First appearance "Strategy X"
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Species Mutant
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Gender Male
Hair color Blue
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Allies X-Men
Enemies Brotherhood of Mutants
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Nightcrawler is a member of the X-Men. He is the son of Mystique, one of the group's main adversaries and learned of their relation sometime after joining the group.[1] He struggled with insecurities, which manifested from a childhood of discrimination based on his appearance.

History Edit

Background Edit

Kurt was experimented on as a child by Magneto, who's experiments on the infant were known by his mother Mystique. She became horrified at the results of his experimentations and ran from him. Magneto followed after and led a pack of wolves in her direction. During the pursuit, Mystique accidentally dropped him into a river. He was raised by adoptive parents, who he felt always kept quiet about his past and how he came into their custody.[1] Growing up, he heard many insults and remarks regarding his appearance.[2] Kurt came in contact with Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, who arranged for him to join the group.[3]

Formation of the Brotherhood Edit

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Pre-Mutant Revelation Edit

Almost revealed Edit

Kurt saves hijacker

Kurt saves the hijacker from suffering a death by falling.

Kurt cheered for Jean as she won for her soccer team during a soccer game and was driven home by Scott, accompanied by Kitty. Kurt and Kitty argued in the car over whether or not the Stone Deciphers were outdated, Kurt in favor of the band not being so. He tried to involve Scott and the latter moved their car to the side, as another car went through his spot while being pursued by police officers. The car then began to fall from a ledge, above a school bus. Kurt instantly believed the group had to do something to help and under Scott's orders, he teleported inside of the vehicle and got the passenger out, while Scott used his optic blasts to shoot the car away from the bus, saving the lives of the children inside. Kurt then teleported the recovering passenger to the ground and pushed him into the public, allowing him to be detained, before teleporting away.

The group left the scene and after arriving at the Xavier Mansion, Kurt told Scott and Kitty it might be best for the three to remain silent about the incident to the others, as Charles, Wolverine and Storm confronted them, having already heard what happened and rightfully assumed it was them. The X-Men as students at Bayville High School attended the girl's soccer game that night, where the Brotherhood revealed that the team were mutants and revealed their own powers before beginning to use their abilities to cause trouble. The X-Men combated them, Nightcrawler fighting against Toad. The X-Men were revealed to the public, but Charles used his telepathy in an attempt to erase the incident from the minds of everyone. He was successful for the most part, but fainted before he could erase Robert Kelly's mind.[4]

Jean was awarded for her achievements as a soccer player right after this and the entire student body attended the assembly. During Jean's acceptance speech, she began to unwillingly read the minds of all of the students, including Kurt, who wished her encouragement in being able to finish her speech. She stumbled and this was the beginning of her problems with her powers, as she threw Scott off a balcony during a Duncan Matthews party. The pair spoke of this when she returned to the mansion and Nightcrawler and Charles tried to hear about it when she cut them off. Rogue returned to the mansion from the party with Risty, who upon entry, was the cause of Nightcrawler quickly using his Image inducer to appear normal. The X-Men responded to Jean's powers after they went completely out of control and Nightcrawler was struck in the face by a projectile Shadowcat phased through, to which he thanked her and she apologized. Rogue absorbed Jean's powers, which led to her being able to regain control of them.[5]

Flirtation with Boom Boom Edit

Nightcrawler was supposed to be rescued by Boom Boom during a training exercise, who Nightcrawler was not fond of, even telling Cyclops that he had "placed his life in the hands of a manic." When Boom Boom approached him during the rescue, he questioned her sanity and criticized her handling of him when she put him in stretcher.

As Wolverine tugged Boom Boom and Nightcrawler up, the latter seemingly fell out of the stretcher and was falling to his death as Boom Boom watched in horror before he teleported back, revealing it was an act and taking points off of her since she had not strapped him in. Boom Boom then playfully used her powers to create ruckus aboard the stretcher and despite Nightcrawler enjoying it, he was struck in the back and made to fall out. Wolverine dived into the water after him and saved him.

Charles puts Nightcrawler and Boom Boom on probation

Nightcrawler and Boom Boom are put on probation by Charles.

As punishment for Nightcrawler nearly being killed, Charles prohibited the pair from using their powers, as well as having them use their powers, as well confining them to the institute with the exception of attending school and having two training sessions with Wolverine a day. Nightcrawler stopped Boom Boom from trying to plead and told him that the pair understood.

