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Jean Grey
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First appearance
Voice Venus Terzo
General Information
Full name
Species Mutant
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye Color Green
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies X-Men
Powers and abilities Telepathy

Jean Grey is a member of the X-Men.


When Jean gained her abilities of telepathy and telekinesis, she did not like them but grew to enjoy the abilities.[1] She joined the X-Men, leaving her family to move in with the group at the Xavier Mansion and met Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and the group's founder Charles Xavier.[2] She attended Bayville High School, where she met Duncan Matthews and Taryn Fujioka.[3]

Formation of the Brotherhood

Meeting Nightcrawler

Jean took pictures of the Bayville High School football team while they were playing during a game. She spoke with Duncan Matthews shortly before he confronted Toad, the latter pickpocketing individuals sitting in the bleachers while they were watching the game. Scott came to confront them and after attempting a peaceful solution to their conflict with Toad, he engaged Duncan in a physical altercation. Jean found the pair while they were fighting and called out for Scott, providing the latter with a distraction as he was struck by Duncan. The hit caused him to lose control of his powers, now that his glasses were off and cause an explosion.

Scott, who got his shades back thanks to Jean, insisted that he did not purposely use his powers. Jean was fully aware of this and recommended that he leave the premises. Scott chose to go along with her idea and left. Duncan was injured as a result of the explosion and when paramedics arrived, Jean spoke with him sympathetically. Jean later was rushed out of the bathroom by Scott and once the pair began leaving the Xavier Mansion, they were confronted by Charles Xavier. The latter wanted them to meet Kurt Wagner, who shocked both Jean and Scott with the appearance of his hand, which the pair saw when he tried shaking hands with Scott. The two were impressed by his powers as well, which Jean had asked about after Scott's were explained by Charles.

Later, Toad arrived at the Xavier Mansion to be tested for entry into the X-Men. Storm attacked him with her abilities and when he met with Nightcrawler, he chased the latter until Nightcrawler teleported them into the Danger Room. Charles called on Jean and Cyclops to assist them. During the two's assistance, Jean aided Nightcrawler. Charles stopped the commotion by tampering with the controls of the Danger Room and Toad chose not to join the group.[4]

Fight for Kitty

Kitty Pryde discovered her powers while having a dream, ending with her phasing through her bedroom floor and into her basement. Charles detected her using Cerebro and chose Jean to accompany him to meet with Kitty, as he felt she could relate to her. Charles referred to Jean as a "model" of what the X-Men were offering, but also stated that she should not have pressure. Jean remarked that she had missed her midterms for the trip.

Jean and Kitty.

Jean and Charles spoke with Kitty's parents after arriving at their home, where Jean asked to speak with the pair inside their house before Kitty's father firmly asserted they would converse outside. Charles tried to explain the X-Men and asked them about the previous night, where Kitty had discovered her abilities, only to be turned away by her parents. Charles had Jean to approach Kitty directly, at school. There Kitty used her abilities for the second time and in doing so met Lance Alvers, also a mutant and determined to get on Kitty's good side. He tried to do this by messing up Riley Finn during her physical education course with Kitty. The latter began running away. While doing this, she bumped into Jean and briefly stopped before continuing and making her way to the auditorium.

Jean met with her there and Kitty instantly asserted that she had nothing to do with what happened to Riley. Jean confirmed that she was not Riley's friend and tried to speak with her about her powers, which Kitty referred to as a "curse." Jean recalled when she first gained her abilities and how she grew to like them over time. After Jean showed off her telekinesis, Kitty insisted that she did not believe her. Jean knew she did, thanks to her telepathy and revealed to Kitty that she had the ability, which prompted Kitty to run away.

Jean was then confronted by Lance, who arrived just after Kitty left and threatened Jean to leave Kitty alone as he stated he was the only one she needed. Lance made contact with Kitty and won her trust, which prompted Jean to phone Charles and voice what had transpired. Charles gave her encouragement while Kitty used her powers to get Lance and herself into the front office.

Jean convinces Kitty to not go with Lance.

Lance began to change grades and tried changing Kitty's before she stopped him. She began to see him for who he really was and that he was using her, just as he started to get forceful with her. Jean met Charles and Kitty's parents and told them about Kitty's phasing of the pair into the office. Jean and Kitty's parents confronted Lance as he held Kitty's arm. Lance used his powers to try and bring the school down to stop the three from following him and Kitty. Jean used her telekinesis to keep the building up and told Kitty that her powers would become a curse if she went with Lance, which she had earlier referred to her abilities as. Kitty got free, but just before Lance dropped an avalanche on her. Kitty phased through the rumble and got the three out of harm's way, eventually joining the X-Men as well.[1]

Meeting Rogue

Jean tries to cheer up Kurt.

