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Species Mutant
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Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye Color Blue
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Powers and abilities Phase

Shadowcat is a member of the X-Men. She joined the group the day after discovering her powers, which allow her to phase through solids. Shadowcat initially disliked her powers, but came to appreciate them once she saved her parents.[1] After becoming an X-Man, she regularly trained and improved her phasing.[2] After joining the X-Men, she initially did not like a number of her teammates, but came to appreciate them and eventually bonded with them.[3] She saved Wolverine during a trip to Mt. McKenna[4] and took part in the defeat of Magneto aboard Asteroid M.[5] Following this, she became a mentor of the X-Men's new recruits, even saving members of the group when they hijacked the X-Jet.[6] After the mutant revelation, Shadowcat was outed at a mutant on television and managed to escape capture.[7]



Kitty Pryde had a relatively normal life, living with her two parents in Illinois. She achieved high grades in school and was relatively popular with most of her peers, though developed a rival in the form of Riley Finn who disliked her on the basis that she seemed so well-rounded.[1]

Formation of the Brotherhood

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Kitty discovers her powers in her dream.

As a freshman in high school, she discovered her ability to phase during a dream. Her parents were hesitant to speak of the event and she used her powers again at school, meeting Lance Alvers. After meeting Jean Grey, Lance had her to use her powers to get them into the school's front office, where she discovered he had been using her. After saving her parents and Jean from being killed, her mother and father spoke with Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men and agreed to her attending the Xavier Institute.[1] After joining the group, she had difficulty making friends with her teammates, particularly Nightcrawler. She softened up to him after he was knocked out by Rogue, who the X-Men were trying to recruit.[8]

Kitty met Blob before the latter kidnapped Jean and was training with Nightcrawler when she telepathically contacted Charles and informed him of her kidnapping.[2] It was Shadowcat who announced to Spyke that he had been called back to Bayville High for a last-minute match with his old school.[9] During the X-Men's attempt to bring Nightcrawler back to their dimension, Shadowcat combated Avalanche and the latter's powers both failed to impress her and subdue her.[10] Rogue joined the X-Men after this and Kitty welcomed her with open arms, encouraging her to speak her mind.[11]

Kitty and Rogue touch while filming for "Family".

The pair soon conflicted when Kitty believed Rogue had stolen her book. She protested her innocence and the feud between the pair continued when they both sought to audition for the Bayville High School's Dracula play. Sabretooth learning of the Xavier Mansion's location thanks to Evan convinced him to have the pair leave the mansion with him while they were on lockdown. When Sabretooth confronted the group, he easily took them out before Wolverine came to their aid. The three were then grounded.[3]

She was sent to survival training and partnered with her X-Men teammates against the Brotherhood to retrieve a flag before the other team and assisted in removing Juggernaut's helmet.[12] The X-Men then learned of Nightcrawler's past. The group came to his aid after he was defeated by the Brotherhood and Shadowcat easily avoided harm from both Blob and Avalanche.[13]

Shadowcat sees Wolverine as he is being defeated.

After Wolverine began having problems controlling himself, Kitty took notice of this and tried confronting him about it before he assured her that he was fine. She unintentionally ended up on the Blackbird with Nightcrawler as he took off to Mt. McKenna. There, Wolverine confronted her while under the control of the Weapon X scientist and nearly killed her. However, she returned to him and she restored him to himself before accoompanying him to the base of the scientist. After it exploded with Wolverine inside of it, she waited for him and took him back to the mansion.[4] She was defeated by Blob for a place on Asteroid M,[5] and learned of Magneto and his plans for mutants following an interrogation of Toad. She participated in the battle at Asteroid M, in the battle saving Spyke's life before fleeing as the asteroid fell apart.[14]

Pre-Mutant Revelation

Almost revealed

Kitty attended Jean's soccer game, where the latter scored a victory for her team. Scott tried moving in to congratulate her, but Duncan came between him and Jean and complimented her skills. Kitty remarked that Duncan knew just what a girl wanted to hear and along with Kurt, she was driven home by Scott. The latter did not participate in their debate over whether or not the Stone Cyphers were outdated.

The three then noticed a car being chased by police officers. The car soon ended up dangling above a school bus. While Scott hesitated over choosing to assist, Kitty voiced her concern for the kids. Scott blasted the car away from the bus after Kurt teleported the man out of the car. The three then left as members of the media arrived, Kitty using her phasing to get the three out of site. They arrived at the Xavier Mansion after this, where they were confronted by Charles, Wolverine and Storm, all of whom were aware of what happened.

During the Bayville High School school assembly for the new year, the students were introduced to their new principal, Robert Kelly. Lance tried speaking to Kitty while she was listening to Kelly speak, but she was not interested in talking to him. When he used his powers to get her attention, she turned back and looked at him angry before laughing. He then used his powers again, nearly causing the building to go down.

Outside the school, Lance tried speaking with Kitty, who wanted him to leave her alone. Scott approached him over bothering her and the latter was nearly coerced by Lance into using his powers. However, Kitty reminded him that they, mutants, could not use their powers openly. Kitty left with Scott, leaving the Brotherhood to conclude they were tired of having to hide their powers. The group announced their abilities during the girl's soccer game that night.

The X-Men confronted the Brotherhood after they started causing ruckus. Shadowcat used her powers on a camera, destroying footage of the two teams using their powers by phasing her hand through the camera. During the conflict between the X-Men and Brotherhood, the mascot of the school fell down as Shadowcat was standing underneath it. Avalanche pushed her out of the way and took the mascot and its impact head on. Shadowcat phased him through the mascot and stayed with his comatose body as Storm arrived. Charles then began erasing the minds of everyone in attendance to the fight. However, while he succeeded for the most part, he failed to erase the memory of Principal Kelly before passing out.[15]

Jean's powers

Shortly after the near revealing of the two teams, Jean was awarded the MVP Soccer Award. Kitty cheered for her along with the rest of the X-Men, but found Evan's whistling to be obnoxious and stopped clapping to look at him disapprovingly. Jean tried giving an acceptance speech, but lost control of her powers while doing it and started reading the minds of her schoolmates. She regained herself and was able to deliver the speech at last. Kitty spoke with Evan after this and disapproved the idea of skateboarding every becoming a sport.

Lance approached her and asked to walk with her to their class. Kitty and Lance talked during class and she laughed at his comments about Blob, who he claimed made stink bombs in his sleep. When their teacher Mr. McCoy finally arrived, he announced that the students would be constructing a stink bomb, to which Kitty and Lance smiled at each other over. However, Kitty later worked to remove the aroma from her clothes. She bumped into Scott while trying to get it out and asked him for tips, though his answer did not help her.

Scott returned to the mansion with Jean after going to Duncan Matthew's party. Rogue and Risty returned as well and Kitty came behind the pair through a wall to ask how she smelled. Risty questioned where she came from and Kitty stumbled on giving an answer. She was later preparing to race in her P.E. class when Jean used her telekinesis to send large metal balls in multiple directions. One of the balls nearly hit Kitty and her running mates before Lance used his powers to cause them to trip.

After falling, she took notice of the ball and nonverbally questioned Lance where it came from. She learned of Jean's difficulty with her powers and accompanied Scott and the unconscious Jean to the mansion. There, she called out for Charles and let Scott and Jean in by using her powers to phase inside. Despite the group's attempts to tend to her, Jean lost control of her powers completely and made different projectiles in the mansion hover in the air around her.

