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Rogue is a member of the X-Men. She initially chose not to join the team after being attacked by its members,[1] though she later found out it was Mystique who posed as them during the attacks and joined the group shortly after finding this out.[2]


Formation of the Brotherhood

Main article: History of Rogue (0 AAM)

Pre-Mutant Revelation

New school year

Rogue meets Risty.

Rogue returned to Bayville High School for the new school year and attended the school assembly introducing the students to Robert Kelly, the school's new principal. During the assembly, she helped Risty with her classes and the introduced themselves to each other. She attended the girl's soccer game that night, where the Brotherhood revealed their identities as mutants and also exposed the X-Men. Rogue remarked that the team was busted as the Brotherhood began to cause damages to the field and the X-Men moved in to stop them. Rogue absorbed Blob as he was causing trouble, remarking that she was going to get "big and stupid". After the battle, Charles used his telepathy to enter the minds of everyone there and erase their memories of seeing the mutants, but passed out while trying to remove Robert Kelly's, the school's new principal, memories of the events.[3]

Saving Jean

Jean was awarded the MVP Soccer Award during an early assembly in the school year and while her fellow X-Men applauded her, Rogue remained silent. Risty confronted her on this and Rogue reasoned that Jean had enough people "gushing" over her. As Jean tried giving her acceptance speech, she read Rogue's mind unwillingly and heard the latter express her dislike for her, as well as question why she had begun looking at her. Jean then tried returning to her speech, but heard more voices and eventually everyone in the assembly.

Following this, Rogue attended Duncan Matthews's party with Risty. The latter noticed her not speaking with anyone and Rogue stated that where she was from, people like her did not party with people like them, referring to the other people in the party as well as a remark Risty had made earlier. Scott then arrived, to which Rogue took note of and he challenged Duncan in a ping pong match. Rogue then began leaving, telling Risty that she was done with Jean's popularity contest.

Risty voiced her belief that Rogue had a crush on Scott, which she denied. Rogue and Risty left the party and after their departure, Jean threw Scott off of a balcony using her telekinesis. He landed in a pool because of this and returned to the mansion soaking wet. Rogue and Risty walked in on Scott, Jean, Charles and Kurt and Rogue noted that the four had stopped speaking when the two entered the room and started staring at them. Risty took note of Scott's soaking and when Kitty came in by phasing, she questioned her on where she came from.

Wolverine's use of his claws in front of Risty forced Charles to have Rogue excuse her. Risty left and Rogue returned inside the mansion, where Charles apologized but cautioned that visits must be scheduled ahead of time. Rogue assured him that she would not have anymore friends over and stared at Jean as she thought the latter was treated better than her. Jean responded to this accusation out loud by stating that Charles did not treat her any differently from Rogue and the latter confronted her over going through her mind.

Despite Jean's apology, Rogue marched upstairs angrily. Jean had a breakdown the following day with her powers, which resulted in her being taken back to the mansion, where her abilities went entirely out of control and forced the group to assemble to confront her. Rogue suggested during the team's strategizing that she use her absorption to take away some of her power and despite Charles's initial reluctance to the idea, he eventually agreed with her.[4]


Charles had to leave the Xavier Mansion in care of Scott and Jean when Juggernaut's cell began to act faulty. With Charles away, Kitty introduced the idea of throwing a party, which Kurt and Evan supported. Rogue informed the three that despite Charles being away, they still could not throw it, since Scott and Jean would not allow them. They realized this and the group's conspiring caused Scott and Jean to be stranded away from the mansion.

While the team partied, Kitty's friend Weber Tork got into the Cerebro room and started to access the Danger Room. Rogue overheard the room's activity and she accompanied Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Spyke to the training room. After Nightcrawler teleported inside, he was taken out and the rest of the group went in after him, being attacked instantly. While Rogue and Spyke managed to avoid most of Arcade's attacks, Shadowcat was knocked out and the pair tried getting to her as Arcade sent two large metal balls to come at them from both directions. The four were saved when Nightcrawler teleported them to safety.