Kurt confronted Tabitha as she used her powers to open a locker which she later found out was not hers and reminded her that Charles had prohibited them from using their abilities, as well as voicing that he believed the pair got off easy. Tabitha denied this and took his burger, as well as his book. As he watched her leave him, Evan grabbed him into their chemistry class. While eating with Scott, the latter tried to cheer him up over not being able to go the carnival. Kurt asked him if he had a date and the pair both looked over to Jean, who was with Duncan.

He called out for Tabitha after seeing her and she returned his book as well as attempting to take his drink, but he referred her to the soda machine. Kurt spoke about Tabitha to Scott, who did not share his positive opinion on her and warned him to be careful around her. Kurt arrived at the Xavier Mansion with Boom Boom, where her father awaited her and spoke with her.

Kurt was outside later that night when she approached him, requesting he accompany her to the carnival. Despite his initial reluctance, he eventually decided to go with her and enjoyed himself there. The pair used their powers to prank people at the carnival, where they complimented each other's powers and were spotted by Tabitha's father. Tabitha requested that Kurt meet her inside the arcade, but the latter told her the pair had to leave and she shoved him away to speak with her father.

Nightcrawler saves Boom Boom and her father

Nightcrawler saves Boom Boom and her father.

Her father wanted her to steal the proceeds of the carnival, which she agreed to do only under the condition that he would no longer try visiting her. Kurt approached Scott over his suspicions that Tabitha's father was going to have her do something. The X-Men confronted Tabitha's father and Tabitha herself along with the Brotherhood as they were fighting over the money. Nightcrawler got the proceeds but lost them after Avalanche used his powers on him. Tabitha chased her father after he ran off with the money and Nightcrawler was right behind them, saving the pair from falling to their deaths after the floor went in on them.

Tabitha and her father were confronted by officers, who detained him. Tabitha chose to leave the X-Men, despite Kurt's pleas for her not to. Charles's probation for him had him to wash the uniforms of the group, wax the Blackbird and have sessions with Wolverine. However, he was more disappointed with Boom Boom leaving and Scott tried comforting him by stating she would most likely want to rejoin the group if she knew what it was like "out there." Kurt voiced his suspicion that she already knew.[6]

Arcade and Beast Edit

Charles had to leave the Xavier Mansion due to issues with his half-brother Juggernaut's chamber. With Wolverine and Storm absent, he was forced to place Scott and Jean in charge of the mansion during his absence. The group rejected Scott's option for the team to train and everyone returned to their bedrooms. At school, Kurt joined Kitty and Evan in being optimistic about throwing a party in the professor's absence, until Rogue reminded the group that Scott and Jean would not allow them to.

As part of a plan to get the pair away from the mansion, Kurt told Jean that Scott wanted to meet her away from the mansion. Kitty told Scott the same thing about Jean and when the pair met, they started arguing. In the time they were distracted, Kurt teleported Kitty to Scott's car and the pair took their phones and Scott's keys. After this, they rejoined the others at the party. In attendance to the party were Risty and Weber Tork, the latter of whom using his computer expertise to operate Cerebro.

Nightcrawler joined Shadowcat, Rogue and Spyke in approaching the Danger Room. He went in ahead of the others and was taken out by Arcade. The rest of the group came in after him and the four were all nearly killed when they were corned by Arcade, who had two large metal balls coming towards them. While being held in the arms of Rogue and Spyke, he teleported them and an unconscious Shadowcat to safety.

The four ran and avoided a massive flamethrower, though another one came from the opposite side, briefly trapping them before Nightcrawler teleported himself and Spyke away. Cyclops and Jean returned to the mansion after it went into lockdown mode under DEFCON 4. The pair joined the four and they were all attacked by Arcade before Nightcrawler teleported Rogue into the Cerebro room, where she knocked him out with a single touch. Following the party's end, Kurt complained about fighting for his life while the others got to have fun.[7]

He and Evan were in Mr. McCoy's class when Evan hit him while he was bored. Kurt told him to stop and watched Mr. McCoy lose control after beginning to teach. He spoke of the incident to Kitty, who did not believe him. He participated in a training exercise with the X-Men later at the mansion, where he dodged metal balls and got to the group's destination before anyone else by teleporting. He tried rushing Cyclops and Rogue, citing the group was running out of time. Cyclops grabbed Rogue and tried to get to the base but ran out of time, the rest of the group expressing their disappointment in losing.