Rogue discovered her powers when she unwillingly made physical contact with Cody, who asked her to dance and had been made to fall into her. He had helped her up when the two touched and she absorbed his abilities. The X-Men watched Wolverine preform a demonstration, which Charles ended by contacting him telepathically. Kitty asked around to see if anyone was as scared as she was, and the group blankly stared at her. Kurt tried to convince her she was among friends, but only succeeded in driving her away. He was saddened by not being able to get her to like him and Jean tried convincing him that Kitty would come around.

Charles approached the X-Men about Rogue and the assembled team left the Xavier Mansion in the Blackbird. While aboard the jet, Cyclops impressed both Charles and Shadowcat by planning ahead. Shadowcat related to Jean that Cyclops was "kind of cute" and the latter denied this before beginning to admit he was. When the group arrived in Mississippi, Rogue's home state, Jean was sent inside the hospital Cody was recovering in to give Charles aid in entering his mind, which he believed would allow the group to locate Rogue. While checking on Cody, Ty, Cody's friend, asked Jean about him. She tried to reassure him that Cody would be alright.

Jean and Rogue meet.

Rogue in the meantime was attacked by Mystique, who posed as Wolverine and Storm after finding out the X-Men would come to recruit her. Mystique attacked Rogue as members of the group to convince her they were out to get her. When meeting with Nightcrawler, who convinced Wolverine to not follow the pair, she began to change her views of the team before being tackled by Shadowcat. This made her paranoid when she was confronted by Jean, who was unknowingly being viewed by Mystique. Thanks to Rogue absorbing Nightcrawler's abilities, she knew who Jean was. The latter used this to her advantage more or less, saying that if she knew who she was, then she knew she would not harm her.

Jean gave her a communicator, instructing her to contact her with it if she needed someone to speak with. Storm and Cyclops arrived right after, Rogue recognizing Storm as having attacked her, not knowing it was Mystique, and running off. Mystique attacked Rogue as Jean and later as Cyclops. When she encountered the real Jean, who tried to tend to her, she backed away before coming in contact with Storm, who she touched and gained the powers off. A brief altercation ensued, with Jean and Cyclops stopping a comatose Storm from being electrocuted in the midst of Rogue using her powers, the latter teleporting away after not being able to control the X-Man's abilities.[5]


Jean attended one of Fred Dukes's shows with Wolverine. There, he was embarrassed when he slipped and fell, causing the vast majority of the audience to laugh. Mystique, in her Principal Darkholme guise, approached Fred and offered him a position at Bayville High School, which he accepted. Jean and Wolverine had Fred unknowingly close the door on them as Mystique began to speak with him.

On his first day at his new school, Fred got into an altercation with Duncan Matthews after the latter, refusing to help him find his class, chose to insult him as well. As Fred was in the process of harming him with a locker he tore off the wall, Jean introduced herself in an attempt to end the conflict. Fred responded well to her approaching him and she showed him where his class was, as well as seemingly beginning a good relationship with him.

At lunch, Jean spoke with Kitty about Fred and remarked that he was alright when he was not tearing lockers off the wall, in reference to what had happened earlier. While en route to sit and eat, Fred walked by a number of students and mistook their laughing at other things as being directed towards him. Fred accidentally caused his food to land on Duncan and the rest of the jocks, angering the group and starting a conflict. Jean warned Kitty to leave as a food fight commenced, which ultimately did succeed in getting her to depart.

Blob tripped during the food fight, causing much laughter, this time directed towards him. He became even angrier and went into a blind rage. Jean tried to approach him, but was almost hit with a table by Fred until he calmed down. After Scott came to her rescue and warned Fred, Jean succeeded in calming him down by admitting that the others should not have laughed at him. She got Scott to leave the two alone and she showed him her own powers, which he eagerly said she could harm others with. Jean told him that was not what her abilities were for and invited him to come to the Xavier Mansion.

She and Taryn Fujioka were approached by Fred. The latter asked Jean out, but she turned him down due to her other commitments. When Fred expressed his frustration with her answer, Jean told Taryn to go on without her, assuring her that she would be alright and told Fred that while she liked him, she had other responsibilities. Fred put his hands on her, asserting that she was his friend and Jean confirmed that she was and asked for him to let her go. He refused and made her speak with him, tugging her away before she got out of his grip.