He then sent a flamethrower in both directions of the fleeing group. Rogue was saved by Shadowcat, who phased her and herself through a wall. Arcade activated DEFCON 4 and the mansion underwent lockdown. Cyclops and Jean returned at this time and the pair made their way into the mansion despite heavy attacks from its automated defenses. The two met up with the rest of the group and the entire team was attacked by Arcade once more. Nightcrawler teleported Rogue into the Cerebro room, where she touched Arcade without him seeing her and knocked him out, bringing about an end to his mayhem.[5]


Rogue participated in a training exercise, where Spyke was supposed to have her "back." She was taken down while the group was trying to get to a lever, but was carried by Cyclops to the finish line and remarked that it was embarrassing being carried. The pair failed to reach the finish line in time and when Spyke arrived late, she was among the group as they expressed their disappointment with him. Mr. McCoy lost control over his urges and after drinking a serum, transformed into a beast. She joined Nightcrawler and Storm in pursuing him and the three briefly lost him before encountering him again right before he left to go to the amphitheater, where he was restored to his normal mental state by Charles and Spyke. He joined the X-Men, under the codename "Beast".[6]


During the winter season, the majority of the X-Men were prepared to leave the mansion to spend Christmas with their families. Rogue, Charles, Beast and Scott were the exceptions. The day before everyone was supposed to leave, Rogue went up to Scott and told him it would be lonely when everyone left. She used the conversation as an opportunity to give Scott a gift, which he opened. The remaining X-Men waved to the rest of the group as they departed.

News of an angel going around and doing good deeds spread to the X-Men and Rogue dismissed the idea of the angel being a demon, which Scott had proposed and identified Beast's quoting of Shakespeare. Charles expressed his concern that the angel was a mutant and that his acts could lead to the expose of mutants and suggested that someone should go into the city and try recruiting him.

Rogue volunteered herself and Scott, stating that she was getting tired of just sitting around the mansion. The pair went around town and spoke to different people who had interacted with or sighted the angel. While getting coffee, Rogue expressed her positive opinion of what she had heard of the angel and when Scott admitted that he believed the chances of finding Angel were pretty slim, Rogue brought up the pair being able to get out of the mansion and suggested they do something fun while away.

When Scott asked her what she had in mind, she recalled seeing a music store around there and reminded him that he still owed her a gift. Scott then told her of his past beliefs in a guardian angel looking over him and his brother all the years they had been separated from each other.

While in the music store, Rogue and Scott overheard two teenagers speaking about the angel and the pictures taken of him on the Brooklyn bridge. Angel had tried saving a little girl after she fell of the bridge and while succeeding in doing so, he was made to make her fall again by Magneto. The two went to the County Hospital, where they asked the workers at the desk about contacting her parents and they mentioned them praying at a church.

As they were given this information, Angel walked past them and dropped a feather while in disguise. Rogue saw this and the two chased after him but he flew away. Angel flew to the church where the parents were praying and Magneto confronted him. The latter tried to get him to join the Brotherhood, but Angel refused and Magneto tried capturing him. Rogue and Cyclops arrived and intervened by the latter shooting Magneto away long enough for the pair to free Angel.

Magneto returned and after Angel seemingly left, Rogue remarked that a simple thanking would have been nice. After Magneto was made to fall by Cyclops with assistance from a returning Angel, Rogue went up to him and absorbed his powers. As Magneto fled, Rogue gave chase and despite him using his powers to keep her at bay, she kept using his abilities to continue the pursuit. Magneto nearly killed her when he slammed a pillar into the Stark Enterprises building she was in front of, though she managed to get away before it could strike her.

She was hit by the impact and saved from possibly falling to her death by Angel, who she complimented and later spoke with alongside Scott. The pair pitched the X-Men as a group that was dedicated to using their powers for good and fitting in and Magneto's group of mutants as being particularly power hungry. Rogue, Scott and Warren watched the girl Warren had saved earlier wake up and speak of the angel to her parents, saying that he had come to see her. With that, a single tear came to Rogue's eye.[7]

Hungan and Avalanche

Storm was hunted by Hungan, the latter having sworn to return her to her old tribe. Storm acted out during that time, unaware of his activity and Rogue spoke to Risty about this at school. The latter suspiciously mentioned her claustrophobia, which led Rogue to question how she knew about it and become suspicious. Storm was later captured by Hungan and the X-Men went to rescue her, having been pointed in the right direction by Nerombo. The group confronted multiple copies of Hungan and Rogue was hit when Nightcrawler teleported out of the way of an incoming spear.