The group was congratulated by Storm and joined by Spyke, who the team voiced their disapproval to. Mr. McCoy eventually lost control of his mutation and transformed into a blue beast, which the X-Men were tasked with confronting. Nightcrawler joined Rogue and Storm in a pursuit of him. Beast revealed himself to the three by lunging at them. After being pushed back by Storm, Mr. McCoy was sent flying into the air and Nightcrawler chased after him into a warehouse. There, Mr. McCoy jumped out at him and the others before being shot at by Cyclops. Spyke was able to bring him back to his senses and he joined the X-Men under the codename Beast.[8]

Image inducer and Christmas Edit

Kurt later messed around with his Image inducer and tried to impress Kitty with his abs, which the Image inducer gave away as being fake when he reverted to normal. He scared Jean when the Image inducer made his head larger than the rest of his body. The Image inducer then started acting up and was later repaired by Charles. Kurt checked on Scott while he was recovering from being in the sea with his brother Alex and came to him with a unknowingly feminine appearance. He found out once Scott pointed it out and Charles admitted that he could not resist.[9]

Shortly before the X-Men prepared to leave the Xavier Mansion to spend Christmas with their families, Kurt tried to get Kitty to kiss him when he placed a mistletoe over her, which she refused to acknowledge. He chased her around and pleaded with her to kiss him, but when he finally had her cornered on the couch as she sat next to Iceman, she moved out the way and he kissed Iceman by mistake. Both he and Iceman expressed distaste in the kiss. He later met with his adoptive parents, hugging the pair.[10]

Storm's haunting Edit

Storm's former acquaintance Hungan tried to retrieve her for her former tribe in Africa and began haunting her. She was also bothered by Spyke's refusal to commit to his goals and decided that Charles's proposal to send him back to his parents was best for both him and the X-Men. Evan overheard and packed his bags at school when he returned there for the first time since hearing he was being sent back. Kurt tried encouraging him to not give up "without a fight" and encouraged him to ask Charles for another chance.

In response, Evan questioned why he was bothering with him, since the pair were not friends. A shaken Kurt responded that he thought they were. Storm was eventually kidnapped by Hungan and the X-Men with the help of Nerombo located her captor and tried to defeat the multiple copies he had made of himself. Nightcrawler's teleporting during the fight caused Rogue to get hit instead. After the group defeated the copies, they were attacked by Storm, who was under the control of Hungan. He had her to attack the X-Men and the group was overwhelmed.

Spyke, recalling his past training exercise with Storm, managed to break Hungan's staff, which allowed Storm to regain her senses and defeat Hungan. Evan was allowed to stay and when he told the group of this, the team expressed happiness in him staying until he began to brag about how heroic his rescue of his aunt was.[11]

End of probation Edit

The X-Men responded to the arrival of Avalanche at the Xavier Mansion during the night and when confronted by the group, the latter revealed he wanted to join the team. Nightcrawler watched members of the New Mutants leave from the Blackbird as he swept, but Wolverine referred him to his probation and told him to continue. Avalanche later completed a course, which Cyclops embarrassed him after by knocking him over, to which he and Nightcrawler touched hands.

Nightcrawler participated in a training exercise where he was the victim and was supposed to be rescued by Wolfsbane. He and Scott soon saw the damage to the latter's car, which Scott suspected was caused by Lance. While washing the Blackbird, he complained about the probation making his fur kinky after being ordered to wash the uniforms and van. As Nightcrawler cleaned, Wolverine, Cyclops and the New Mutants came in. Nightcrawler prevented Iceman from touching the Blackbird, citing that he had spent a month detailing it.

The Blackbird was soon after used by the New Mutants during their latest joyride and the group was spotted by the military, though managed to evade further interaction with them with the help of Kitty and Lance. Kurt saw the Blackbird the following day just after happily proclaiming that the only thing he needed to do for his probation was wax the Blackbird. Charles soon told him to consider his probation over and had the New Mutants to begin theirs as he ran off happily.[12]

Mesmero Edit

Jean fell under the control of Mesmero, who used her to do his bidding and steal different items and money. He took control of Nightcrawler as well and he and Jean were made to break into a safe. The pair were confronted by Cyclops and Wolverine, but they were soon taken out by Jean. She and Nightcrawler went to the Xavier Mansion using the Blackbird, where the mind-controlled Shadowcat and Spyke joined them. The four stole a ring and Nightcrawler teleported the group away. They encountered the X-Men when they chose to confronted their mind-controlled members at Mesmero's residential circus. There, Nightcrawler combated Beast, who stressed how much he did not want to hurt Nightcrawler as the latter teleported Beast and himself around. Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Rogue and Spyke regained control of themselves when Mesmero left the area.[13]

Sparing Magneto Edit

Kurt walked with Rogue as the two were pushed around by a passing student, who insulted Rogue and as prepared to harm her as she made remarks alluding to her powers. Kurt stopped him, for his safety and he grabbed Kurt's hand, destroying his Image inducer with brute force and revealing Nightcrawler's true appearance. The student threatened to tell others of his appearance, but was stopped by Jean, who used her telepathy to change his mind and make him forget about the incident. After he left, Jean asked Kurt if he was alright.