Fred told her that she had to go out with him, but Jean said the only place she had to go was home. She used her powers to try and get away, succeeding in knocking over scaffolding. She was shielded by Blob, but still knocked out as a result of the falling structure. Blob also discovered by pulling back a lock of her hair that she had been visibly injured and left with her comatose body.

She woke up later, tied in a chair and present at a candlelight dinner. She instantly contacted Charles, who alerted the X-Men of what had happened to her. Wolverine was the first person to arrive to aid her, but was defeated right along with Cyclops, who came shortly after. Jean had tried encouraging Blob to be nice to people, but he refused on the grounds that he was "stronger" than everyone else.

Jean tried attacking Fred by slamming a cabinet into his face. The latter in response picked up a large piece of machinery to harm her with, but was stopped from doing so by Rogue. The latter attacked and succeeded in defeating him, as well as saving Jean. After the conflict was over, Jean asked Rogue why she had helped her and she chose to run off after saying she did not know. Jean tried chasing after her, but Wolverine held her back, stating that Rogue was not yet ready.[3]

Meeting Spyke

Evan Daniels, Storm's nephew, had his aunt discover his powers when he unwillingly used them after winning a game for his basketball team. Following a confrontation with his longtime rival Pietro, Storm approached him about his abilities and he tried convincing her that he had them under control until he again lost control of them by having his spikes shoot out. After the locker room incident, Evan asked his aunt if they could wait before introducing his parents to his powers.

Jean and Scott were deployed by Charles to meet with Evan, the latter observing the pair as proof that his aunt would not stop in her attempts to get him help with his powers. Jean told him she kept trying because she really cared about him. Evan challenged Scott when he said having powers was not bad, but Jean defused the situation by explaining Scott's powers, that of optic blasts, were not "indoor friendly." Evan then went upstairs, and Jean using her telepathy discovered he was going out the window.

Evan went back to his school to discover who kept stealing money from his locker, and encountered Pietro, dressed in a costume. The pair discovered each other's powers and Evan also found out that Quicksilver had been using his abilities to open lockers, confirming him as the thief who had been stealing from him. When he tried to confront him, Quicksilver damaged the lockers and used his speed to leave the scene of the crime with Evan behind, the latter unwillingly taking the fall for him and being placed behind bars.

Jean, Scott, Storm and Evan's parents visited him. Evan protested his innocence, Jean believing him and knowing that he was innocent thanks to her telepathy. Evan gave the X-Men a shot as part of an deal, the other part having Charles release him from containment. During the X-Men's breakfast, Jean passed the sausages to Wolverine using her telekinesis.

Magneto contacted Mystique, under her Principal Darkholme guise, and asked her to bring Evan and Pietro together so that he may recruit the latter. Mystique scheduled a last minute game against Evan's old school and Bayville High School. When Pietro arrived, Evan tried to confront him and the two were soon joined by Jean and Scott. Jean tried to inquire from Evan if Pietro was the one who trashed the lockers, which he confirmed doing before running off. Jean and Scott joined Evan in chasing after him. Quicksilver planned to use his powers to wreck Bayville, but the three succeeded in defeating him. Not only that, but Spyke also got a recording of him confessing to damaging the lockers. With a new teammate, the X-Men later enjoyed a swim in their pool.[6]

During lunch, the X-Men spoke about going to Duncan Matthews's party. While the majority of the group saw it as an opportunity to have fun, Scott saw the party as potentially exposing the group as mutants and could not be brought to believe it was something the team should attend. Kurt and Scott got into a dispute, causing Kurt to withdraw from the conversation. Both Jean and Evan agreed that Scott had messed up.

Kurt teleported into a bunch of boxes and was caught in the explosion of the room he teleported in, though was not seriously injured. Rogue came to check on him and found a device, which the pair proceeded to struggle over before Rogue shot him with it accidentally and caused him to disappear. Nightcrawler ended up in an alternate dimension called the Middleverse.[7]

Mystique's identity

Jean participated in a training exercise, where the X-Men had to rescue a prisoner. Jean was tasked with using her telekinesis to lower Cyclops and Nightcrawler to the captive. While doing this, she related the difficulty she was having and asserted that one of the two must have been gaining weight. She was approached by a guard, really Wolverine posing as one for the simulation, who touched her as he asked her what she was doing and made her lose her concentration, causing her to drop Cyclops and Nightcrawler.