The X-Men went to confront her. Nightcrawler was standing right behind Shadowcat as she phased through a projectile, which hit him. She apologized and was soon struck herself. Rogue got to Jean and absorbed her powers, allowing her to have control of Jean's abilities and take the pressure off of her. Shadowcat held Rogue as Jean spoke to Cyclops through her body.[16] Shadowcat later stood by Charles as he put Nightcrawler and Boom Boom on probation for Nightcrawler nearly getting killed during a training exercise.[17]


Charles was forced to leave the Xavier Mansion and the X-Men under the command of Scott and Jean when both Wolverine and Storm were dispatched and he had to leave to tend to the cell of Juggernaut. Cyclops suggested that the group train after they woke up, but the team refused to do so and returned to their bedrooms for further rest. During school, Kitty's teacher marveled at how she could crash more than one computer. While Kitty took responsibility for what happened to the computers and apologized, she also attributed it to her lack of sleep.

Following the class, she was confronted by Risty. The latter convinced her to throw a party at the Xavier Mansion and the rest of the group agreed with her when she told them before they were deterred by Rogue making a remark that Scott and Jean would not allow them to throw a party. The rest of the group conspired. Kitty told Scott that Jean wanted to meet him away from the mansion and Kurt told Jean the same thing about Scott. When the two meet, Kurt teleported Kitty and himself there and while they argued, took their phones and Scott's keys.

The two returned to the mansion and joined their schoolmates at the party. However, they were forced out of enjoying themselves when Rogue discovered that Weber Tork had activated Cerebro and was using it to control the Danger Room. Shadowcat, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Spyke went near the Danger Room and had Nightcrawler enter in ahead of them. When he did not return, the group grew concerned and Shadowcat phased inside to see how he was, learning that he had been knocked out by Arcade.

She phased herself, Rogue and Spyke into the Danger Room before they were attacked by Arcade. The three were attacked right after entering and Shadowcat was grabbed by one of the Danger Room's automated defenses, which she managed to get out of. She then faced a number of walls that she phased through to avoid, before failing to phase through the last one and being knocked out by it. The four were nearly killed when Arcade sent metal balls their way, before Nightcrawler teleported them to safety.

The group's lives were placed in danger again when Arcade used Cerebro's controls to send flamethrowers both in front of them and behind them. Shadowcat phased Rogue and herself out of harm's way and the four met up with Cyclops and Jean after they arrived at the Xavier Mansion. Shadowcat explained Arcade's background to the two and while acknowledging that he was one of her party guests, she truthfully told the pair that she did not know how he got into Cerebro.

The X-Men were then all electrocuted by Arcade after he spotted the group. Rogue and Nightcrawler teleported into the Cerebro room, where Rogue knocked Arcade out by absorption. Charles returned to the mansion as the group questioned Arcade and told the group that someone had orchestrated the party and Juggernaut's cell acting up to keep Charles busy while they infiltrated the mansion.[18]


Following the incident at the mansion's party, Hank McCoy lost control of himself while teaching a class and Kurt reported the incident to her. Kitty did not believe him, stating that McCoy was one of the best teachers they had in the school before leaving him to enter her class. The X-Men took part in a training exercise.

The group got to their destination with the exception of Rogue and Cyclops, the latter having to carry the former and refusing to leave her behind. The two failed to reach the destination before they ran out of time, the rest of the group reacting with disappointment over the failure. Spyke arrived after this, and Shadowcat stated to him that Rogue "got hurt" because of him as the X-Men left him behind.

She noticed her package had arrived and opened it. It contained a hat designed to stimulate brain power. She asked Cyclops for his opinion on it and he instantly recognized she had purchased the hat in preparation for her test. Kitty later spoke with Evan and encouraged him to wear the hat. He declined initially, but gave in and wore it. Hank McCoy visited Charles and spoke of his animalistic urges. He eventually gave in to them and transformed.

The X-Men were sent out and tasked with confronting him but not harming him. The group succeeded in detaining him when Spyke read verses to Mr. McCoy, which the latter had him to memorize. Kitty soon after threw out her hat, since it ruined her hair and she did not like the way it looked. Mr. McCoy joined the X-Men as an instructor, under the codename Beast.[19]


Storm was haunted by Hungan, who had promised to bring her back to her old tribe in Africa. During one of his intimidating visits to her, she shrieked in horror and she was intercepted by Wolverine, Charles and Kitty. The latter asked her if she was alright and after Wolverine found no trace of a person visiting her, he called for Kitty to leave.

Charles confronted Storm over what had caused her to scream and once she admitted that Evan's behavior and overall demeanor lately had been bothering her, Charles proposed sending Evan back to his parents, an idea which Storm agreed with. Evan overheard them. While trying to take a bath, Ororo was haunted by Hungan again and sat as her bath ran, soon after pouring into the floor. Kitty phased through the door to confront her and after Ororo took notice of her, the latter left following a brief conversation with Jean and Charles.

Kitty called Charles in the bathroom and instructed him to take notice of the crack in the mirror. At school, she approached Scott and Jean, telling them of Evan's emptying of his locker and that he was being sent home. The group tried joining up with him while he was leaving school, but he refused to listen to them and left.

When he returned to the mansion, he was the subject of interest for Storm, who tried to speak with him before being confronted by Nerombo. The latter warned her of Hungan, but she was more concerned about Evan and was taken out by Hungan. The latter's kidnapping of her led the X-Men to seek aid from Nerombo. The group later confronted Hungan, who made multiple copies of himself.

The X-Men fought against them, Shadowcat being taken by one of the Hungan copies and phasing through his grip before kicking him. After the team defeated Hungan, the X-Men were confronted by Storm, who was under the control of Hungan. Shadowcat called out for her and the group was met with a thunderous blast from her. The ordeal ended when Spyke broke Hungan's staff, containing Storm's soul and allowing her to regain herself.

She then attacked and defeated Hungan. She was so impressed by Spyke's quick-thinking, she and her sister agreed for him to remain at the mansion. Evan told the students about him being allowed to stay and they all expressed happiness, until he bragged about his heroics. At that point, the group mocked him and walked away.[20]


Avalanche joined the X-Men after approaching the Xavier Mansion at night. Shadowcat was surprised by his visit and questioned him over why he wanted to join the group. To her surprise again, Charles allowed him to join the group and asked her to escort him to his room. Shadowcat phased herself through the room door and grabbed Avalanche after this. She took him to the room and made a remark before confronting him over his choice to join the group.

While acknowledging that it was cool he wanted to join the group, she also warned him that the others would not give him a break. Avalanche assured her that he could handle it and during a training session, nearly began to throw up before meeting with Shadowcat while she was grading. She asked him if he was alright and was impressed by him. Another training exercise further made her interested in him, after he impressed the New Mutants and furthered the conflict between him and Cyclops.

She looked at the latter disapprovingly when he embarrassed Avalanche by causing him to fall over. During the group's exercise in the water, she was supposed to be saved by Berzerker. The latter was taken out by Avalanche, who was supposed to save Rogue, but chose her instead. Avalanche saved her as Shadowcat giggled and the two were pushed back into the water by Rogue as Shadowcat was in Avaalanche's arms.

The New Mutants did their own joyrides using various vehicles of the group and older members of the team had suspicion that Avalanche was the one using the cars, particularly Cyclops. The trio of New Mutants responsible for the joyrides asked Lance to accompany them on their next joyride, but he turned them down. Iceman hinted at the group using the Blackbird. Lance realized this and got Kitty.

