolverine stopped him from recording any further and deleted his footage, as Evan had got on his "bad side" and tried to see what else he had on the camera.

He saw Sabretooth's message and Evan questioned who Sabretooth was and was filled in by Cyclops, who also stated that Evan had shown Sabretooth through his footage where the X-Men resided. Sabretooth arrived at the mansion and the three were joined in confronting him by the rest of the X-Men. The group managed to run Sabretooth away. Wolverine spoke with Charles following the encounter and the two concluded that Sabretooth would try and abduct one of the students to get him away from the mansion, as he understood that his chances of prevailing over Wolverine were significantly decreased by the mansion's automated defenses and its denizens.

Evan overheard the two speaking and he went to Rogue and Kitty as they were arguing again. He managed to convince them to help him with his project and the three left the mansion, Evan expecting Sabretooth to confront them and being correct, as Sabretooth watched them leave the mansion. While recording Rogue and Kitty, Evan expressed his distaste for her dancing skills, being supported in his view by Kitty. Evan suggested that Rogue touch Kitty, a suggestion that was rejected by the pair quickly. However, he won them over by stating that the two only tap just enough for Rogue to gain Kitty's dancing skills.

Sabretooth arrived to confront the group and grabbed Evan. Evan said he had been expecting him as he revealed his spikes and was thrown by Sabretooth into Rogue, knocking both of them out. Wolverine arrived to assist the group after Rogue confronted him by herself and was not able to touch him. Rogue was able to touch Sabretooth while he was recovering from a toss by Wolverine, and he was knocked out. Wolverine then picked his body up and Evan confirmed he had planned the confrontation. Wolverine told him not to do it again, since the three could have been killed.

The group were all grounded and Sabretooth taken to the arctic, where Charles removed his memories of the encounter. Evan's film, entitled "Family", was released after this and the film showed the X-Men in their identities as normal people. Evan expressed fondness for the group, who he referred to as his "new family." Evan's teacher and his fellow X-Men attended the viewing, which Evan smiled during.[2]


The X-Men were sent to a survival training camp when the group was given the option of either the camp or survival training with Wolverine. Also in attendance were the Brotherhood and students from Bayville High. After Sergeant Hawk, the group's instructor, left, the team began complaining about being at the camp. Evan stated that he was a "city kid" and used that as justification as to why he should not be at the camp. Evan participated in several training exercises and supported Scott when he was racing against Lance.

Lance used his powers to make Scott fall into the water. Evan noticed Scott had fell and that Lance had cheated. He tried retaliating by using a spike on his boat, but was stopped by Jean, who reminded him that the group determined not to use their powers. Evan stated that Lance "needs his boat popped" and Jean agreed with him, but tried to assure him that Scott was trying to be the bigger man and would try without using his powers.

Her prediction turned out to be incorrect. Scott used his powers to shoot Lance away from the finishing line and the group found themselves cheering for Scott as he won and before they were confronted by the Brotherhood, who insisted that Scott had cheated. The two teams argued with each other and were made to do push ups by Sergeant Hawk, who made the two groups also climb to the top of a mountain to get to a flag. Despite Scott and Lance reaching an agreement to not use their powers, Scott had Evan to spike a rope to the top of the mountain.

During the trip to the top of the mountain, Evan nearly fell to his death and was saved by Jean. Upon returning to the top, he was tended to by Kitty and Kurt. The incident caused further tension between Scott and Jean, the latter not being impressed by him for asking her to use her powers and not being able to know the difference between Evan's near death and a race. The X-Men got closer and found out the Brotherhood, who had tried to get to the top of the mountain using an abandoned mine, were caught by debris. The X-Men came to their assistance and the Brotherhood tried to turn on them by having Pietro use his powers to get to the top of the mountain and retrieve the flag. However, Kurt would not allow him to win and teleported to the flag, he and Pietro grabbing it at the same time.

