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In the months proceeding the battle at Asteroid M, Shadowcat joined the X-Men after discovering her phasing ability. She became friends with her new teammates and worked to improve her abilities, as well as regularly combating the Brotherhood of Mutants.[1]

Joining the X-Men

Kitty Pryde discovering her powers.

Kitty Pryde had a dream one night, where she fell through the sky and woke up in reality having phased through her bedroom floor. Her parents comforted her after the discovery and they found out about her abilities as well. Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, also learned of powers courtesy of Cerebro and went to meet with her the day after she discovered her abilities, with X-Man Jean Grey accompanying him since he believed she could relate to her. After Kitty's parents turned the pair down, Charles arranged for Jean to meet with Kitty at her school.

There, Kitty was in a depressed state over her powers and when she began going through her locker, Riley Finn and her friend pushed her inside her locker. As she called for someone to let her out, Lance Alvers was busy causing trouble by spray painting the lockers. Kitty crashed into him while phasing through the locker and thereby revealed her powers to him. Lance confronted her over her powers, which she denied having and showed her his, the ability to make avalanches. Kitty rejected him and ran off. She arrived late at a P.E. class and went first since she was late. Kitty ran and fell down, which Riley and her friend laughed at. Lance, seeking to get on her good side, used his powers to mess Riley up while she was running.

Lance then waved at Kitty, who turned to look at him after Riley messed up. She began running away, bumping into Jean Grey and retreated to the auditorium. There, she tried testing out her powers before Jean approached her. Kitty denied any involvement in what had happened to Riley and Jean tried to approach her over her powers. Kitty called them a "curse" and Jean tried to relate to her, mentioning when she first gained her powers and used her powers in front of Kitty. Kitty said she did not believe Jean had powers, but that allowed Jean to reveal her telepathy to Kitty, as she knew that Kitty really believed in her abilities.

Kitty ran away and was approached by Lance at her locker, who asked for her to meet with him after school to learn more about her powers. His relating to her made her believe that he understood her and Kitty approached him after school, as he had requested. Lance had her phase the pair through the front office, which allowed Kitty to gain some more experience using her newfound abilities. Kitty hugged Lance, having become proud of herself for using her powers and the latter offered her more encouragement. Lance then began changing grades in the computer and began changing Kitty's before she refused.

Kitty saving her parents and Jean.

Kitty's parents arrived as Lance started putting his hands on her and as Jean tried stopping Lance's powers from tearing up the office, she told Kitty if she went with him her powers would become a curse. Kitty's father also regretted not having listened to her and keeping her powers something he did not want to discuss, but acknowledged that he was learning. Lance tried to shut her off from her parents and new ally by insisting she with him now.

Kitty proceeded to get out of Lance's grip and the latter used his powers to trap her under rocks. Kitty's parents lamented what had happened to her while Jean also expressed concern, but could not help since she was busy keeping the office in whole. Phasing through, Kitty met with Jean and her parents, revealing she had not been crushed and phased the whole group through the office. Her parents spoke with Charles Xavier, who met the group as they came outside after the incident and agreed for her to join the X-Men.[1]

Trying to recruit Rogue

Shadowcat expresses interest in Cyclops.

After joining the X-Men, Kitty was given the codename "Shadowcat" and became acquainted with Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine. She watched a demonstration conducted by the latter and asked the rest of the group if they were disturbed by their day-to-day activities. When the team blankly stared at her, Kitty realized it was just her. Kurt attempted to cheer her up, to no avail. Kitty dropped out of the X-Men's exercise by phasing through the ground, right before Charles approached the group.

Rogue, a female mutant, discovered her powers during a dance with Cody, a boy who touched her when trying to help her up after being made to fall into her. While aboard the Blackbird during the flight to Mississippi, Rogue's home state, Shadowcat became impressed by Cyclops after he spoke with Charles. Cyclops related that he had planned ahead for the trip, impressing both Charles and Shadowcat, the latter referring to him as "kind of cute" to Jean.