A noticeably saddened Nightcrawler told her that he had grown up hearing insults about how he looked and had become use to it before teleporting away. While at the Xavier Mansion, he and Rogue noticed the mansion's internal lights flickering and Kurt rightfully stated it was Cerebro at full power that was causing the inconsistency before heading off with her to "scope" it out. Wolverine and Charles were searching for Magneto with the use of Cerebro, as he had been suspected by the two of having stolen Rebirth. However, the pair had no success in finding him due to his cloaking technology.

Rogue made a noise and was overheard by the two, who invited her and Nightcrawler in. She revealed that after touching Magneto in New York, she had gotten a portion of his memories, which included a "big metal dome" buried in rocks and it was located in the Sahara Desert. Wolverine refused to allow Rogue on the mission and she defended her being on it by stating that no one could get in the dome without magnetism, to which Charles referred to Nightcrawler's teleportation. The latter happily exclaimed that he was "on" the mission, knowing his powers had secured his place.

As Nightcrawler, Rogue and Wolverine headed to the desert after departing the mansion on a jet, Nightcrawler expressed his excitement and requested an official briefing between him and Rogue, stating that the two were a team. Nightcrawler tried asking Wolverine of what purpose Rebirth would serve to Magneto and questioned why Captain America was the only superhuman made by Rebirth. He and Rogue prepared the group's motorcycles as Wolverine landed the jet.

As the three drove their motorcycles, they were attacked by missiles and Nightcrawler exclaimed that the group would have to get closer. They purposely drove their motorcycles off a cliff and Nightcrawler used his teleportation to get the three away from the motorcycles as they exploded and into the base, where they saw an individual situated in Rebirth. As Wolverine moved to stop the person, Sabretooth attacked him and he gave the bomb, which they planned to use to detonate the controls, to Rogue.

She was stopped in her tracks and gave it to Nightcrawler, who got to Rebirth and addressed the individual in it by stating that he was doing him a favor and that Rebirth was not good for his health. Magneto revealed himself to be inside and stated that Rebirth was his one chance to live and asked Nightcrawler if he was that similar to his mother, which resulted in him not pulling the pin and setting the device off.

Magneto was restored, though Wolverine still managed to destroy the device. Magneto retaliated by attacking the three with a constructed mechanical specimen, which defeated the group. However, Magneto did not forget that Nightcrawler had spared his life and allowed the three to leave without further conflict, telling Wolverine that a small boy in Poland owed him that much, referring to when Wolverine had saved him as a child. Nightcrawler and Rogue asked him about what Magneto meant when he said this, but Wolverine refused to explain.[2]

Teleporting problems Edit

Forge constructed a device for Nightcrawler to use when he teleported and when speaking to the latter, told him he would soon be teleporting anywhere around the globe. Nightcrawler reminded him that two miles was his limit, as well as him having to see and know where he was going. Forge believed that when Nightcrawler teleported he passed through another dimension and that with his device slowing Nightcrawler down, it would allow them to gather information and data regarding the other dimension.

Nightcrawler, under the direction of Forge, aimed to teleport to his old lab at Bayville High. When he teleported, he entered a demonic dimension with several creatures. After entering his dimension and being inside of Forge's former lab, he reported his findings to the mansion and teleported back there, leaving behind a portal that allowed the other world creatures to come through.

At school, Kurt described the experience of going through the alternate dimension to Scott and Jean. When Jean left the pair, she asked to speak with Scott later on and Kurt speculated that she was going to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. During class, he was stared at by Amanda. He was asked out by her as he walked out his class and he accepted her invitation. He began to have doubts when speaking with Scott and Evan, since his Image inducer would not hide the feelings of his furry two finger hands.[14]

Scarlet Witch Edit

Charles went to see Wanda Maximoff who he believed had a place at the Xavier Mansion, but did not want to run the risk of letting her out of her institution. Mystique arrived and did this, aligning her with the Brotherhood. In the meantime, Kitty helped Kurt while he was having difficulty getting his book out of his locker and in return for her services, she asked him to try out one of her muffins.