The pair tried confronting the group as they took off in the jet. Kitty was filled in what they were doing by Lance and went to confront them. In doing so, they caught the attention of military personnel. Lance accidentally shot at them and caused them to interpret the Blackbird and its occupants as hostile. Kitty instructed Bobby to pilot the Blackbird into a mountain, which she phased the group through. However, she used much of her energy and became tired in doing this.

She fell back into the arms of Lance, who smiled at her as she smiled at him. The following day, Scott blamed Lance for the damages to the Blackbird and claimed he was the one who stole it. While Kitty defended Lance, the latter took responsibility for using the jet as the New Mutants confessed their responsibility for the jet's damages. Lance chose to leave the X-Men after this, despite Kitty's plea for him to stay. She ran up to him and kissed him, before he left.[6]

Mesmero and Sadie Hawkins dance

Mesmero used his powers to control Jean and have her do his bidding. This was initially unknown to the X-Men, who searched around for her. Kitty asked the Brotherhood about her whereabouts and was rushed out of their home. As she walked away, she noted that it would not be the first time a member of the group had tried kidnapping her. Shadowcat and Beast used the X-Men's computers to locate her and Nightcrawler after he was possessed as well. Jean and Nightcrawler tried breaking into a vault, and were confronted by Cyclops and Wolverine.

The pair failed to stop them from committing the heist and Jean and Nightcrawler went tot he Xavier Mansion after defeating them. Kitty and Evan fell under Mesmero's control as well, the pair joining Jean and Nightcrawler in breaking into a museum. Shadowcat used her powers to put her hand in a security camera as she phased inside the room. After the group stole the ring, they were teleported by Nightcrawler.

The group later confronted the X-Men as Charles went to confront Mesmero. Shadowcat phased in front of Wolverine and stared at him. Wolverine got into position to fight her, but determined he could never hurt her. She kicked him in the leg and phased through him. During the conflict, Jean tried giving Mesmero the rings.

Rogue attempted to stop her but even when she knocked her out, Jean still managed to give Mesmero the rings. Charles then fought Mesmero in a battle of their minds and became overwhelmed. Mesmero left following the telepathic battle and Charles sensed another's involvement. After Mesmero left, the X-Men returned to their senses. Shadowcat questioned how the group got into the rain.[21]

In the time before the Sadie Hawkins dance, she spoke with Lance on the phone during a night, which Rogue

noted for its length. The pair spoke with each other the following day about the dance while en route to Nightcrawler's teleportation testing, conducted by Forge, and Shadowcat asked Rogue about her asking Cyclops out and warned her to do it before Jean did. Rogue brought up her powers as being a deterrent from the two dancing, but Shadowcat reminded her that Cyclops was well aware of her abilities and would not touch her.

The idea of dancing without touching did not interest Rogue and the pair were soon joined by Jean. As Rogue expressed her annoyance with Jean, the latter asked Shadowcat what was wrong with Rogue and she explained her disillusion with the dance. Shadowcat questioned Jean on whether or not she was asking Duncan out and she hinted at being interested in asking someone else.

Nightcrawler was sent into an alternate dimension while teleporting as he normally does, but was slowed down by Forge's device and allowed to come in contact with the creatures. After returning to his dimension and arriving in the room in which he had first made contact with the Middleverse, located at Bayville High, he teleported back to the Xavier Mansion and he left a portal behind, which the monsters from the alternate dimension began to come out of.

Kitty approached Lance at school, mentioning their long talk the previous night and asking him out to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Lance said he would get back to her and as she walked away, he accepted her invitation and accidentally used his powers when expressing happiness in Kitty picking him. The latter turned back and smiled at him.

At the dance, Lance tried speaking to Kitty as they danced, but their time enjoying each other's company was cut short with the arrival of the creatures from the dimension Nightcrawler teleports past regularly though a dimensional gate. Kitty initially assumed the creatures's arriving through the gate to be the work of Lance's powers and phased through one as it attacked her. She and Lance then joined Scott, Jean and Forge in finding and hunting down the rest of the creatures, all of which were blasted back to their respective dimension by Forge.[22]

Redwood Forest

Kitty mentioned to Bobby that she had spent the previous night working on a "stinking earth science report" and asked if he knew anything about redwoods. After he unintentionally confirmed he did not, she overheard the discussion between Charles and Beast. She came in on the two speaking and asked Charles if he had asked Beast yet. Charles was unaware of what she meant, though realized she was trying to scheme and confronted her about this telepathically. Kitty spoke of the possibility of Beast taking some of the students out to the Redwood Forest "just to get away". Charles played along with her after this since he supported the idea and Beast was convinced by the latter to lead the students into the forest. He selected Evan, Bobby, Roberto and Rahne, with Kitty already accompanying.

Once the group arrived there, Kitty was primarily right behind Beast and enjoyed herself along with the rest of the group while being educated by him on the different aspects of the forest and nature in general. Evan aided her in putting together a tent and she rubbed cream over his body after he fell victim to the effects of interacting with poison ivy. During her educating by Beast, she tried taking a picture and was splashed by Bobby. She retaliated by throwing herself at him and causing the two to land in the lake. Beast later annoyed the rest of the group when he exited the water and splashed the team and he retreated away from them.

Kitty comforting Beast.

Kitty confronted him over whether he was okay and he admitted that he was enjoying himself in the forest as a mutant, but did not want to as a human. Kitty told him that becoming a mutant might be who he was meant to be and Beast cut the conversation short by requesting that she round up the others. Kitty promised to do this and went back with the group.

In between that time, Beast was kidnapped by hunters looking for Bigfoot that had become convinced that Beast was the latter. The X-Men went off looking for him and Kitty asked Rahne if she could track him using her powers and promised the rest of the group would keep up wit her while she was doing so. The team's tracking of him came to an end when the hunters and their piers were made to fall off a ledge and slip into a river, where Beast got separated from them as a result of his cage coming a-loose.

After he was brought from underwater by Sunspot, Kitty asked Beast if he was fine. He confirmed he was, but redirected the team to help the hunters and their allies. The group was assisted by Beast in saving the humans with Beast using his strength to hold a tree down to allow the X-Men to get across to them. Kitty and Bobby helped the hunters and the two changed their attention to Beast once they spotted him and chased after him.

The rest of the team came in to assist him, Kitty taunting one of the hunters by taking his gun and asking if he was looking for it while holding it as she was phased through a tree. The hunters were then confronted by Beast, who could not think of what to do to them. Kitty suggested they run off and they took her advice. As the group was leaving from the forest, Beast was reminded of Kitty's words to him during their talk and reiterated them to Bobby, calling Kitty a "wise young girl" and her taking notice.[23]

Losing to Brotherhood

Charles visited Wanda Maximoff in her mental facility and determined that despite believing there was a place for her at the institute, there was still a large risk in letting her join the X-Men. Mystique broke her out of the facility shortly after the meeting ended and aligned her with the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Kitty helped Kurt when the latter had problems getting a book out of his locker. Kitty phased her hand into the locker and got the book for him. With this, she asked him to do her a favor and give her feedback on muffins she made. Kurt ate one and was not impressed, telling her that she needed to have something to wash the taste away accompanying the muffins next time.