Nightcrawler overheard her and became both jealous of Cyclops and determined to win her affections, teleporting to the top of the Blackbird before stumbling and teleporting back inside, where he crashed into Shadowcat. Despite Nightcrawler's apology, Shadowcat was disgusted with him and ordered him to stay away from her as she moved to the front of the plane with Cyclops. In the parking lot of the hospital Cody was being treated in, Charles used his telepathy to try and extract information from Cody's mind.

Following this, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler accompanied Wolverine as they searched for Rogue on foot, since her mind was confused and difficult for Charles to pinpoint. The group encountered Rogue, after she had been attacked by Mystique posing as Wolverine and Storm and she began to run away from them. Following Nightcrawler's convincing Wolverine to let him speak with her, the latter told him to watch after Shadowcat, who he referred to as "half-pint." Bitter over Wolverine's comment, Shadowcat lunged at Rogue while Nightcrawler was getting through to her and caused an incident, ending with Rogue absorbing Nightcrawler's powers and teleporting away while he slipped into a comatose state.

Shadowcat hugs Nightcrawler.

Horrified over what happened, Shadowcat called his name several times in an attempt to wake him up before contacting Charles by focusing on him, though the latter had to get her to quiet down to explain what happened. After Rogue absorbed the abilities of Storm and teleported away from Cyclops and Jean with Nightcrawler's powers, the X-Men joined up with the two and Storm's comatose body. During their reunion, Nightcrawler woke up and was met with open arms by Shadowcat, who eagerly greeted him and referred to him as "fuzzy elf", indicating a change in their relationship. Cyclops mouthed her words to him as he took notice of her change in behavior towards him.[2]

Meeting Blob and Spyke

Shadowcat gets knocked down during her training with Nightcrawler.

After Jean and Wolverine failed to recruit Fred Dukes, the latter transferred to Bayville High School as part of his aligning with Mystique, who approached as Principal Darkholme. On his first day at the school, Jean had to stop him from harming Duncan after the latter not only refused to help him find his class, but also mocked him. He tore a locker off the wall, which Kitty heard about and upon finding out it was him during lunch, said what he did was "freaky." Fred accidentally caused his food to land on the jocks, who planned to retaliate. Jean warned Kitty to leave to avoid an upcoming conflict, but Kitty voiced her belief that the conflict had already started.

After Fred became angrier once slipping, he triggered a food fight. Kitty was hit during it and decided to leave by phasing through the ground. At the Xavier Mansion, she trained with Nightcrawler, trying to keep a football away from him. During the exercise, she was criticized by Wolverine for grabbing Nightcrawler's tail, just as Charles learned that Jean had been kidnapped. Shadowcat set out to save her, but by the time she arrived, she had already been saved by Rogue. When the latter was asked by Jean as to why she had saved her, she said she did not know and ran off. As she ran from the group, Shadowcat said the team owed her, an opinion agreed with by the others.[3]

Shadowcat informs Spyke of the last-minute game scheduled by Principal Darkholme.

After the group recruited Evan Daniels, Kitty asked during breakfast where he was when he failed to show up. She also informed Wolverine, who had asked Jean to pass him sausages, of how unhealthy they were. Magneto spoke with Mystique as the Brotherhood waited outside, informing her of his interest in Quicksilver. Magneto said the boy was of "particular" interest to him and conceived a way to recruit him. The plan involved Evan, who had recently transferred to Bayville High School. Mystique told him she knew just how to bring the pair together. During Spyke's training with the X-Men, Shadowcat informed him that a last minute game had been scheduled and that he was needed by his new basketball team.

When he found Quicksilver, who had been the perpetrator of damaging the lockers that Spyke was believed to have wrecked, he attacked him. The pair were then joined by Scott and Jean and Quicksilver tried to wreck Bayville before being stopped by the three, who also got an audio recording of him confessing to the crime when he admitted it to the group. The X-Men later enjoyed themselves in their pool, though Kitty complained to Charles that Nightcrawler was getting his fur in the pool. Evan jumped in and knocked Kitty out of her float, apologizing but still receiving an angered look from her as a result of his actions.[4]

Middleverse interaction

Kitty with Evan being seen by Nightcrawler while he was in the alternate dimension.