Cyclops carried on with the simulation and tried to save the captive, who was revealed to be Rogue. He yelled for the simulation to end and voiced his concern with Rogue being part of their training when the group was still trying to recruit her. At school, he and Jean spoke about Rogue's inclusion. Jean told him that no one was trying to get him to stop trying with Rogue while he still expressed his views. The pair's conversation was heard by Principal Darkholme, the latter telling Rogue about the simulation. She also removed Jean from the roster of their snow trip and replaced her with Rogue, the latter using the trip as an opportunity to confront Scott over the simulation.

Jean returned to the Xavier Mansion after being told she could not come on the trip and she and the rest of the group came to the conclusion that something was going on. Mystique confronted Scott as well, revealing her identity as the school's principal to both Scott and Rogue as she attacked the former and made him fall of a ledge. Rogue absorbed her abilities and learned it was her who attacked her the night the X-Men came to recruit her.

After the X-Men saved both Scott and Rogue, the latter joining the X-Men, the entire group knew of Mystique's identity as their principal and confronted Charles for not telling them. The latter said he would be more honest with the group in the future.[8]


Jean uses her telekinesis to stop Evan from filming her.

Evan was given a camera for having failed to properly do an assignment. The camera was part of his attempt to make up for it and he was tasked with filming current events. He recorded Wolverine entering the Xavier Mansion and had an encounter with Sabretooth, who used his footage to find out where the mansion was and became aware of Wolverine's residence thanks to him. When filming for his video, Evan tried recording Jean while she was figuring out what to wear. She noticed him filming her and slammed the door in his face.

Sabretooth left a message of his own on the camera, which Wolverine saw just before he arrived at the mansion. The X-Men came out to help Cyclops, Wolverine and Evan. The group overpowered Sabretooth, who retreated, but it was assumed by Wolverine and Charles that he would try taking one of the students to lure Wolverine away. At the time of the X-Men's lockdown, both Jean and Kurt were upstairs while Evan went with Kitty and Rogue to film for his video. The three were attacked by Sabretooth, and were aided in defeating him by Wolverine. After the fight, the group watched Evan's film when it premiered at school. Jean was among the group in the film and he referred to her and the others as his family.[9]


The X-Men arrived at a survival training camp. There a number of the group's expressed their disenchantment with having to attend the camp. Jean told the group it was either training at the camp or with Wolverine. She participated in several training courses before Scott and Lance went up against each other. The latter used his powers to stop Scott from advancing, cheating, and Evan nearly used his abilities to retaliate before Jean intervened. She protested that Scott was able to deal with Lance without using his powers, which he failed to do as he used his optic blasts and won the race.

The Brotherhood confronted the X-Men. The group argued that Scott had cheated. Jean and the others defended Scott, saying he had not cheated and Lance had been the one to first use his powers. In response to their bickering, Sergeant Hawk made the two groups do push-ups and had them to climb a mountain and get to the top as a team. Scott and Lance began bickering, which Jean became involved in and during an exchange, the two agreed to not use their abilities. Jean voiced how fair she felt they were for coming to the agreement before being pulled by Scott.

Scott still had the group use their powers. During their climbing of the mountain, Evan fell off. Jean used her telekinesis to get him back and saved him. Scott saw this and told him to levitate him, but she refused. While Scott reasoned that she had used her powers when saving Evan, Jean argued that in that particular instance someone's life was on the line. The X-Men learned the Brotherhood had become trapped during the race and the group set out to assist them. Pietro tried to get to the flag, but was stopped by Kurt, both of whom grabbed it at the same time.

Right above them, Storm appeared in the Blackbird and informed them that both Charles and Mystique were in trouble. The latter broke Juggernaut, Charles's half-brother, out of containment and tasked him with getting Cerebro. Once he failed to do anything but harm it, she lashed out at him and he became just as angered with her as he was with his brother and planned on harming them both. Just as he tried touching Charles, Jean used her telekinesis to stop him from doing so. She could not hold him for long and collapsed as the other X-Men and Brotherhood worked to remove his helmet, which allowed Charles to enter his mind and defeat him in that manner. Jean joined Charles and Scott in seeing to it that Juggernaut was placed in containment again.[10]

Nightcrawler's past

Rogue had a dream about a woman being chased by wolves and a man and dropping the baby in her arms into a river while running. She awoke from the dream and the X-Men intercepted her. Jean tried comforting her as she related what she saw in her dream, and identified Nightcrawler as the baby she saw. He denied this and the group was soon contacted telepathically by Charles, who asked for Jean to accompany Rogue and Nightcrawler to meet him in the library.