She had to tear her costume to get away from it. After the group defeated the Hungan copies, Storm attacked them, having become possessed by Hungan. Spyke broke Hungan's staff, which contained Storm's consciousness and allowed her to regain herself. Spyke had previously been scheduled to leave the X-Men and return to his parents, but the act of quick thinking convinced Storm to keep him on the team. The group expressed happiness in him staying until he bragged about his heroism, to which the team playfully mocked him.[8]

The X-Men confronted Avalanche as he arrived at the mansion at night. The latter announced his wishes to join the X-Men, surprising the lot. After he joined, he took part in a training exercise where he was supposed to save Rogue. However, his affections for and interest in Shadowcat led him to save her and also have Rogue remain the water. Cyclops helped her out and reminded Avalanche of his rule breaking. The latter indicated that he did not regret saving Shadowcat over Rogue as he held Shadowcat in his arms and Rogue pushed Avalanche, causing the pair to both fall in the water.[9]

Bayville Sirens

Jean became disillusioned with being treated as the "weaker sex" and formed a group of female mutant fights, dubbed the "Bayville Sirens". Rogue joined the group after its founders Jean, Tabitha, Amara and Kitty, though in the process seemingly made Risty jealous. The group fought crime and became known as vigilantes. Scott figured out their identities by watching the five walk around together during school and scheduled for him and Kurt to follow the group during their next night out.

When Tabitha arrived at the mansion and honked the horn on Lance's jeep, the group shushed her and left the mansion. The group followed after a car stealer in his stolen ride and when he seemingly vanished, Rogue was the first to question what had become of him.[10]

With Wolverine

Walking out of school with Kurt, Rogue expressed her belief that she had failed a history test and questioned why they had to study World War II in the first place. She was then pushed out of the way by a schoolmate and as he walked away from them, she commented on his impoliteness. He then insulted her and Rogue tried getting him to touch her, which would allow her powers to come into effect, but Kurt stopped him from doing so and had his Image inducer broken by the bully's grip.

The bully was surprised at Kurt's appearance and insulted him, with Rogue tossing in her own quips at him. Jean then came to erased the memory of Kurt's true appearance from the bully's mind and as Kurt teleported away, both she and Rogue knew he was depressed. After returning to the X-Mansion, Rogue and Nightcrawler noticed the lights flickering on and off, quickly discovering the cause to be that of Cerebro at full power. The two ran off to "scope it out" and dropped in on Wolverine and Charles.

After the latter could not find Magneto and revealed he had "no idea" where he was, Rogue tried speaking but cut herself off. Wolverine noticed this and Charles had her to come in. Rogue revealed that when she touched Magneto in New York City when he tried kidnapping Angel, she obtained some of his memories and one was of a big metal dome buried in rocks in the Sahara Desert.

Wolverine asked for her to be more specific and Rogue expressed her belief that she would be able to recognize landmarks if she came along and outright said to Wolverine that he would not be able to find the dome if she did not accompany him. Nightcrawler joined them in going to the Sahara Desert due to his teleportation being believed by Charles as a means of getting inside the dome. As the three journeyed to the dome, Nightcrawler called for an official briefing and Rogue referred to Nightcrawler and herself as a "team of two", which caused Wolverine to recall his times with Captain America.[11]


Rogue touches Jean.