Storm hovered over the pair in the Blackbird and informed the two groups that their leaders, Charles and Mystique, were both at the mercy of Juggernaut, Charles's half-brother. The two teams arrived at the mansion to combat Juggernaut and worked to remove Juggernaut's helmet. Once they got it off, Charles entered Juggernaut's mind and defeated him with his telepathy. Juggernaut was taken back to his containment.[5]

Nightcrawler's past

Rogue had nightmares about a baby falling into a river after being in the arms of a woman while she was chased by wolves and a cloaked figure. The other X-Men arrived in her room to comfort her after she woke up and she told them of the dream. She identified Nightcrawler as being the baby in the dream and while Jean suggested the group learn more about the dream the following day, Charles overheard them as they spoke and had Nightcrawler and Rogue to go with Jean to the library to meet with him while the others returned to their respective sleeps. As he walked out of Kitty and Rogue's room, Evan remarked that nothing got past Charles.

The group found out it was a repressed memory and Charles went to confront Mystique the next day. This and hearing Kurt lash out at Rogue propelled her to have Quicksilver deliver a letter to the Xavier Mansion for Kurt. He did, but also read it and he confronted Mystique and Nightcrawler with the rest of the Brotherhood. The group easily dispatched of Nightcrawler and the X-Men arrived right after to combat them.[6]

Evan was among the X-Men as they pushed Kitty aside. Later, he got into a direct confrontation with her when he hung his Festering Boils poster on the ceiling. Kitty complained and asked what if the others did not like the poster, given that everyone shared the room. Evan told her to get used to it and went off. The poster later fell on Kitty and after she returned to the Xavier Mansion with Wolverine and Nightcrawler, the latter blocked the dining room off so she could finish writing to her parents.[7]

Asteroid M

Magneto finished construction of Asteroid M, which he planned to use as a sanctuary for members of the X-Men and Brotherhood that defeated a member of the opposite team. At the same time, Charles detected Alex Masters, the believed deceased brother of Cyclops and informed the latter of this, departing with him and Wolverine to Honolulu, Hawaii to meet with him. The group left behind the other X-Men, which became apparent when Evan, Rogue, Kitty and Kurt arrived in the hangar room to discover the three had left without them. Nightcrawler proposed that the group go to the nearby beach.

They were seen departing the mansion by Mystique, who informed the Brotherhood of their departure. The group confronted the X-Men as they were en route to the beach and the team was made to fall onto the beach by Blob, and made to go underneath the sand by Avalanche. Evan was phased out of the sand by Kitty while Rogue and Kurt teleported to the top. Evan was knocked over by Quicksilver right after getting out of the sand, which he was also trapped under by the latter using his speed. Rogue was the only one of the X-Men to win and left with Avalanche, Quicksilver and Blob to go aboard Asteroid M.[8]

The X-Men confronted Toad after they were defeated and asked him what the fight was about. He explained it was scheduled by Magneto, who the group had never heard of before. The Brotherhood went with Rogue to Asteroid M, where she was placed in stasis. Wolverine had been told by Charles to lose his fight, as the same fate would consume him. The X-Men returned to the Xavier Mansion accompanied by Toad and despite calling for Storm, the group was confronted by Mystique. She had been defeated by Storm and stayed at the mansion. She gave the X-Men the option of coming with her to confront Magneto or her going by herself. Before the group could state anything, Wolverine arrived and asserted his dominance.

The X-Men left with Toad and Mystique to Asteroid M. The group was attacked by Scott and Alex. The X-Men got out of their jet and engaged the Brotherhood, as Scott and Alex were taken out momentarily by the debris. Spyke fought against Quicksilver. Despite the latter being faster than him, he was knocked out by Rogue. Spyke also combated Avalanche, who tried to crush him. Shadowcat saved him and the pair emerged from the ground by phasing, and Spyke kicked him in the stomach. Spyke carried Quicksilver's body to the Blackbird and departed with the X-Men and Brotherhood from the crumbling Asteroid M.[9]