After the three arrived, Charles entered Rogue's mind. He learned that she had not witnessed a dream, but instead a suppressed memory. That was reason enough for Nightcrawler to become excited and ask for Charles to enter his mind, the latter agreeing to do so, but after school the following day. Kurt eagerly ran out of his class and was met by Rogue, who after a brief conversation, he lashed out at and teleported away from. Jean and Scott met with Rogue after Kurt left and in talking to her, revealed to Mystique what was happening. The latter had been contacted by Charles earlier and had Quicksilver to deliver a message to Kurt on the grounds of the Xavier Mansion under the belief that his speed would allow him to run in and run out of the mansion without being detected. That was not the case and Charles detected him, but failed to intercept the message Mystique had wrote to Nightcrawler before the latter did. The letter called for him to meet with her at the construction site of a mall being built to learn about his origins.

Jean and Scott were sent to look for anything that could tell them where Kurt had gone off to and Jean stumbled upon the letter. Nightcrawler complied to the letter and met at the site, discovering Mystique was his mother before being attacked by the Brotherhood. The group defeated him easily and they were then attacked by the X-Men. Jean and Shadowcat reacted to Avalanche using his powers and Jean held the comatose body of Nightcrawler, though assisted in Cyclops's conflict with Quicksilver where she used her telekinesis to hold him in the air and allow Cyclops to hit him with an optic blast.[11]

Jean was later among the X-Men that annoyed Shadowcat. The group annoyed her because they were too crowded and would often bump into her. It was only after Shadowcat saved Wolverine that her opinions on the group began to change and when Jean and the others complained about her having the dining room shut off from the group, Kitty expressed a positive attitude in the X-Men being the way they were.[12]

Asteroid M

Scott and Jean arrived home and after Scott left her in his car, she told him that he was forgetting his homework before hearing sounds. Assuming it could be Kitty, who had previously climbed trees, she was attacked by Toad. The latter would not reveal why he was attacking her, except that he was trying to prove he was a "champ" and not a "chump." Jean initially merely defended herself from him, but proceeded to use her powers to send him down a wale. After trying to get more information out of him, she was approached by a sphere, which forcefully took her to Asteroid M. She was then placed in a form of stasis.

She was joined by Storm and Rogue, who also won their battles against the Brotherhood. Cyclops was later brought to Asteroid M along with his brother Alex, who Magneto had recently found.[13] The three were joined by Charles after he was brought to Asteroid M by Magneto and tried telling Cyclops of his old enemy's true motives. The four were taken out of stasis to view Cyclops and Alex as they underwent transformation by Magneto's enhancer. Charles had managed to contact Wolverine before he was rendered unconscious and warn the latter to lose his battle so that he may gather the X-Men and come the aid of the members captive, as well as combat Magneto.

When Wolverine arrived with the others, he got the four out of captivity by using his claws to slash their pods open. Scott and Alex were caught by the debris, which Jean and Charles tried to free them from. The pair were able to get themselves out of it and Scott confronted the pair. When Scott and Alex stated they were the future, Jean told Scott their future was one she did not want to be a part of and left them. Scott and Alex came to their senses and started to realize they had done wrong.

The two tried to catch up with the X-Men and Brotherhood, Jean trying to help Cyclops into the jet. However, she was not able to reach him and the two brothers used their powers to destroy Asteroid M. In destroying Asteroid M, Scott and Alex used up all the energy they had been given as a result of the enhancer and returned to their normal selves. The X-Men joined them after they destroyed Asteroid M and Jean gave Scott back his glasses, which he abandoned after his enhanced powers made it to where he did not need them anymore.[14]

Pre-Mutant Revelation

In the time following the destruction of Asteroid M, Jean became a instructor to the New Mutants.

Almost revealed

Jean uses her powers to save Principal Robert Kelly.

Jean scored a victory for her soccer team during a game, where she was cheered for by both Scott and Duncan. The latter approached her after her victory and complimented her on her skills, while she complimented the skills of her teammates. Scott came up to her and asked if she wanted a ride. Jean casually told Scott that Duncan was giving her a ride and she left with him shortly after this. She later sat with Duncan during Principal Robert Kelly's introduction speech, which urged students to attend the upcoming girl's soccer game that night. At said game, the Brotherhood chose to reveal their powers and that of the X-Men who attended the school. Jean was their primary example and the team soon started to wreck the place with their powers until the X-Men intervened. Jean saved Principal Kelly during the conflict between the two groups by tossing Quicksilver with her powers, but he turned from her in disgust. Kelly tried to phone officers but Jean used her telekinesis to not only discard but destroy his cell phone. With their secret revealed, the X-Men and mutants in general were saved from being revealed by Charles, who managed to remove the memories of the event from everyone except Principal Kelly.[15]

Losing control

Jean was voted by her teammates for the MVP Soccer Award, which she received during the school's assembly. While trying to give an acceptance speech, she heard Rogue with her telepathy and then heard everyone else, resulting in her losing her concentration and dropping her trophy as she fell over. Once she regained herself, she apologized for losing her head, in reference to the trophy's head coming off and resumed her speech, thanking her teammates, couch and everyone who supported the team.