Mesmero began using Jean to act out his deeds of stealing rings. The X-Men were initially unaware of this and went out looking for her, Rogue going to a record store in search but without any success. Jean returned to the Xavier Mansion to recruit Evan and Kitty for her stealing on the part of Mesmero, giving Charles his first viewing of the man he was unfamiliar with. Rogue came in on him during his searches for an identification and after having her question answered regarding if he had been the person Charles saw in Jean's mind, she explained his identity as a magician within the context of the circus setting the week prior. Charles then opted for the X-Men to attend the next time he had a circus and they traveled to its location, Rogue remarking as she saw the mind controlled members of the group that they were their friends. On the ground, she was combatted by Spyke who kept using his spikes in an attempt to hit her, Rogue calling on him to stop before he threw more and nearly hit her several times. Jean was able to get to Mesmero though Charles came into the picture by calling on her to stop, only for Jean to begin using her powers to levitate him in the air. Rogue jumped in and touched Jean, afterward using her power to dismantle the setting that Mesmero had hidden inside of where they discovered he was no longer present.[12]

Dimensional gates

The X-Men were all summoned for a test of Nightcrawler's powers. Rogue met up with Shadowcat as she was walking to the elevator and they began to speak of the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance. Shadowcat asked if she had asked out Scott yet and warned her that Jean would move in on him. Rogue had not and recalled her dance with Cody as reason for her not attending the dance. Though Shadowcat tried to reassure her by stating that Scott would not touch her since he was aware of her powers, Rogue expressed her disillusion with dancing and not being able to touch.

Jean then caught up to the two and after Shadowcat questioned why they had to be in attendance for the test, Rogue correctly guessed and uttered Jean's explanation as she was stating it herself. Rogue later watched as Taryn asked Scott out and after Risty pointed this out to her, she claimed that she was not going to go in the first place. When Risty suggested that the pair go together, Rogue denied doing this on the explanation that she did not want to "look like a loser" and assured Risty that she did not mean to insult her.

Rogue then had a change of heart and the pair decided to go. Rogue was present at Nightcrawler's next test with his powers, conducted by Forge. Nightcrawler revealed his intentions to teleport to Bayville High's gym to "check out" the decorations for the dance, to which Rogue and Shadowcat turned to each other and smiled afterward. He was accompanied by Wolverine and the pair's trip caused the gym to be the grounds for the dimensional gate that Nightcrawler left behind him to allow the creatures from his teleportations out.

As Rogue arrived at the dance, Risty was talking to Jean and approached Rogue right after seeing her. Rogue was surprised by Risty wanting to "troll for boys" and recalled their previous arrangement to just go to the dance, but was dragged along by Risty. As the dance got underway, the dimensional gates opened around the school and the creatures that Nightcrawler encountered during his tests with Forge came out. Rogue tried to get Risty out of harm's way and later confronted a creature by herself.

She tried getting it to touch her, so she could absorb it, but Risty stopped the creature from getting any closer to her and the pair started to run from it until Forge shot it and caused it disappear as he arrived with Scott, Kitty, Jean, Evan and Lance. The group took off following this and Risty questioned Rogue on who Forge was. The creatures were all returned to their dimension by Forge.[13]

Mutants revealed

Charles visited Wanda Maximoff in her mental facility and determined that she could not join the X-Men due to her instability. Mystique then cut their meeting short while posing as a member of the facility's faculty and broke her out. She took her to the Brotherhood and the team joined her at a mall. Rogue was contacted by Charles over this and went to confront the Brotherhood with the X-Men. The group decided to split up. They were individually confronted by members of the Brotherhood. Toad grabbed Cyclops's visor off of his face and Rogue absorbed him, allowing her to return the visor to Cyclops. The X-Men soon were confronted by Wanda, who used her powers to influence theirs. The group was defeated and retreated, being met by Charles outside.[14]

Following the defeat, the X-Men were put through training by Charles, who used several robots in the Danger Room to shoot down members of the group to test their ability to dodge. Rogue was shot during the training and complained about having to train after sitting near the others that were shot. Ultimately, the X-Men all performed horribly during the training session and the entire group was recalled by Charles, who introduced them to the Brotherhood, who he referred to as their new teammates. Cyclops left due to this and the X-Men and Brotherhood left to confront Magneto.[15]