At the mansion, Kurt hid from her while she tried getting him to test another one. Kitty found him with Scott and tried getting him to eat one, before Charles called the group to meet with him. Kurt used this as an excuse to not have to eat the muffin. Charles informed the group that the Brotherhood was in the mall and the team set out to confront them. The X-Men went to the mall and split up. Shadowcat mistook a mannequin for a member of the Brotherhood and attacked it. After realizing her mistake, she was confronted by Avalanche. She tried inquiring what he was doing there, but the latter asked her to leave the mall and warned her that it was soon going to get dangerous. However, the two heard Spyke warning Blob to stay away from him.

Shadowcat was concerned for Spyke and despite Avalanche trying to block her, she phased through him and went to help her friend and teammate. The group individually defeated the Brotherhood, but soon encountered their newest member, Scarlet Witch. She overwhelmed the team by turning their powers against them, which included stopping Shadowcat in her tracks as the latter tried phasing behind her to sneak up on her and was stuck in the ground. Nightcrawler tried assisting her and teleported her out of the ground. The two ended up outside in a tree, as a result of Scarlet Witch messing with their powers. The group ultimately decided to retreat and the Brotherhood won their first victory over the X-Men.[24]

Mutants revealed

Quicksilver insults Shadowcat.

The X-Men were put through harsh training by Charles following their loss to the Brotherhood and Shadowcat was among the last remaining members of the group to not be taken out during their training. The group assaulted the Magneto duplicate and Spyke knocked its head off, causing it to explode. The X-Men were able to avoid the explosion and Cyclops fell over, being helped up by Shadowcat and Magma. The three were joined by Jean and the four were all shot by four drones with orange paint, signaling their disqualification. Spyke was taken out and Charles requested seeing the entire team in the planning room. There, he revealed the Brotherhood as their "new teammates" and Shadowcat confronted Charles over whether or not he was serious, recalling what the group "did" to them. However, Quicksilver responded to her by running up and insulting her and the rest of the group, which prompted Shadowcat to try and hit him and miss as he ran back to the Brotherhood. The X-Men and Brotherhood left the mansion to confront Magneto, who they also believed had kidnapped Wolverine.[25]

Shadowcat escapes capture by the Sentinel.

Shadowcat joined Blob, Toad and Avalanche in defeating Colossus, phasing him into a building where he could take damage from Avalanche's powers, who she gave the signal to attack. As the X-Men and Brotherhood clashed with the Acolytes, Magneto used his powers to move the group downward to underneath the ground, where they were confronted by a Sentinel, the group then being sent upward to combat it. Shadowcat primarily tried to avoid being attacked, in doing so being outed as televisions broadcasted the X-Men and Brotherhood trying to combat the Sentinel. The Sentinel deployed a green ball, capable of entrapping whoever was hit by it. Though Shadowcat and Rogue were both hit, Shadowcat was able to phase her way out of it even after it hardened. Charles showed up and rescued the X-Men and Brotherhood members that had not been captured, returning to the ruins of the Xavier Mansion. There, Cyclops and the new recruits emerged, the former pushing Charles to the ground before he transformed into Mystique.[7]

Post-Mutant Revelation

On the run

File:Shadowcat gets in the car.jpg

Shadowcat goes with Jean Grey.

The X-Men demanded answers to where Mystique had hidden their professor and Jean tried to enter her mind to see where, before they discovered that Mystique had a block on her mind. With Cyclops stating that she better start unblocking it, Shadowcat placed her hand on his arm in an attempt to stop him. Mystique told the X-Men that if they wanted to see Charles again, then they would back off. The military soon arrived, trying to capture the remaining mutants and stop them from getting away. Jean was placed in a police car by an officer, before Nightcrawler took the wheel and began to drive.

Not wanting to be left behind, Shadowcat told them to wait for her and phased through officers that tried to block her from getting to them. Nightcrawler stopped the car and allowed her inside. As Iceman blasted at the police with his ice in self defense, Nightcrawler pulled their vehicle over in an attempt to let him inside, which worked. The X-Men soon ran into an obstacle, being that of a road block comprising of several tanks.

File:Day of Recovery.jpg

Chain of command.

Jean used her powers to get the four past the tanks, Shadowcat and the other X-Men smiling as they left the officers and marines behind them. Cyclops told the X-Men that they would meet that night at lookout point. Personal affects came, as Kitty was identified as a mutant through the footage of their battle against the Sentinel. Shadowcat received comfort from Jean as she, the latter and Nightcrawler looked in the distance that night. Iceman used his powers to attack a few approaching individuals, revealed to be Cyclops and Storm as they came out of the woods.

Mystique soon arrived and explained to the X-Men that she had nothing to do with Magneto's plan to reveal all mutants to society and if anything, their new situation proved that Xavier was wrong about his theory that mutants and humans could live together in peace and harmony. Nick Fury arrived and gave the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants a means of finding their teammates. He handed Storm some schematics to the military base where the X-Men were being held, alongside Blob and gave vague reasons as to why he was aiding the group. Once he departed, Storm started to make command decisions before Mystique stopped her, and gave threat to the group once Jean reminded Storm that she knew where Charles was. Considered by Mystique wise counseling, she had the X-Men come with her to get a jet.

File:Shadowcat and Iceman.jpg

Shadowcat watches Iceman as he tries to disable the alarms.

Going with Iceman, Jean, Mystique, Storm and Cyclops to a military base to get a means of transportation, which proved successful when Jean used her telekinesis to lift it in the sky and above the head of the guard. With their new jet, the X-Men and Brotherhood learned that their allies were being held at Area 51. During their break-in, Shadowcat and Iceman participated in shutting down the alarms. As they entered the room via Kitty's powers of phasing, Shadowcat stopped Iceman and herself. She pointed out that the motion sensors were still on, before Iceman used his powers to bridge the two to the other side.

Kitty asked him if he was sure he knew what he was doing, prompting Iceman to tell her that if he did not then everyone of the alarms would go off. Iceman cut a single cord and succeeded in stopping it, much to Kitty's brief impressing before Iceman dropped the wire cutter and it hit the motion sensors. As the alarms went off, Kitty was reminded of his stating that all the alarms would go off and sarcastically questioned if he meant they would go off like that.

The two regrouped with the other X-Men and tried to escape, after succeeding in freeing their captive members, which included Wolverine, Beast, Rogue and Spyke. When the X-Men and Brotherhood found a way out, Shadowcat climbed out before Blob and phased him through after he became stuck. Mystique tried to leave as well, though not before Cyclops intervened. He demanded that she tell him where Charles Xavier was, but she refused to comply. As a result, he allowed her to be left behind and be detained. After returning to Bayville, Shadowcat lamented that the Xavier Mansion was gone, Xavier was missing and it was open season on mutants. Storm told her and the other X-Men that they would have to show everyone that they were the good guys.[26]

Juggernaut returns

File:Shadowcat with ice sculpture.jpg

Shadowcat and an identical ice-sculpture.

With the X-Men nearly fully reunited, Beast and Storm decided to go to Washington to stop the hunt for mutants and defend them as well. Shadowcat and the other X-Men retreated to a cave, where they had difficulties hearing of Beast and Storm's success. Spyke used his portable TV and gave it to Nightcrawler to use. After Nightcrawler expressed distaste in having to hold the device, Shadowcat told him that she had it covered and called for Iceman, who made an ice-sculpture of her by using his powers to completely encase her in ice before she phased through it.