Scott confronted her after the speech and she learned that he had not been invited by Duncan to attend the latter's party. Though Scott was fine with not going, Jean asked him to "be there" for her and assured him it would be fun. During the party, Duncan kicked a soccer ball out of the house and Jean commented on this. Scott arrived with the ball in hand and he and Duncan began playing ping pong.

However, Jean realized they were competing and stopped the pair from playing any further by using her telekinesis to stop the ball. She then confronted Duncan over the conflict between him and Scott and called him out for not inviting Scott, as well as telling him to not make her pick between him and her friends. Jean then began reading the minds of others unwillingly again and stormed out the house and onto the balcony, where Scott had gone previously.

As he tried to comfort her as she showed visual signs of being bothered by her powers, she used her telekinesis on him and made him fall of the balcony. Jean caught Scott using her powers, but had to stop him when Duncan came out to comfort her. Jean apologized to Scott as the two returned to the Xavier Mansion, but the latter could only be reminded of how she had promised the party would be fun.

Jean dismissed the incident with her powers when Charles and Nightcrawler tried to ask her about what happened and Rogue and Risty then arrived. Risty had to leave due to being an unscheduled guest and Rogue thought to herself as she walked past Jean that the latter would not have her company kicked out by Charles, who she believed treated Jean better than her. Jean responded to this openly and denied that she was treated better, but Rogue called her out for reading her mind. Jean apologized, but that did not stop Rogue from being angry with her and storming off.

Charles confronted Jean over her powers later, but Jean assured him that she could handle her abilities. During P.E. the following day, Duncan purposely caused Scott to lose sight when he knocked his glasses off of him. Jean noticed this and her powers began to affect her again. She unwillingly sent large metal balls in the directions of others, though they did not harm anyone and was comforted by Scott. She asked for his help and told him that she could not stop her abilities before passing out.

Scott and Kitty took her back to the Xavier Mansion. She was placed on a table in a room which she quickly manipulated the containments of. The X-Men came in to stop her and Rogue succeeded in getting close to her. Rogue absorbed her powers and in doing this, took her abilities off of her and allowed her to regain herself. Following this, Jean was confronted by Scott about what happened, who handed her flowers sent to her by Duncan. She claimed to not have remembered what happened while her powers went out of control, but hinted at knowing what happened when she paraphrased what Cyclops said, telling him that he knew her "better than anyone ever has or ever will."[16]

Jean disappointed Scott when the latter saw her speaking with Duncan, which indicated to him that she was not interested in going to the carnival with him. She went to the carnival with Duncan and Taryn, but the latter became tired of being a third wheel and met up with Scott. Jean noticed Taryn with Scott after she left the two alone. Boom Boom's father tried getting her to steal the proceeds of the carnival, with the promise that he would no longer try involving himself in her life if she went through with his plan.

After Kurt saw her with him, he approached Scott and the pair met up with Jean and Evan. The four confronted Tabitha and her father as the Brotherhood took the case containing the proceeds. Jean used her telekinesis to get the case out of Toad's hands and despite the X-Men's efforts to retrieve the money, it still ended up in the hands of Boom Boom's father. He ran off with it and ended up in jail, which convinced his daughter to leave the X-Men.[17]

Charles had to leave the Xavier Mansion under the authority of Scott and Jean, since he had to assist in repairing the cell of his half-brother Juggernaut and Wolverine and Storm being dispatched. Jean promised him that the two would keep the mansion in check and instructed him to worry about his brother. When Charles left, Scott suggested that the group train, but the team promptly returned to their bedrooms. Jean told Scott to not let his newfound command go to his head, referring to him as "Professor S".

While at school, Kitty became convinced after speaking with Risty that the X-Men should throw a party while Charles and the other adults were away. However, she and the others knew that Scott and Jean would not support this. Kurt told Jean that Scott wanted to meet her away from the mansion and Kitty told Scott the same thing about Jean. The pair met, Jean being driven by Duncan. It was not long before they realized that they had both been told the same thing about each other when neither one had actually said it.