The X-Men were all sent falling into a hole by Magneto, along with the Brotherhood and encountered Bolivar Trask and his men. Once Trask sent out a Sentinel to fight the X-Men and Brotherhood, the two teams were sent back to the surface by Magneto and fought the robot together as they were filmed using their powers by cameramen, exposing themselves as mutants to the entire world. The Sentinel trapped members of the two teams in a green substance that hardened around the person who was shot by it. Rogue and Shadowcat were both shot, though the latter managed to get out while Rogue was taken captive by arriving authorities.[16]

Post-Mutant Revelation

Rogue played ping pong with Scott, defeating him and asking if wanted a rematch the following night but was turned down on the grounds of there being a concert at that time. After Scott confirmed that he was and asked if she was going with anyone, she denied it, saying that she was not a fan of the band and promising to meet him the following week. Right after, she had headaches. The same thing occurred while she was doing her hair right after and was approached by Wolverine, who she asked if something was wrong. He had intended to approach her about the bracket that she had been using and the damage that it had endured, though Rogue was unable to answer as Kitty took her hand so the pair could go along with Jean to school, who had just recently acquired an SUV. With Kitty asking Jean if she could carpool to the concert that night and learning that she was going with Scott after she denied her ability to do so, Kitty, soon to be joined by Kurt in laughing, started insisting that Jean had a date, Rogue being bothered by the exchange and asking if the pair could "drop it already".

Heading into a bathroom, Rogue remembered when she had touched Kitty and had another headache, phasing into the bathroom and being greeted by Risty, who she questioned the whereabouts of as she recalled her having disappeared for an extended period. With Risty apologizing that she had not been there for her, Rogue told her that it was not an issue and that she herself should feel bad since she had been keeping who she really was from her. She said this as she approached a water fountain, recalling her absorption of Storm's powers and using them, causing the fountain to start ejecting water. With Risty questioning her and others giving her a curious reaction, Rogue fled the scene, going outside and sitting by herself until Risty approached her, asking if those were her powers. She confirmed that they were but stressed that it was too hard to explain and then told Risty that she did want to talk about it, showing her one of her hands by removing its glove and explaining that Risty would most likely be put in a coma from her powers if she were to be touched by her at that very moment, furthering that everything about her would be gained from the absorption and that it was getting crowded within her from all of the people that she had touched.[17]


Rogue had a tough demeanor and was quick to voice her opinions on others, usually in a manner that was not nice and more outright than anyone else.[18] Underneath her exterior, she was troubled by her powers not allowing her to touch others. Her other traits originated from her trying to hide how saddened she really was over knowing that for the rest of her life, she would never be able to touch others. This was often a reason she thought against attending social functions, which did nothing but remind her of her ability's disability. While she gave off the impression that she did not care about what others thought, that turned out to not be the case, as she often expressed how others would feel about what ever she did.[6]

Her dislike for Jean Grey was deeply rooted in her growing affection for Cyclops. She and Jean were complete opposites, as Jean was popular at school whereas she was not and Rogue openly displayed her disdain for the attention Jean received from her abilities and achievements. Despite this, Rogue was able to recognize the latter as a good person and tried saving her when her powers went out of control, which showed her ability to compartmentalize her views on Jean and the reality that she needed to be helped.[4] Rogue did not fail to remember that Jean tried appealing to her when she first gained her abilities.[1]

Rogue did not mind using her powers on those who pushed her, despite knowing the harms it could do to a person, and has been known to bait others into touching her in order for her to absorb them through their own ignorance of her abilities. This spoke of her lack of concern for others, at least those who she felt wronged her.[7] She was compassionate about the well being of others and would openly use her powers whenever the lives of non-mutant humans were threatened.[3] This extended to mutants as well, as she was shown to be very concerned when she believed she had potentially killed Nightcrawler.[19]

While under the possession of Mesmero, Rogue was reduced to a tool in his plan to aid Apocalypse in returning to the surface world.[20] Rogue felt horrible in the aftermath of her involvement, completely neglecting the fact that her actions were not of her own doing while under his control and showing that she had a strong sense of concern for others, as she was openly bothered by the repercussions of her actions and what they could possibly mean for the world at large should Apocalypse be successful in conquering the planet.[21]