As the X-Men began to try and watch the broadcast, Shadowcat had difficulty watching it. She made a solution of her own by phasing through his stomach and was ready to watch the debate before he tried to get her to stop. Iceman resolved the issue by using his powers to create a larger viewing area for the team, which only sanctioned some more negative reactions amongst the team as a supremacist reasoned that the X-Men had been preparing for war judging by their recovery of a image of the Danger Room. Wolverine and Rogue got into trouble during their tenure at a store, where they were spotted by some members of the military. The two did not attack the officers, but showed their powers as a result of defending themselves. Rogue took Wolverine's motorcycle from outside and drove it back to the cave, and indirectly revealed the whereabouts of the rest of the team.

As the X-Men were getting ready either attack or be attacked, Cyclops disagreed with Wolverine's ideals on attacking the choppers. Wolverine left the group, and withdrew leadership to Cyclops. Under the orders of Cyclops, she decided to both run from the military and defend herself and her teammates. Along with Nightcrawler, she teleported to a chopper with a weapon system. Nightcrawler introduced himself and her, before Shadowcat put her hand in the system, disabling it. She went with her rest of her team to their jet, and learned that Juggernaut had attacked a dam.

Shadowcat and Nightcrawler knew that without Charles, defeating Juggernaut would be of greater difficulty. Cyclops had a internal struggle as to whether he should stop Juggernaut with the team or if they would only be regarded as the ones responsible for him at the end of the day, still coupled with how the group was being scrutinized for defending humans. The X-Men went to defend the ordinary humans, regardless of their opinions or thoughts.

File:Kitty and Rogue Juggernaut sneak up.jpg

Shadowcat and Rogue sneak up on Juggernaut.

During the battle, she phased him through a part of landscape and rendered him immobile, before he broke out. Juggernaut insulted the seven, and tried to goad them into using their full might against him, as he was seeking something more challenging in his eyes, and earned the attention of Cyclops. Cyclops and Juggernaut soon got into a power clash, with Juggernaut winning the battle due to his superior abilities. Shadowcat and the rest of the X-Men moved in on him, with Shadowcat helping Rogue to get close to Juggernaut by phasing them through the ground. Rogue attacked Juggernaut after taking his abilities and caused him to fall off the dam, and allow him to be frozen by Iceman.

Their defeat of Juggernaut greatly aided Storm and Beast in Washington, as they both were being given difficulty for their attempts at defending mutants as a whole. The supremacist that tried to suppress them used the Juggernaut dam attack as a reference to how bad he believed mutants were, and also used this as support that they should be treated rather poorly in comparison to normal humans. With this, Beast argued that they were still people regardless of what they looked like while Storm argued that the majority of mutants were peaceful. Charles was soon found by the group afterwards, in Juggernaut's cell, courtesy of the memories taken from the villain as to where he had been stored.[27]

Return to school

File:Kitty shocked.png

Kitty shocked to see the perpetrators.

With Charles Xavier found and the Xavier Mansion undergoing repairs, Kitty snuck to the kitchen that night and ate pizza while drinking milk from the carton before Kurt teleported to her and revealed his suspicions about her doing such. Though Kitty told him that she was going to finish the whole thing, Kurt mocked her before she pointed out that the two had intruders on the Xavier Mansion.

She reasoned that they should trip them off before they awake the entirety of the X-Men and teleported with him. Once there, they split up before Kitty found the intruders and after seeing their grotesque faces, questioned who they were as she looked scared. Their faces were revealed to be masks, which after being pulled off by Kurt caused Kitty to question what they were doing there before she noticed a spray paint can and noticing the graffiti about the X-Men they had done, stating that she could not believe it. After the kids ran away, Kitty related to Kurt that things were much simpler when only the Brotherhood of Mutants hated them. After being ordered to meet by Charles Xavier, he informed the X-Men that their school had allowed them to attend classes that day, provided that they did not use their powers. Kitty related to Charles that she was afraid to go back there and that they did not fit in anymore.

Charles did not grant her behavior or attitude any mind, as he showed her a newspaper from the Sentinel disaster and elaborated that they would be treated for all that they were when they returned to school. After Charles showed the group a newspaper, Nightcrawler took it and noticed that he had not been identified yet. Noting that they only had pictures of him blue and furry, Kitty went with him and the others to Bayville High School. Before even walking into the front door, the six were berated with negative comments and told to go home before Kitty questioned where Kurt had gone.

File:Kitty confronts Kurt.png

Kitty confronts Kurt over his unwillingness to stay with the X-Men.

Kurt had chosen to abandon the team, since he was not being berated by his classmates since they had not identified him. Scott soon found himself fighting against Duncan and two other jocks after they started a skirmish with him. After Scott told them that he did not need his powers to stand up to them, Kitty joined the fray before Duncan ceased their conflict. While she began to walk off with Rogue, she noticed Kurt and went over to him. In his presence, she discovered that he was trying to pass himself off as not being mutant and formerly being affiliated with the group of students. He further denied any involvement with the mutants and also claimed that he used to be friends with them, before discovering that they had powers. Overhearing him, she sarcastically thanked him before he walked away from them.

Kitty later was scheduled for attendance to Jean Grey's speech that night. However, Duncan Matthews arrived and tried to confront them. Though Kitty told him to give his act of toughness a break, Duncan revealed himself to be in the company of the Brotherhood. As the four prepared to attack the X-Men, Kitty walked up to Avalanche and told him that he was nothing but a hood, prompting Avalanche to use his powers on her and the others. Evidentially, Kitty was sad to see Avalanche as he put it, realize that he would never be good enough for her. During the ensuring conflict, Kitty fell into a car and expressed a intense amount of pain in the act, but did not sustain any injuries as a result. She was also able to assist her teammates, in dodging and getting away from the Brotherhood of Mutants and Duncan while they attacked the group.

Despite being overwhelmed initially without the use of their powers, the X-Men were able to defend themselves and maintain self control while doing so. Their decision to use their powers to save lives rather than protect themselves prompted many of the voters to want them back in school, which Charles told the team the next day. Amongst the group, she was chosen as one of those special mutants to take the first steps into a world where mutants would be known to the public and also was one of the more prominent in how publicized her time as a student at Bayville High School was documented.[28]

Pursuing Gambit

File:Kitty and Rogue together.png

Kitty and Rogue.

As Scott left for school, he announced his leave with the expectation that the other students would need a ride to school. Kitty was in need of a ride and ran to him, bumping into and phasing through Beast before realizing that she had left her toothbrush inside of him and grabbing it out. Soon after, she told Scott and the others to not leave without her. Scarlet Witch captured her brother to lure Magneto to her. Around the same time, Lance and the other members of the Brotherhood were kicked out of school. While walking out, Lance came across Gambit, who later warned some students at the high school to stop messing with the mutants before being confronted by Rogue.

After he began to walk away, Kitty appeared and asked Rogue if her previous exchanger was one of Magneto's men. Rogue confirmed this, soon telling her that he was up to something. Though Kitty told her that the two better notify Scott, Rogue told her that there was no time and grabbed her as she instructed Kitty to follow Gambit with her. Gambit approached the Brotherhood of Mutants with Magneto's then-current plan and after some rather potentially lethal negotiating, convinced them to help him. The plan was to save Quicksilver, who had been captured by Scarlet Witch since she wanted something to bait her father with. While the group departed, Kitty questioned Rogue if Lance could stay out of trouble for one day. Rogue told her to hitch them a ride in her direction, causing Kitty to question her in confusion.