However, Scott uttered his belief that Jean was being sneaky. Jean cast her own suspicions on him while fiercely denying having any role in their meeting. During the confusion, Kitty and Kurt teleported into the car and took its keys and their phones. They left and Jean asked Scott to take her home. When his car would not start, she assumed he was furthering his deceit and the pair argued more.[18]

Charles visited Wanda Maximoff in her mental facility right before she was broken out by Mystique, who then aligned her with the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Scott tried speaking to Jean about her relationship with Duncan and she admitted that he was not the guy she thought he was. While she assumed his relationship with Taryn was much better than hers with Duncan, Scott tried speaking to her about his true feelings but was stopped by the honking of Duncan. Jena tried getting him to say it, but Duncan persisted honking and Scott asked for the pair to speak later.

Jean became so frustrated with his honking that she yelled out at him that she was coming, signaling for him to stop. Charles later asked the X-Men for a meeting and spoke to them about Wanda. Jean questioned the source of her anger and Charles revealed it as resentment towards her father for having confined her to the mental facility. He later told the group of the Brotherhood being spotted at a mall, which the X-Men went to in an effort to confront and put an ends to any misdoings the team might be up to.

The group easily dispatched of Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver and Toad before Wanda appeared before them. She began using their powers against them, including throwing Jean with her own telepathy and the latter expressed to Cyclops her belief that the team had lost after they failed to do much to her. She eventually pulled him out of the fight and the team suffered their first loss to the Brotherhood.[19]

Jean operated Cerebro in an attempt to locate Wolverine, who had been kidnapped, but could not and once Charles expressed his frustration with her inability to track him, Jean reasoned that she had earlier said she was not ready. The X-Men were put through rigorous training by Charles after their defeat to Scarlet Witch and Jean was among the few left to not have been shot by the drones equipped with orange paint when Nightcrawler was taken out.

Under Cyclops's orders, she tried rushing Magneto, which ended abruptly when Spyke knocked the decoy's helmet off and caused it to explode. The group managed to get away, but were all shot by the drones and called by Charles into the planning room, where he scolded them for their failure. Charles introduced the Brotherhood as their new teammates and Cyclops opted to leave the group after this. Jean tried to go after him as he left, but was stopped by Charles, who insisted that her operating of Cerebro was her top priority at the moment. She eventually tracked Wolverine's healing powers and after informing Charles of this, left with the rest of the group and the Brotherhood, though noticed the absence of Cyclops.[20]

Post-Mutant Revelation

Jean tried probing Mystique's mind but was unable to, as Mystique noted to her in being able to feel her attempt. Law enforcement arrived to capture the mutants and they scattered, Jean being grabbed successfully by a pair of officers and stuffed into the back of a police car, only for Nightcrawler to take control of the vehicle by grabbing the steering wheel and driving off. The two were joined by Shadowcat and Iceman and made to meet up with the other X-Men at Lookout Point, arriving there ahead of anyone else and Jean having her hand on both Nightcrawler and Shadowcat as Cyclops and Storm arrived, soon being followed by Mystique and the Brotherhood. Jean questioned Mystique on what she wanted from the group, learning that she sought to rescue Blob from whatever captivity he was in as Nick Fury approached them with schematics of the base to give them aid in this endeavor. With Avalanche asking if they could trust him, Jean replied that she sensed he was telling the truth and was instrumental in preventing Storm from colliding with Mystique over leadership of the group by reminding her that Mystique had previously threatened to not disclose the location of Charles had things not gone her way. Jean used her powers to obtain transportation for the group, stealing a plane from the military and entering Area 51 in Nevada, the location the mutants were said to be being held captive at. Joined by Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Avalanche, Jean was able to save would-be victims from an attack by Avalanche designed to prevent them from being followed. They managed to secure the release of their captive teammates and secured an exit.[21]


Jean is a beautiful and wonderful Caucasian girl with a tall and athletic figure. She has long red hair, which she wears freely down her back and green eyes.

Jean usually wears a form-fitting pale purple shirt with a slight v-neck (exposing naval), tan khakis and brown open-toed sandals. She accessorized with gold bracelets on each of her wrists.

Her second outfit consist of a yellow 3/4 sleeved shirt with orange accents (exposing naval), form-fitting blue jeans with a dark belt and silver high heels. She accessorizes with purple bracelets on each of her wrists and a silver necklace.

Her third outfit included a short-sleeved olive green and yellow striped shirt (exposing naval), a long brown pencil skirt with a dark brown belt, and yellow bow tied sandals. She accessorize with gold bangle bracelets on eack of her wrists.