Kurt obliged and after eating the muffin, he delivered a very negative response and walked off. He then began avoiding her and was called on by Charles, who informed him that Wanda had been released from her facility and that the Brotherhood had caused a disturbance in a mall. The X-Men went to investigate the disturbance, where they split up and Nightcrawler was confronted by Quicksilver. The latter used his super speed to bury Nightcrawler under clothes in the room, but he teleported from underneath them and shoved a hat atop his head, causing Quicksilver to lose his focus and allowing Nightcrawler to defeat him.

The other X-Men defeated their respective confronters and the group met up as they were confronted by Wanda, the only remaining member of the team. She used her powers to manipulate theirs and the X-Men were all surprised by her difficulty, given their previous fights with the Brotherhood. Shadowcat got stuck in the ground while trying to sneak up on her and Nightcrawler came to her aid.

He teleported her from the ground, and the pair ended up outside, where Nightcrawler questioned how they got out there. This was part of Scarlet Witch's manipulation of their powers. The X-Men ultimately retreated and were confronted by Charles as they left from the mall, the latter giving a statement that the group's defeat may have been a valuable lesson for them all.[15]

Mutants revealed Edit

The X-Men were put through harsh training by Charles as a result of their loss to Scarlet Witch. Nightcrawler was shot during a training exercise by a drone with orange paint, taking the blast for Magma, who he pushed out of the way. The entire team was later taken out and requested by Charles to meet in the planning room. There, he introduced the X-Men to the Brotherhood, who he referred to as their "new teammates" and the two teams with the exception of Cyclops left to confront Magneto, who was accompanied by his Acolytes.[16]

Post-Mutant Revelation Edit

On the run Edit

File:Nightcrawler takes the wheel.jpg

With mutants revealed to the public, the X-Men and Brotherhood were surrounded by police cars and helicopters. Nightcrawler ran from the police with the others until Jean Grey was caught by two officers and stuck in the back of their squad car, where he teleported to the front and began driving away in after thanking the officers for the ride. Shadowcat ran after the two, and Nightcrawler allowed her to join them by pulling over. During their escape, the four came across a border that threatened to result in their capture. However, Jean used her powers to lift them above it, soon being followed by Cyclops requesting for the X-Men to meet at Lookout point. Nightcrawler arrived there with the others, staring over the city as Iceman accidentally shot at Cyclops and Storm, believing them to be law enforcement.

After Iceman apologized for the misunderstanding and stressed that it seemed like everyone in the country was out hunting for mutants, Mystique told him to get use to it as she made herself known. With Nick Fury arriving after her, Nightcrawler questioned if there was anyone who did not know about their secret meeting. Mystique asked Fury who he was, being told his name and that he was a agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Nightcrawler questioned what S.H.I.E.L.D. was to Cyclops and learned that he had been told by Wolverine that it was like a top secret CIA. Fury gave Storm a schematic of the military base, the first step to finding and freeing their allies before heading off. Mystique gave orders to the X-Men and Brotherhood and had them take a jet, on which they learned that the schematics were of Area 51. Nightcrawler participated in the break in to the base, teleporting himself with Cyclops and Avalanche to the other side of the gates.

File:Nightcrawler tries to explain.jpg

Nightcrawler, Jean, Avalanche and Cyclops separated from Iceman and Shadowcat, as the two went to cut of the security's motion sensors. Though Iceman was able to turn it off, he failed to secure it when his cutter hit a sensor and allowed them to come back on. Overhearing the alarm, Nightcrawler bid farewell to the stealth portion of their plan. The four ran into trouble with a few officers, of which Avalanche managed to handle before they came into contact with Mystique. The latter had Cyclops, Jean and Avalanche handle the guards while she and Nightcrawler went to get the prisoners. The captive X-Men and Blob managed to release themselves, however. Reuniting with Wolverine, the latter criticized his timing and questioned what Mystique was doing with him. Though Nightcrawler tried to explain that they had formed a brief alliance to rescue them, Mystique cut him off with the notion that he would send Wolverine a memo as she ordered them to come with her.