The two boarded a truck, by Kitty phasing the two through the back. Looking through the front and nearly being seen by the driver, Kitty confirmed that they would need to get off. She and Rogue got into another truck, where Kitty was made lookout for their viewing. She narrowly phase them through the truck of a elderly couple's ride, where Rogue expressed disgust in seeing a shoe and threw it while Kitty smiled smugly. Another hitched ride caused the two to become located in the back of a meat truck, where Kitty and Rogue both visually expressed discomfort. While freezing, Kitty sarcastically questioned Rogue as to who came up with their plan, which caused Rogue to reveal that she had no plan and was making up their actions as she went along.

File:Kitty saves Pietro.jpg

Pryde saves Pietro.

Walking beside her, Kitty questioned what part of her plan she was making up at that point before being told it was the part where it all came together. The two found Lance's abandoned rig, not knowing that the Brotherhood were enacting their plan. The two soon felt Avalanche's manipulation of the ground and intercepted their rescuing of Quicksilver, causing Kitty to lament that she knew they should have called Scott. After Rogue told her that they could handle it, Kitty and the latter moved in. While Blob tried to save Quicksilver, the handle broke off and the speedster would have fell to his death before Kitty phased him through. The cocky mutant insulted her in a bizarre manner as he speed off, prompting Kitty to question what he had said.

After stopping the Brotherhood, Rogue tried to use Avalanche's powers on them as they drove away. Running up, Kitty told her that she should not bother and that they were gone. The military men approached the two and ordered them to put their hands in the air. Though Rogue stated that she would rock the place, Kitty advised her not to as the leading officer told his men to stand down. The officer told them that he had seen what happened and thanked them, which Kitty accepted. After the officer told them that they could not give them a ride, Rogue stated that two would hitch a ride before asking Kitty if they would. Kitty objected towards the notion and told her that they were going to find a phone and contact Scott. Returning to the Xavier Mansion, Rogue tried to take the blame before Kitty told Xavier that she had went along with her and that everything had happened so fast. After Scott told them that they had detention on Saturday, Kitty angrily lamented that she knew it and walked off.[29]

Driving lessons

File:Kitty looks for Scott.png

Kitty looks for Scott.

Walking down the halls of Bayville High School, Kitty spotted Scott, who she waved at. Kitty had recently gotten a driving permit and had become known by Scott, Jean and Xavier for her rather mediocre driving. Scott and Jean from Kitty, who was blissfully unaware that they had done so or that Jean was even present. Outside, she looked for them again and only saw Scott's car, unaware that he and Jean were hiding from her. Following a brief exchange with Kurt, Scott and Jean drove off from Kitty, who saw them and tried to get them to stop while offering to drive.

After being saddened by the two, Kitty met up with Rogue and asked her when she turned eighteen. Scott and Jean were originally tasked with helping her drive, before a naive Logan accepted the challenge. As Kitty started the car, she eagerly told Logan that they were going to practice some freeway driving. Though Logan told her to wait for the gate, Kitty phased through it. While on the freeway, she experienced what she would later refer to as crazy and rude drivers. Returning to the Xavier Mansion with Logan, she expressed distaste with her fellow drivers and proclaimed that she had the hang of driving before asking Logan when the next lesson would take place.

File:Kitty and Scott.jpg

Pryde drives with Summers.

Later, Kitty asked the others if anyone had seen Scott or Jean as the two overheard them. Stating that it was either her or him and that it would not be her, Jean used her telekinesis to forward Scott into the room. Seeing him, Kitty told Scott that she was just looking for him. Spyke had his mutation further by the drink called Power 8 and was taken care of by the Morlocks, after a falling out at a skateboard competition when a child unfairly accused him of using his powers to cheat his way into winning, despite his abilities having no possible way of influencing his skateboarding.

Evan's powers accidentally were triggered once he drank the Power 8 and caused much collateral damage to the skateboarding tournament's area and its bleachers. He was approached by the Morlocks shortly afterward and was taken to their hideout. While in their care, he started to believe in their cause and was willing to support the group in their attack on the Power 8 building, following his discovery that the building's fluids were being washed up in their sewers and as a result, removing them from any of the water that their people need to survive.

The X-Men were unaware and believed that he had gone missing. Kitty joined the search for him when returning to the Xavier Mansion with Scott, who had been next in charge to aid her in learning how to drive. After seeing Kurt, she asked him if he had received any word on Evan. Kurt told her that he had not heard anything and told her to join the search with him as they teleported together. Ultimately, Spyke left the X-Men to join the Morlocks. While Charles Xavier left the Power 8 facility, following a conversation with the manager and head of the company distributing the drink and expected Logan to be his driver, he was surprised to see Kitty, who explained that Logan said she could drive and told him that they would home in a jiffy.[30]

Rogue's outbreak

File:Shadowcat dodges Rogue.jpg

Shadowcat dodges Rogue's optic blast.

Rogue began to have troubles with her powers. Around the same time, she was present in Jean's car with Kurt and Kitty, the latter having pulled her away from Logan while telling her that Jean was going to give them a ride in her new SUV. Kitty asked Jean if she could carpool to the concert that night. Jean related to her that was going with Scott. While Kitty told we that it was no problem and that he would not mind unless it was a date, she soon began to ask Jean if she and Scott were on one.

Though Jean denied it, Kurt appeared and was notified by Kitty that she and Scott were going out. The two soon began to laugh at Jean after she denied them once more, before being told by Rogue to just drop it already. Kitty and Kurt took notice of her attitude, and looked at her as they tried to see why she was acting in such a angered way.

Rogue arrived at school that day, and was overwhelmed by her powers. She tried to interact with those around her, but the stress became somewhat unbearable and she retreated to the bathroom by phasing through it, running into Risty for the first time in months. The two caught up, Risty claiming that she had been stuck in England because of her parents and revealed her knowledge of Rogue's powers. Rogue accidentally triggered her powers during a attempt to drink from the school's water fountain, and ran away after the other students took notice. Risty confonted her about it and tried to see if those were her powers, which Rogue confirmed and related them to her, which Risty dubbed as freaky. During the concert that took place that night, Kitty took Multiple with her, who urged her to wear a corsage around her wrist for at least a while. Kitty told him that she said no, but gave in once she noticed how sad he looked and allowed him to put it on her while stating that it did not mean they were on a date. After Jamie expressed confusion, she reminded him that he was the only one who did not have plans and stated that he was like twelve years old.

File:Kitty and Jamie.jpg

Kitty and Jamie.

After Jamie told her that Roberto loaned him his suit and wanted a full report, she took him by the arm as she tried to get them closer and told him not to bump into anybody. While passing through her fellow spectators, Kitty was seen by Jean. The latter mocked her for being on a date, causing Kitty to sarcastically state that she was a riot before moving further into the crowd. Jean explained why she had done what she did to Scott, who was baffled as to why she had insulted her friend by insinuating she had a date with someone she knew she did not have any interest in.

Rogue was also there, being given encouragement by Risty that she did not need any type of relationship with Scott to be happy and that she could do much better than him. And after accidentally making contact with Mystique while she posed as Risty, Rogue morphed into Sabretooth and Juggernaut as a result of Mystique's powers. During her time as Sabretooth, Rogue nearly harmed a bystander before Kitty moved in and phased her through. Multiple also got involved, despite being a New Mutant and was somewhat used as fodder for the bruiting form that Rogue had taken on.