Pre-Mutant Revelation

Nearly exposed

Evan attended Jean's soccer game where she won her team a victory. He showed up at another game of Jean's, where the Brotherhood revealed themselves as mutants and the X-Men as well. As the group started to cause trouble, the X-Men dispatched to stop them. With the Brotherhood defeated, the X-Men were still revealed as mutants. Charles used his telepathy to erase the event from the minds of everyone in attendance to the soccer game gone wrong, but failed to erase the memory of Robert Kelly, the school's new principal, before passing out.[10]

Evan was later in attendance at the school assembly where Jean received her MVP Soccer Award. He joined the group in cheering for her but also whistled, which annoyed Kitty. The pair spoke after this about skateboarding becoming a sport, which she did not see happening and Evan voiced his disenchantment with it not being one. Jean's powers went out of control and she caused everything in the room where she was placed in at the mansion to levitate. The group rushed in to confront her and dodged the numerous projectiles she sent their way before she was stopped by Rogue.[11] Evan was at the Bayville High School carnival when Boom Boom and her father tried stealing the proceeds. He joined the X-Men in confronting her.[12]


During class with Mr. McCoy, Evan expressed how bored he was by hitting Kurt with a eraser he put on wheels. Outside, several of Evan's friends called out for him. As the lecture and demonstration by their teacher continued, Kurt requested the bathroom pass. He met up with his friends outside, though not without being seen by Mr. McCoy, who closed the windows after the viewing and acted in a wild manner during his attempt to teach the class.

While riding around with his friends, Evan stopped when he heard what appeared to be Mr. McCoy's voice coming from a amphitheater. He went into the lot and found Mr. McCoy, confronting him despite the latter's insistence on continuing to quote lines. When Mr. McCoy appeared to Evan to start becoming angry, he apologized for cutting class and said his teacher now had his attention. Mr. McCoy threw his hands at Evan, causing serious damage to the wall behind him and after this, returned to his normal self and apologized for having scared him.

While Evan's friends called on him, he tried to comfort McCoy, but the latter assured him he would be alright and the pair would see each other again the following day. Evan returned to the mansion later that day, having been late for a training exercise with the rest of his team. In the exercise, Rogue was hurt after not having Evan to have her "back" and the group voiced their frustrations over him failing to return in time when he came late. He tried making excuses after developing a habit of not being dependable, which was pointed out by his aunt.

During school, he was confronted by Mr. McCoy. He assured the latter that he would be in class, but he was not interested in speaking to him about the ditching. He instead apologized for the incident at the amphitheater and revealed his past at Bayville to Evan, as well as having the latter to memorize a Shakespeare passage to have his cutting class overlooked.

Despite Mr. McCoy suggesting that he get to class, Evan stuck around and watched as he lost control when a female student asked him to catch her. Evan intervened after he caught her and confronted him over his change in feelings. Both he and Jean noticed what was happening to him. Later, Evan was having difficulty memorizing the Shakespeare quote and Kitty confronted him over this by suggesting that he wear her brain stimulating hat.

Despite Evan's insistence that he did not wear hats, Kitty left it with him, citing his failure to show up on time for the session as evidence that his brain needed recharging. Mr. McCoy arrived at the mansion and spoke to Charles about the animalistic tendencies he was having. Charles suggested a serum, which McCoy created but was transformed by. He then attacked Principal Kelly before leaving the school grounds, though not before leaving his lab coat with his name on it.

Kelly then revealed his identity during a report on the transformed McCoy. Spyke was disappointed to hear about what had become of his teacher, but joined Shadowcat, Jean and Wolverine as they confronted the mutated McCoy. Wolverine planned on going after him and had the three to stay together, but Spyke ran off after McCoy when he realized he was heading back to the amphitheater to get his "head together." Spyke confronted him by himself, but the pair were soon joined by Wolverine. Then Shadowcat and Jean arrived, the latter pinning him against a wall. Spyke started to recite the Shakespeare lines and with the help of Charles, returned him to his past self mentally.