Nightcrawler joined Mystique and the others as they regrouped with Jean, Cyclops and Avalanche. The group was trapped when the military shut off all doors before Iceman noticed a small area to escape from. Nightcrawler escaped with the rest of his teammates and joined the rest of the X-Men in staring above the ruins of the Xavier Mansion. While Shadowcat began to stress disappointment in seeing the Xavier Mansion in the state it was in, Kurt told her that at least they did not have any homework. Storm tried to reassure him and the others that they would have to show the humans that they were the heroes.[17]

Juggernaut returns Edit

Nightcrawler tried to view Storm and Beast as they went to Washington to defend mutants. As Cyclops and Jean got close to each other, Nightcrawler teleported to them, coming in-between them as he asked how the reception was. After Cyclops told him that it and his timing were lazy, Nightcrawler teleported to Spyke, Iceman and Shadowcat. Spyke told him not to move from the wall of the cave and reasoned that it was as good as they were going to get. Though Nightcrawler complained that he was trapped there, he soon repented once Iceman used his powers to create a sculptor for a larger viewing of it. Rogue and Wolverine soon returned to them, crashing into their sculpture before a few military choppers came to them. Under Cyclops's directions, he did not attack the military choppers and instead defended himself and the others.

He and Shadowcat teleported to a chopper to disable their weapon system, even introducing themselves. After a returning Juggernaut attacked a dam, Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men attacked him while also saving the humans he attacked, continuing to prove mutant suppressionists wrong. After saving them, he waved to the camera and joined the other X-Men in beginning their battle. Following Shadowcat phasing him immobile, Nightcrawler tried to remove his helmet. With only three of his four locks removed, Juggernaut grabbed him and threw him into Jean. After Rogue defeated Juggernaut using his powers, Nightxrawler asked Cyclops if they should go after him following the brute falling into water. With the battle won, Nightcrawler and the rest of the team found Charles Xavier after Rogue revealed that she knew where he was thanks to absorbing Juggernaut's mind.[18]

Return to school Edit

Looking for Spyke Edit

Teaming up with Toad Edit

Scarlet Witch continued her attempts to find and kill her father, which began to receive response from him in return. Around the same time, Amanda tried to convince Kurt to come to her home and meet her parents. Though Sefton told him that her parents merely wanted to meet him, Kurt told her that he did not know and explained that his Image inducer had been acting up. Before he could mention the possibilities, Amanda told him that she wanted her parents to see the real him before using his Image inducer to revert him to his real form. Quick to hide, Kurt told her that someone might see him as he hid behind a tree and changed his form back. As Amanda picked up his books he dropped before hiding, Kurt told her that he would come to her home and meet her parents, as well as confirm that he was just not ready to come to her home in his natural appearance before the two spotted smoke.

The smoke, was actually the product of Pyro, who had got into an altercation with Wanda before fleeing the scene. Wanda learned from Scott and Jean that Quicksilver had actually been residing with the Brotherhood of Mutants again...[19]

Rogue's powers Edit

Following his involvement in helping Rogue, Nightcrawler played baseball with the rest of the X-Men and used his powers. With Wolverine and Storm tracking down Mystique, Kurt and Kitty were put in charge of taking care of Rogue while she recovered from her ordeal. He teleported to her and asked if she was up for dinner, presenting her some food he had Kitty make for her. With Rogue asking him what had happened to Logan, he explained to her where he was and where the others had gone, which gave justification as to why he and Kitty were her caregivers. Though optimistically offering Rogue to have a bite, the latter told him to go away. Kurt questioned her lovingly as to if that was any way to treat her little brother, which resulted in Rogue explaining that she had been adopted by Mystique while the latter gave birth to him.

Kurt told her that regardless, they were in it together and that whatever she was going through, he was there for her. With Rogue not responding, he told her to sit tight and that he would have Kitty make her a pizza instead before teleporting away.[20]

Beach trip Edit

As Rogue continued to recover from her ordeal with her powers, a number of the X-Men went on a cruise as a chance to get away from the stress they had received since mutants were revealed. Nightcrawler entertained himself alongside Shadowcat, by mocking Cyclops and Jean, who had begun a romantic relationship. The night after the group nearly revealed themselves, the team was scheduled to receive some breakfast. During their tenure eating the food, Cyclops and Jean continued to make much of their relationship, which prompted Nightcrawler and Shadowcat to continue to mock them. Boom Boom became annoyed once a woman started to complain about not having the proper service, and got back at her by using her powers. She caused the lady to fall into a waiter, and a fire was triggered as a result. Jean tried to use her powers to rid them of the fire, and also revealed herself as a mutant in the process.