File:X-Men and Rogue.png

The X-Men take Rogue back.

While carrying Jamie, Kitty told Scott and Jean that their situation was huge and asked what they were gonna do. Jamie asked her if she was enjoying herself, prompting Kitty to merely look at him as he suggested that they do it again sometime. She regrouped with the rest of the X-Men at the Xavier Mansion and later dodged the single blast of Rogue while she used Cyclops's powers. Wolverine decided to go in solo against her, and was being defeated with rather adequate ease until he reached out to Rogue and related to her his belief that the Rogue he knew would not allow someone to mess around with her like she was allowing to be done. After the X-Men succeeded in getting her to calm down, Shadowcat and the other X-Men returned home with her.[31]

Rogue was placed under care, by the adult chaperones and was not permitted to engage in any missions during her time resting. When Wolverine and Storm went to find Mystique, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler became Rogue's caretakers for a short time. During which, Kurt made her make several meals for the girl. She later participated in a baseball game with the rest of the X-Men, where she used her powers. The game was interrupted when Angel arrived on the scene, who she and the majority of the X-Men were stupefied to see since they had not been present when he had first met the group. Kitty later ease dropped on Charles Xavier and the others until being confronted by Iceman.[32]


File:Kitty and Kurt laugh at Jean and Scott.jpg

Kitty and Kurt laugh at Jean and Scott.

Along with the majority of the X-Men, Kitty was in attendance to a cruise. While there, she made fun of the recently acquired couple of Scott and Jean by laughing at them with Kurt as the two came close. Cyclops had been stressed in the fact that the X-Men were on the verge of revealing themselves as mutants, and scolded Iceman as an example of his frustration in the fact. The next day, she was present with the other X-Men and Boom Boom while they ate their breakfast. During the meal, she and Kurt made fun of Scott and Jean's mannerisms towards each other, with Kitty telling Kurt jokingly that he had a way with pastry while mocking the two.

Boom Boom, becoming tired with a woman's constant bickering towards the hired help, used her powers to cause a woman to be hit in the face with her exploding food. In the peril of trying to figure out what happened, she pushed a man by accident and caused him to release fire onto a nearby table. Jean tried to stop the fire, before being struck across the back by a fleeing bystander, causing her to lose control of her abilities and release both the water and the crabs inside. Kitty participated in trying to keep them at bay by capturing them with the rest of her teammates and later experienced the rage of Ororo, who was angry over their incompetence in keeping their powers hidden.

The event also caused the group to be exposed as mutants, which made for much disliking towards them amongst the men and women aboard the ship. Soon after, Scott and Jean diverged from the ship and made their way towards an island. Seeing this, Kitty told Kurt that they were flying the coup before the latter told her as he teleported them that they would not be without them. She and Kurt made their way as well to the island, where they were seen by Scott, who recommended them to Tabitha to join her and Bobby in their rejuvenating of Amara. Accompanying them to the spring and getting inside, she told the group that it was just the right temperature. After Amara went down the spring by herself, Kitty asked Kurt and Tabitha if the water was getting hotter. Confirmed by the two, she and the others got out. As Bobby questioned where Amara was, Kitty told him that she was still underneath the water.

File:Kitty saves a island citizen.jpg

Kitty saves a woman.

Amara returned to them and told the four that they needed to get out of there. Joining the others in riding down Bobby's wave of ice, Kitty returned to the town of the island and quickly phased a woman that had buried underneath some wood out of her confinement. After the volcano stopped, the X-Men gathered together with Tabitha as they were viewed by the denizens of the island that had seen their actions. To their surprise, they were actually treated well and even given a small amount of fame on the island, Kitty signing autographs for some children following the reveal.

While eating with the other mutants, Kitty related that they were big time heroes and that their treatment was the way heroes were supposed to be treated. As the mutants continued to eat, Kurt noticed a thunderhead and related that he thought they had been found out while Kitty stated that it looked pretty angry. The volcano erupted yet again, this time being stopped by Amara. Magma felt a connection with the volcano, which Storm attributed as her gaining a better understanding of her powers. She and the others bid farewell to their new allies among the island as Storm began to scold them for their behaviors and told them that they would talk more when they were aboard the ship. After Iceman uttered the ship in depression, Kitty related that they were going to be sailing the happy seas with hostile passengers and a ticked off chaperone.[33]

When X-23 arrived at the Xavier Mansion, she started to place chips on the foreheads of the X-Men that confronted her to disable them. Kitty was amongst those disabled, laying next to Kurt and Jean. Wolverine was able to stop her from inflicting anymore harm, albeit after she had disabled the rest of the X-Men, and related to her by recalling that they were both similar. He managed to save her as well, by getting her to leave and escape Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., and learned that children need to be themselves sometimes.[34]

Beginnings of Apocalypse

Rogue became influenced by Mesmero, and was willed by him to take the powers of the X-Men while they slept. The purpose was to take their powers, and use it to bring back Apocalypse. During the act, Kitty woke up after hearing Scott in his sleep. Sensing something to be wrong, she went to her room door before it was opened by Rogue on the outside. Narrowly dodging her with the use of her phasing, Kitty went to Scott's room and asked him if he was alright as she tried to wake him up. After he failed to do so, she was knocked out by Rogue. Waking up the next day, she dismissed her experience as a nightmare before realizing that she would soon be late for school.

Scrambling, she tried to get Kurt to wake up so that she could get their on time. However, Kurt merely requested another five minutes before Kitty reminded him that it was the last day of school. She helped the others get breakfast and after arriving at school, rushed to her classroom. Rogue's influence by Mesmero caused her to ditch school, and get into the back of a car. Once she arrived at the Brotherhood of Mutants's home, she single-handedly defeated the whole team by taking their abilities and knocking them out in the same manner that she had done with the X-Men, before leaving again and making her way to the domain of the Acolytes. There, she made Mesmero's intentions realized once she fully absorbed the powers of the Acolytes as well, including Magneto before she erased his memories.

She was in attendance for Scott Summers and Jean Grey's graduation, before Magneto and the Acolytes arrived. Magneto explained that Rogue had attacked them, also revealing that she was under Mesmero's control and had proof that she had done it in the form of his security cameras that captured the event. Still possessed by Apocalypse, Rogue began to have chairs fall out and attack the X-Men and Acolytes, one even nearly hitting Kitty had it not been for her powers. After Rogue left, the X-Men teamed up with the Acolytes and Magneto to stop him.

Shadowcat is selected to search ahead.

Selecting his most experienced members, Shadowcat was chosen to accompany the other X-Men and Acolytes by Charles. Charles told the two groups that he believed the door to the inside was housed in an underground chamber and asked for Shadowcat to scope the area out for him. With Beast telling her that she would be in radio contact as she placed the helmet on, Shadowcat told them that she would let them know what she found before phasing into the ground partially and following up with fully going inside. She transcended into a ghostlike form, and it became apparent as she started to look for the chamber that Charles was talking about.

Searching, she came across the ruins and was even frightened by a statue after first observing it. Falling to the ground, she reported to the teams that she had landed on a stairway in some sort of chamber. Beast asked her if she saw any type of lever at the top of the stairs, with Shadowcat confirming that she had indeed. Under the directions of Beast, she pushed it and got out of the way as it began to morph around. The morphing formulated a staircase for the teams to travel through and allowed her to regroup with them after a short waiting period. As they searched around, Nightcrawler admitted to her privately that he was completely creped out by the place. Shadowcat questioned how and reminded him that she was the one who had to come in by herself. The statues soon began to awake and attacked them. Though initially unharmed, Shadowcat fell in a hole with Nightcrawler and Colossus, separating them from the rest of the group.[35]


File:Nightcrawler protests leaving Kitty.jpg

Shadowcat mets up with Nightcrawler.