McCoy was disappointed over not being able to return to his appearance, to which Evan suggested that he use an Image inducer like Nightcrawler. He did not want to risk the chance of his mutant urges coming out while teaching and instead joined the institute as a faculty member, under the codename "Beast".[13]

Evan walked past Kurt as he was using his Image inducer to alter his appearance. Kurt used it unintentionally to appear overweight and Evan commented on his changing appearance. Scott and his brother Alex got caught out in the ocean and they were reported on television. Evan informed Jean of this and the two came in the mansion, where they found Charles and Ororo watching the report of the boys's troubles.[14]

Avalanche approached the mansion in the night and the X-Men quickly assembled to confront him as he came close to entering the mansion. He surprised the team when he voiced his wishes to join the group. Spyke later hosted a training session with Cyclops and Shadowcat, which included Avalanche among the new recruits. He was forced to retreat when Avalanche used his powers to destroy the projectile.[15]

Redwood Forest

Evan was chosen by Beast to attend the X-Men's trip to the California Redwoods. Beast announced the trip to the students during breakfast and Evan tried leaving while he was talking. When he was stopped by Beast, Evan tried to use the park as an area of reference for nature since there was "green stuff" there. Beast came up on him and Evan asked if the forest had any sidewalks. After arriving at the forest, Evan's sluggish appearance was noted by Roberto and Evan quickly yelled out his distaste with the trip to Beast. Not long after this, he assisted Kitty in putting her tent down after she had difficulty getting it to stay up and he touched some poison ivy.

This caused him to undergo a change in appearance as a result of his infection and he approached Beast over it. Kitty rubbed ointment over his body and he enjoyed himself with the rest of the team while Beast was kidnapped by two hunters. When Beast went missing due to this, the group went looking for him. They found him after his cage that he was being kept in came a-loose from the vehicle of his kidnapper and their piers. Evan joined the team in saving the two hunters and their colleagues, only for the two to take off after Beast upon being aided by the X-Men and noticing him. The group used their powers and revealed they were mutants to the two and Evan told one of the hunters not to mess with Beast anymore. They took off running and were not believed by their colleagues when they spoke of the group's true abilities.[16]

Scarlet Witch

Charles spoke to Wanda Maximoff in her mental facility. The meeting between the two was cut short by Mystique posing as a worker at the facility and broke Wanda out. She aligned her with the Brotherhood and the group stormed a mall. Charles learned of this and informed the X-Men that the group was there. Evan made an insulting remark about the group and the whole team voiced their belief that they could defeat them. The team split up and the group encountered members of the Brotherhood individually. Spyke was confronted by Blob, who he expressed his wishes to not fight, but the latter attacked him. After the encounter, Spyke rejoined the X-Men as they assembled and were confronted by Wanda, who's appearance gave Spyke a bad vibe. The entire group engaged her and was defeated as she used their powers against them. Spyke threw his spikes at her, only for her to in return fire them back at him and have him to dodge them. The group fled from the mall and were met outside by Charles, who expressed his belief that the fight was very telling of the X-Men's lack of loses having caused them to become used to winning.[17]

Mutants revealed

While fighting the Sentinel, Spyke is caught by its blast and immobilized.

Following this, the X-Men were put through difficult training by Charles and subjected to dodging a drone which shot orange paint, calling for someone to be removed from the session upon being shot. After Nightcrawler was shot and Magma met up with Spyke and the others, he questioned how one drone could tag "so many kids". The group chose to rush the Magneto decoy and when Spyke got into position, he accidentally knocked over a rock. The rock proceeded to knock off Magneto's helmet and the latter exploded. While the entire group escaped, they were all taken out by the drones. Spyke was shot multiple times by himself while the rest of the team was taken out together. Charles called the group into the planning room, where he introduced them to the Brotherhood, their "new teammates". Spyke vocally expressed his disdain for working with the team and questioned them on why they would want to work with the X-Men, stating the Brotherhood did not "like" the X-Men anymore than vice versa. The X-Men and Brotherhood went to confront Magneto, who was joined by the Acolytes.[18] He joined the others in confronting the Acolytes, being taken underground by Magneto's abilities to encounter a Sentinel which was brought upward alongside the X-Men and Brotherhood who teamed up to combat it. Amidst the battle, Spyke was trapped by the robot's blast which hardened and left him unable to move and paralyzed.[19]

