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First appearance "Growing Pains"
Voice Andrew Francis
General Information
Full name
Species Mutant
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies X-Men
Enemies Brotherhood
Powers and abilities

Iceman is a member of the X-Men, particularly one of its new recruits.


With Avalanche joining the X-Men, he was present as Iceman was tested by Cyclops for a simulation. He failed miserably, though came out of the jet and asked Wolverine if he had seen him, as he had taken "twice as long" to "crash and burn". He was scolded by Wolverine for his flying and later went out with Jubilee, Cannonball and Multiple in the X-Van for a joyride. He tried activating its controls to see if it could do anything he found impressive, not knowing he was activating missiles and other intricate parts of the vehicle, and concluded that it stunk after he failed to see it do anything.[1]

After the X-Men failed to defeat the Brotherhood,[2] Iceman joined his teammates in being put through harsh training. He was taken out by a drone with orange paint and was present as Rogue came in with Sunspot, complaining about the session. Iceman tried to get her to look on the positive side by recalling how he was just getting his "frost up" when he was taken out.[3]


Iceman believed he was making progress even when in actuality he was still doing horribly, such as when he took longer to crash his jet in a training simulation.[1]


  • Iceman was originally meant to be one of the main X-Men from the first season, but was replaced by Spyke, the latter being added to the main cast for some diversity. His unpopularity caused him to be removed during the third season.
  • Iceman is the only new recruit to be used by Charles during the third season finale and the only one to remain with the main group of X-Men immediately following the mutant revelation.


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