Though Jean used her powers to the best of her ability, a bystander caused her to lose focus once they pushed into her, causing the tank of water to start spilling. The crabs inside the tank started to come out, which forced the X-Men to intervene as a whole. During his grabbing of a crab, Nightcrawler's watch was damaged and caused him to revert back to his blue and furry normal form. The others were also revealed once they were harmed by the crabs and forced to use their powers in the process, causing the entire squad to have their secrets revealed. After the team retreated to their individual areas around the ship, they experienced the same discrimination they received during their school days there.

Cyclops and Jean tried to escape this, by going to a near by island. Shadowcat noticed this, and pointed it out to Nightcrawler. The latter used his powers to have the two follow after them. Magma continued to not feel good, and was escorted to the island by Iceman and Boom Boom to ensure that she would recuperate after getting in contact with land. Cyclops and Jean met up with the three, and Cyclops noticed Nightcrawler and Shadowcat as well. Cyclops pointed out Nightcrawler and Shadowcat as possible candidates for a trip to the hot spring on the island with the group after seeing them, which they abided by and chose to accept.

During the hot spring relaxation, the group generally had a good time. However, Magma decided to revert to her magma form and went underneath the water, seemingly triggering the island to begin to 'awaken' as a result. The hot spring became progressively hotter and the team got away from the water, and also noticed that the island came under damages during the shaking. Nightcrawler participated in stopping the people there from being harmed, and was expectant to receiving some backlash for having used his powers and been revealed as a mutant, in a similar manner to the experience he faced on the cruise.

However, the residents of the island did not see him and the others in a bad light, instead treating them like heroes and also making a point to ensure they would not be given little reward for their aiding during the shaking. Nightcrawler dazzled the island's denizens by using his watch to turn back into his normal form and the human form he had used for public appearances, while the others used their powers to showcase their worth. The island began to make a commotion again, and Magma separated from the rest of the team to try and repress the mountain. She succeeded, as the X-Men were met by Storm, who was angry over their getaway to the island. As the team prepared to leave, Shadowcat mentioned that they would be returning to a cruise of people that hated them and a angry chaperone, prompting Nightcrawler to utter that he would rather fight another volcano.[21]

Beginnings of Apocalypse Edit

Kurt had his powers taken from him by Rogue in his sleep, as she was under the control of Mesmero. Kitty tried to wake him up the next day, explaining to him that everyone had overslept. Though he tried to get her to let him sleep for five more minutes, Kitty reminded him that they were going to miss their last day of school. Kurt helped with getting breakfast ready and ran to school with the others after being dropped off, in a attempt to not get late. Meanwhile, Rogue absorbed the abilties of the collective members of the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Acolytes, all the while using her powers to erase their minds of the event in a attempt to cover up her act. Kurt was later in attendance for Scott and Jean's graduation. Rogue was taken over by Mesmero during it and after the Acolytes arrived and explained that Rogue had attacked them, she threw several chairs with the use of her powers at the group, two of which hit Kurt as he tried to dodge them.

Rogue departed, which prompted Charles to believe Magneto and the two formed a alliance, which also extended to the X-Men and the Acolytes. With the aid of Beast, they located the tomb in which Mesmero planned to use Rogue to extract Apocalypse from. Nightcrawler was chosen as one of Xavier's most experienced team members and accompanied him, the rest of the X-Men and the Acolytes to where they had tracked Rogue. Shadowcat scouted ahead and pushed a stone nob, which allowed Kurt and the others in. The latter told her when getting near Kitty that he was getting disturbed by the sight of the room, before Kitty pointed out that she had to go in alone. The two were attacked with the rest of the team and the Acolytes by some of the Egyptian cat statues. The statues caused Kitty, Kurt and Colossus to get separated from the rest of their teams.[22]

Kitty continued to scout ahead, as Nightcrawler teleported behind her and they bumped into each other, screaming in unison. Kitty told him that she thought they were close and that he should join the professor as she looked for the others. Nightcrawler rejected the idea, unwilling to leave her alone with Colossus, who he referred to as steel face and stated that he could not be trusted. Soon after Colossus returned to them out of concern, the rest of the group did as well while a giant guard attacked them. The group got past it and made their way to Apocalypse, who had absorbed their collective powers thanks to Mesmero's control of Rogue and had freed himself from his tomb shortly before defeating Wolverine. Nightcrawler and the others arrived, being effortlessly defeated by him as a collective gather with a single clap.[23]