In Jean's X-men uniform, she wears a dark navy blue bodysuit with a cowel that covers her whole body except for her face, hair, and hands. Her suit has a bright green V-shaped triangle on the front and has the "X" logo on the side of each of her arms/shoulders. She also wears a single bangle bracelet on each of her wrists.

Powers and abilities

Jean's abilities improved after she joined the X-Men. Jean preferred to only use her telekinesis and telepathy when necessary, opting to talk out an issue rather than pry for information or use physical force.[13] This was directly inspired by her mentor Charles Xavier, who did not use his telepathy to pry for information unless it was a necessity.[11]

Jean's powers have been shown to have limitations. The weight of an individual factors in whenever she has to lift someone. Her telekinesis was not strong enough to hold back Juggernaut for long, which is attributed to his massive size[10] and she struggled to keep Nightcrawler and Cyclops in the air likely due to their combined weight, which Nightcrawler was attributed to having gained.[8]


Jean was a studious and responsible individual, having to once remind Scott he was leaving his homework.[13] She cared about her studies and about schoolwork, as well as being committed to extracurricular activities. Despite her similarities to Scott, she was less strict than him and often acted as his confidant, more so than other member of the group. He sought her advice when he and Kurt got into a dispute and on the same day, she had to calm him down.[7]

Jean held many of the views of her professor and mentor Charles Xavier, which contributed to her not being able to believe in Magneto or be convinced of his changed ways, as Cyclops had been.[14] Arguably, due to her relationship with Magneto not being one that was personal whereas Xavier's had been, it was even easier for her to assert that he would remain the same. She adopted many of his tactics to recruit mutants, which was a genuine understanding of their abilities and an attempt to convince them more could be done with their powers, but for the better of themselves and others.[3]

Jean's personality and social standing were in direct conflict with that of her teammate Rogue. Whereas she was sociable and well-liked at their school, Rogue was someone that kept to herself and was mostly only noticed by the few people she interacted with on a friendly basis outside of class. Though this prompted Rogue to dislike Jean, the latter never thought of her negatively nor purposefully did anything to make her seem as if she was not wanted, showing that Jean cared greatly for her despite Rogue not reciprocating. This came to a head when Jean's powers went out of control and Rogue played a key role in stoping her from using her abilities to cause further chaos, as she reasoned that she knew Jean would do the same for her if the situation was reversed.[16]

Jean suffered a brief period of an outcast status after she was outed as a mutant by her appearance on television combating the Sentinel. Despite this, she never once let her optimism waver nor become so depressed to the point of believing that mutants and humans could not live together in peace and harmony. Even as Cyclops showed doubts, she continued believing and did all that she could to further mutants in her local area by giving a speech and representing them well during her tenure remaining at the school, showing her commitment to the cause of successful mutant integration to society.[22]


  • She is one of three characters to appear in every episode of the first season, the others being Cyclops and Nightcrawler.
  • The green on her costume is a homage to her Phoenix costume.
  • Of the six main students, Jean and Kitty are the ones with the least backstory. Virtually nothing is known about either of the two prior to them joining the X-Men, with the exception of them gaining their powers.
  • Jean was the first character to lose control of her powers and one of two to have an entire episode centered around it, the other being Rogue.
  • Jean is the only member of the main X-Men group whose costume does not have a type of footwear.
  • Jean's original design for the series, as revealed by concert art, shows she was intended to have a feminine version of Cyclops's costume.
  • All of Jean's outfits throughout the series consist of an open-toed shoe.
  • Jean and Charles Xavier are the only members of the X-Men to be telepaths and also the only members of the group to have the same ability.
  • Only incarnation of the character in an X-Men series to not be romantically involved with Cyclops at the start of the series.
  • This incarnation of Jean Grey has several distinctive relationships from both the original version of the character and the other animated versions of the character.
    • This is the only time in an animated series where Jean and Rogue have a relationship of conflict. The versions of the two in X-Men: The Animated Series have no quarrel, with the Jean in that series having sympathy toward Rogue due to understanding the complexities of her powers and the two do not interact in Wolverine and the X-Men.
    • This is the only animated incarnation to interact with Shadowcat, as Shadowcat did not appear in X-Men: The Animated Series nor did they interact in Wolverine and the X-Men. The same can be said of Spyke who appeared in neither of the two series and Avalanche, Quicksilver and Toad who did appear in the respective series.
  • Had the series continued, Jean would have become the Phoenix.


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