Shadowcat went off to see if she could find anyone else, after being separated from the rest of their combined team with Colossus and Nightcrawler. She told the two about her plan, and went off. Colossus spent some time alone, specifically after Nightcrawler teleported away to see if he could gather his own information. Finally, he chose to resort to his own methods to get the groups back together. As Colossus pounded against the wall, Kitty phased through and told him to take it easy before reminding him that she had told him to let her check the area out. After Colossus asked her what she had found, Shadowcat told him that she had not found anything except for more tunnels.

The returning Nightcrawler told her that he had found the headset and noted that it was broken. Charles and Beast remained with Magneto, and learned the origins of Apocalypse, from the time he was discovered in the desert while being left to perish to the time he became a warrior and was betrayed by his fearful council. Taking the light off of it and using it as a flashlight, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler followed Colossus in search of the others. As Shadowcat walked around by herself, Nightcrawler teleported next to her and caused them to scream in unison.

Believing that Charles was close, Shadowcat suggested that he join him while she looked for the others. However, Nightcrawler was hesitant of leaving her with Colossus and stated that he could not be trusted. Shadowcat told him that he was not that bad and actually something of a softy before Colossus smashed through the walls and explained he wanted to find them because he grew concerned. Once Nightcrawler looked back at her, she used this symbolically as a example of how nice he was. Apocalypse was successfully able to be resin, thanks to Mesmero having Rogue go the villain's tomb. However, she regained her senses as he grabbed her arm, absorbing the powers she had attained from the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and Acolytes.

File:Shadowcat defeated.jpg

Shadowcat defeated by Apocalypse.

Wolverine arrived, and was defeated rather easily by the villain as he began to further distance himself from his longtime resting place. Joining up with the rest of the group once again, she managed to obtain transportation to the tomb, where Apocalypse still was as she and the others arrived and surrounded him. The villain was not deterred, so he made it plain that he would not allow himself to be taken out, especially after having just come back. She tried to attack Apocalypse with both teams, believing they might have a chance given their outnumbering of the villain. However, they were all easily defeated with a single powerful clap. As Apocalypse left, Charles knew as the two groups laid in defeat that their greatest challenge had just begun.[36]

Powers and abilities



Shadowcat has the ability to phase. In doing so, she is able to protect herself from essentially anything or anybody. Large structures, such as entire buildings, were not able to harm her whenever she activated her powers. This included buildings made to come apart and collapse, which despite manipulation, still had no effect.[1] Adversaries are not able to make physical contact with her nor are their powers. This allowed Shadowcat to be nearly invincible. In addition to being able to phase herself with little difficulty, Shadowcat can phase any other person or persons she touches or holds so long as she is touching them. Her phasing can be used as a destructive force, given that her body once short-circuited a control panel.[5] Her powers cannot activate on her own and she has been taken out due to not activating her powers in time to avoid being harmed.[5]


Her powers give her the capability of saving herself from potentially dangerous situations without being scathed by whatever force was coming her way and thanks to anything that touches her prior to her phasing being able to come along with her to the benefit of the abilities, they can also help her allies or anyone that she is trying to save, therefore giving them use to other people as well. Given that her abilities are not as visual as that of Cyclops or Storm, she is able to blend in better and use her powers openly without much detection.


Using her phasing ability to find a lever, Shadowcat showed the effectiveness of her abilities.

Shadowcat's powers have come to humanity's aid multiple times, as she often saves someone alongside herself from suffering bodily injury with the use of them, as she did with Robert Kelly.[37] Additionally, her powers proved valuable when used by the X-Men to find a lever that would allow for the group to further in securing the door Mesmero had been trying to gain access to. Had she not been present, the group likely would have been left without so much as a point of entry into the underground footing, Xavier being aware of this and summoning her for the feat, showing that even those around her knew that she was important to their goal,[35] the contradiction of her prior position that her powers were a curse coming full circle and showing that she was an asset rather than a liability to the team.[1]


Shadowcat's physical strength, that of a normal teenager, is a negative in light of her using her powers. She is essentially a normal human without her powers, arguably the most human member of the group. Despite this, she has a level of strength that was adequate enough to help Blob who weighed much more than she did, escape from the military base during the mutant breakout.[38]


Aside from her powers, she has been shown to be an exceptional student and have an intellectual mind, though is not prone to doing well in physical courses.[1] She also is able to dance, to an extent superior to Rogue. The latter was even suggested by Spyke to use her absorption just to copy Kitty's dancing.[3]


Shadowcat despised her abilities initially, as many mutants have before her, referring to them as a "curse." Her change in opinion over her powers came from her being able to save her parents and herself using them, as well as the lives of others. Suddenly, the curse which she had spoke of, ceased to exist. She effectively realized that her powers, as Jean Grey stated, would only hinder her if she allowed them and that she could use them for the benefit of others, which would in effect make them anything but a curse.[1]

She was quite different from the other members of the X-Men at the time of joining the team, significantly less playful than Nightcrawler, less down-to-earth than Jean, not a leader like Cyclops, lacking the skillfulness and courage of Wolverine and significantly less composed than Storm.[8] Kitty was not only aware of this but became depressed for a short time, having the feeling of a fish out of water among the group, which was noticed by her new teammates. Shadowcat was able to connect with members of the group once realizing that they would never do anything to harm her and were genuinely concerned for her well-being, allowing her to form bonds over common interests.

Kitty did not enjoy the practical jokes or antics typically associated with people her age, which put her at odds with Nightcrawler and Spyke. She found ways to explain away why they acted in ways she disliked, using Spyke's age as an example of why he was immature.[8] It was her being annoyed with them that caused her to speak about them the way she did. Her opinions on the two changed after her trip to Mt. McKenna. She had previously been frustrated with how crowded being a member of the X-Men was, but changed her opinion.[4] She viewed herself as mature or at least more so than her peers, which contributed to a superiority complex-like attitude.

After mutants were revealed publicly, Shadowcat's personality had a slight overhaul as she became more serious, confrontational and competent in missions, confronting Nightcrawler over distancing himself from his fellow mutants at school, a far cry from the Kitty Pryde of old,[37] and using her powers without a second thought at the instruction of Xavier and direction of Beast while going after Rogue.[35]


  • Kitty's stuffed dragon, which she is shown to sleep with in the episodes "Shadowed Past" and "Dark Horizon, Part 1", is a homage to Lockheed, her pet dragon in the comics.
  • At one point, Kitty climbed trees.[5]
  • Kitty is the first character to cry in the series.
  • She is the only character recruited in their first appearance in the first season to not be shown in their costume until a later episode.
  • She was the only female X-Man to lose her match during the Asteroid M debacle.[5]
  • Her fear is not being able to control her phasing ability.[39]
  • Shadowcat is the first character Wolverine gives a nickname to during the series.
  • Shadowcat appears in every episode of the first season after her introduction, being the only character to do so.
  • Kitty is known to be a freshman in high school, which she outright states in "Middleverse", during the first season and a sophomore by the beginning of the second. It is implied, given that Scott and Jean graduated as seniors at the end of the third season, that she is a junior in the fourth.


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