Powers and abilities Edit

Nightcrawler has teleportation, an ability which allows him to transport anywhere he wants at any given time. This does not extend to alternate dimensions, which was shown when he was trapped in the Middleverse. He was only able to return to his dimension with the aid of Forge, who created a machine that allowed him to do so, albeit with a time limit.[24] Nightcrawler expressed enough confidence in his abilities that he used them as a threat.[25]

It appears that Nightcrawler at times did not understand where he was sending himself when being teleported. He once teleported into the Danger Room despite never having been there before and even asked Toad, who he had teleported inside with him, where the pair where.[3]

Nightcrawler tried using his teleportation as a way of evading enemies, teleporting away typically when an attack is incoming or someone or something is approaching him. This backfired on him a couple of times, such as trying to avoid opponents such as Sabretooth who were more than capable of following him.[25]

A downside to his abilities was that whatever touched Nightcrawler as he teleported, was teleported right with him. This caused his defeat in his battle against Avalanche, in which he brought the boulders the latter had deployed at him with him.[26] It was also used to the advantage of Scarlet Witch, who turned his powers to both a downside to him and his fellow X-Man Shadowcat when he tried teleporting her and the pair ended up elsewhere. This was also due to Scarlet Witch's own abilities, which allowed her to manipulate his.[15]

Personality Edit

Nightcrawler developed insecurities towards his appearance as a result of having to hide how he looked. While the X-Men did not mind his physical appearance, Nightcrawler kept referring back to it on his first day with the group and even asked Cyclops if he did not care how he looked after the latter tried being nice to him. He was genuinely surprised that Cyclops did not think much about his appearance, which had been an important issue during his life.[3] One of the reasons for his attraction to Amanda was that she knew of his appearance beyond the Image inducer and was not bothered, undoubtably showing to Nightcrawler that there were those who were able to disregard how he looked.[14]

He was overjoyed when he got the Image inducer, as it allowed him to hide how he truly looked. Allowing him to go into public, it was the mask he had always dreamt of.[3] He was a fun loving individual by heart and more laid back than anyone else, rarely getting into conflicts with others and feuds involving him often were started by someone else. His arguments with Scott[24] and Rogue reflect this, as the pair both made insults towards him before he did anything.[27]

Kurt often used his cheerful demeanor to try and appeal to others, especially new recruits of the X-Men. Combined with his powers, he could come off as annoying to others and turn them away by interacting with them.[28] Despite this, Kurt could not be discouraged and no matter what negative reception he got from others, he always knew there were those who appreciated him for who he was, particularly his teammates Cyclops, Rogue and Shadowcat, all of whom he developed sibling-like relationships with.

Nightcrawler's personality reflected well with the other X-Men and they have proven their concern for him. For Cyclops, he fulfilled the role of a younger brother in the place of Alex Summers, Scott's actual brother.[29] In Rogue, he found comfort in her and she found comfort in him since both were closely related to Mystique[1] and he and Shadowcat often pulled antics, which went well with their powers of teleportation and phasing.[25] For Wolverine, he played the role of a young protege that was impressionable and exuded enthusiasm in learning new information.[2] Xavier was particularly caring for him, as he went to work creating the Image inducer to give him more reign in the free world and have an education outside of the seclusion of the Xavier Mansion.[3]

He had a deep concern for his origins, as he did not know much if anything at all about his real parents until his adolescence. With the discovery that Mystique was his mother, he reacted in a form of rage and with questions about why she acted the way she did, showing his confusion. This was not helped by the fact that she had previously been antagonistic toward the X-Men, and by extension him.[1] It was proven that Nightcrawler was bothered by her being his mother as a result of her actions, as he became disturbed by Magneto questioning if he was that much like his mother when it appeared that he would allow him to die by destroying Operation: Rebirth while he was in the process of having his youth restored.[2]

Nightcrawler was particularly affected by the revealing of mutants to the free world, which cause him to undergo changes in his overall mood towards his fellow mutants as he distanced himself from them, a stark contrast to his prior stance of being around them whenever he could and showing that he was concerned about what others thought about him to the point of self-hatred for his own kind. He eventually came to a resolve to not distance himself further and stick with the group, showing that at the end of the day, he remained concern with the group and had developed a loyalty with the X-Men since joining them.[30]

Trivia Edit

  • Nightcrawler is one of only three characters to appear in every episode of the first season, the other two being Cyclops and Jean.
  • Nightcrawler's costume bears a striking resemblance to his primary costume in the comics.
  • This is the only incarnation of the character to be a main character in a television series.
  • After Nightcrawler finds out his relation to Mystique, he refers to her as "mother."

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