Powers and abilities

Rogue's ability to absorb the powers and memories of any person by a single touch made her the powerhouse of the X-Men after she joined.[22] When absorbing a person, she has been shown to gain aspects of their personality or traits from them, such as the physical traits of Sabretooth,[23] Nightcrawler's speaking of the german language,[1] and Shadowcat's way of speaking.[23] In a few instances, Rogue snuck up behind an opponent to absorb their powers without much resistance and at one time partnered with others to serve as a distraction the subject or help her in some other capacity.[24] She typically makes use of the mutant's abilities shortly after absorbing them, such as when she used Avalanche's,[22] Nightcrawler's, Storm's,[1] Quicksilver's powers all after having just gained them.[24]

Rogue often made quips regarding her powers, which revolved around the characteristics and intelligence of the persons absorbed.[3] Her ability to drain and take away the power of other mutants was used primarily to the disadvantage of whoever she absorbed, with the exception of Jean, who Rogue absorbed and Jean benefited from it due to her powers being too much for her to control. The draining of Jean also demonstrated Rogue's growing understanding of her abilities, as she was the one who suggested using her powers on her in the first place when the group was out of strategies on how to counter Jean.[4] Doing this, has been shown to have mixed results, as Rogue does not understand the powers of mutants as well as they do, given it is their own ability and not hers and they have spent more time using it and getting accustomed to the ability. Right after absorbing Nightcrawler, she was able to teleport around. However, when using Storm's powers, she was demonstrated as being particularly confused by them.[1]

When first gaining her abilities, Rogue, like many mutants, was unable to control them very well. This came as a surprise to no one, though her lack of control was soon distinguished by the harm that she inflicted on others such as her putting Cody into a coma and doing the same to both Nightcrawler and Storm within the same time period. This was brought about by her confusion and being fearful of those that had approached her, namely Mystique posing as the X-Men to intimidate her into believing the group was out to harm her, Destiny playing along and the X-Men acting completely different, all prompting for the transition period of being an exposed mutant to leave her with a sense of mystery when it came to matters relating to her abilities. So frantic she was that she ran around wildly as opposed to trying to understand her abilities.[1]

The time she began having flashbacks to prior absorptions and eventually lost control of them marked an important point in her using of her abilities as they were met with her being unable to predict which mutant's powers she would use. Whenever she did use one of the mutant she had absorbed in the past power, it was typically met with a flashback of sorts alongside a headache and then followed up by the powers being used without her consent, already being hampered by her being unable to touch someone without her hands being blocked.[17]

Apart from her powers, Rogue was shown to have an average intellect.


  • Rogue's character design and personality is completely different from the character in the comics and unique to the series.
  • Rogue and Jean are the only members of the X-Men to wear green.
  • Rogue and Cyclops are the only members of the X-Men to fight every member of the Brotherhood at least once.
  • Had a fifth season been produced, it has been said that Rogue would have begun a romantic relationship with Cyclops following Jean's transformation by the Phoenix Force.
  • Rogue is the only main female X-Men who does not have an open-toed shoe as part of one of her outfits.
  • Rogue appears in every episode of the first season after her introduction.
  • It was implied in "Rogue Recruit" that Rogue's pale skin tone is a product of her powers.
  • Despite starting off with the Brotherhood, Rogue never actually fought with the group against the X-Men.
  • Of the original six students, she is the only one to have love interests and still not be in a romantic relationship by the end of the series. Spyke never had any and Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat were all either implicated or confirmed in relationships by the end.
  • She was the first member of the Brotherhood to join the X-Men and the only one of the two to remain with the team longer than a single episode. The next was Avalanche, who left the group at the end of "Joyride".
  • Her defeat of Apocalypse in the series finale is the second time in animation that Rogue has defeated Apocalypse, which she did in the first season of X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • Rogue's hair may have served as inspiration for the appearance of Jean Grey in Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • This is the only incarnation of Rogue to have conflict with Jean Grey as the comic versions of the characters have no quarrels nor do the other animated versions, as the X-Men: The Animated Series Rogue was very favorable and caring of Jean while the two never interacted in Wolverine and the X-Men.


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