Post-Mutant Revelation

After the Xavier Mansion was rebuilt, Evan was informed by Charles that they would be attending school that morning, the first time since their powers had been revealed and he returned to school with several students shouted at him and the others to go home. Evan became angry but was talked down by Scott, and later tried attending the school board meeting that night, arriving with Scott, Kitty and Rogue, only to be stopped from entering by Duncan as he confronted the group and insisted he only wanted Scott, Evan stepping up to him and stating the group was going nowhere. Evan was able to avoid much of the collateral damage caused by the Brotherhood during the assault and was allowed to attend school from then on as a result of the X-Men saving the innocents whose lives were threatened.[20]


Spyke was the youngest member of the X-Men prior to the new recruits joining the group and it showed. He was noted for his immaturity and irrational way of behaving.[7] He developed a lack of dependability that came from his forgetfulness and made a habit of crafting excuses for his teammates to accept, which they mostly refused to believe. Had he spent more time trying to take responsibility for himself and his actions, he likely would have done better as a member of the group.[13]

He was known for his remarks and often laughable statements. Whether it was Toad,[3] or the entire Brotherhood, he always made a joke about enemies of the group. This spoke volumes about his sense of humor and allowed him to get along with Nightcrawler particularly well among his teammates, who was also known for having a sense of humor.

He was unwilling to yield or compromise, which was shown when he refused to remove his Festering Boils poster from the living room of the X-Mansion after being confronted about it by Kitty.[7] Spyke had a habit of letting his feelings about others be known and speaking openly about what he thought of others.[6]

Despite the hard time he had, Spyke also was able to enjoy himself during his membership with the X-Men. His overall personality, that of a likable and open-minded teen, allowed him to interact with other mutants and this won him many friends among his teammates.[3]

Powers and abilities

Spyke had the ability to produce spikes from his body. He was able to retract them, but they usually would tear his clothes. It appears that only he he was in his costume, his spikes would not cause damage to his clothing.[3] He was creative with his powers, as he used them to attack others or on some occasions, to imprison or trap someone.[9] Spyke's powers were very similar to his personality. Like him, his mutant power was shown to react quickly or harmfully to anything. Even when being disturbed or panicked, he was quick to use his powers.[2]

Aside from his abilities, Spyke was a prolific skateboarder and regularly used his skateboard even while in costume.[13] He deeply enjoyed skateboarding and even conceived of it becoming a sport.[11]


  • Spyke is the only X-Man that leaves the group who joined in the first season. All other characters to join during the first season remain.
  • Spyke was created with the intent of having a character of minority as a member of the main cast, but was written out when he proved unpopular with fans.
  • He and Storm are the only members of the group, past or present, to be related.
  • While his powers and abilities are similar to Marrow, it has been said that the producers of the series were unaware of her character until he was already designed and in his introductory episode was in its final stages.
  • His relationship with Quicksilver, that of childhood rivals, was dropped after the first season.
  • Of the six main students, he is the only one to not have a romantic interest by the end of the series. Though Rogue could fit into this category as well, she was interested in Cyclops and also had Gambit.
  • His mother Vivian is like him, unique to the series.
  • Spyke was the last character in the first season to join a group, excluding Rogue who later joined the X-Men after having been already affiliated with the Brotherhood.
  • Of the main X-Men, his costume resembles the new recruits the most.
  • After his departure, Spyke is not seen again until "Uprising", twelve episodes after leaving the group and is not mentioned at all in between.
  • In the final shot of the series, featuring all members of the X-Men, he is seen wearing the lower portion of his costume, which seemingly indicates that he rejoined the group.
  • A character named Spyke appears in the third X-Men film, X-Men: The Last Stand. The character does not appear to share any relation to the Spyke of the series and is depicted as a member of the Brotherhood with similar powers.
  • He is one of four characters to change in appearance or costume during the series. The others are Wolverine, Mystique and Apocalypse.


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