The X-Men spoke about Duncan Matthews's party, which the entire group with the exception of Scott wanted to attend. When Scott said Kurt's Image inducer would not stop others from feeling his fuzzy hands, he remarks that "chicks" liked him and caused Kitty to depart. Kurt then got on Scott's nerves when he started dancing on the table, his tail appearing and being yanked by Scott before the two got into an argument, which ended with Kurt teleporting away and landing in pile of boxes in a basement. He then ran into a back room where a projected individual said the room would self-destruct, which it did.

Rogue approached him and the pair engaged in a struggle over a device, which Rogue accidentally shot Nightcrawler with and he disappeared after the shooting. He ended up in a different universe, where he encountered Forge, the individual who said the lab would explode in the prerecorded message. Forge had been trapped in the alternate dimension for the past few decades thanks to the device. Right after entering the alternate dimension, Nightcrawler watched Kitty and Evan speak about him. Evan called for Kitty to acknowledge that Scott's attitude was the reason for their argument, but Kitty stated that Nightcrawler had to know when to stop playing around.

Jean was not able to sense Nightcrawler during the time he disappeared, leading Scott to try and confront Lance and Blob over where he was. The pair hinted they knew where he was and with that, Scott charged at them. As a confrontation between the two X-Men and Brotherhood members heated up and became a scene of horseplay, Principal Darkholme broke up the fight and had Scott and Jean walk with her to her office. Once the three arrived at her office, they discovered her furniture was missing.

Principal Darkholme ran out while Scott and Jean looked out at the window, noticing Toad using a device to make cars disappear in the parking lot. Toad got the device from Rogue, who unwittingly placed it in the trash, which he took it off. The X-Men decided to confront him over Nightcrawler's disappearance and he chose to flee from them, at different point attempting to use the device on them. Toad shot at Shadowcat, but missed her since she phased through the ground and dodged the blast, having also been warned by Jean to get out of the way.

The group caught him thanks to Spyke and began interrogating him. Rogue cut the interrogation short by revealing she had been behind Nightcrawler's sudden absence and warned the team that they would not find him if they tried messing with Toad. The X-Men and Rogue went to the basement where the latter shot Nightcrawler. Shadowcat and Spyke did a diagnostic check on the device used by Toad and by Rogue when she shot Nightcrawler, concluding that he must have been placed into an alternate dimension.

Shadowcat taking the impact of Avalanche's powers.

Cyclops planned on destroying the device with his optic blasts. As he prepared to do so, Shadowcat suggested using her phasing to quietly short-circuit it, being given blank looks in response by him and Spyke. She withdrew her suggestion and the group saw Nightcrawler briefly when he used a device built by Forge to teleport into their timeline for only a second and attempt to warn the group not to shoot the device, but to reset it. After the group tried figuring out what he said, they rightfully concluded what Nightcrawler meant and Cyclops reseted the device, causing a portal to open.

The Brotherhood arrived as Nightcrawler and Forge set out to get more energy, which would allow them to return to the normal dimension despite the portal already being open, much to the confusion of the X-Men. Avalanche attacked Shadowcat using his powers and tried making her hit against a wall. She phased through it and emerged, insulting his powers. Nightcrawler and Forge returned to the normal dimension and the Brotherhood left. Scott and Kurt reconciled their friendship and the former began reconsidering his decision to not go to Duncan Matthews's party. Kitty was not affected, since she was a freshman, but Jean promised that the group would sneak her in.[5]

New teammate

Shadowcat secures a perimeter during a training exercise.

During a training session in a simulation, Shadowcat was tasked with securing a perimeter, which she succeeded in doing when she took out a guard. Cyclops was also active in the session, having to rescue a captive, which he found out was Rogue and called for the session to be ended.

Rouge would join the X-Men after finding out about the session and also discovered Mystique's identity as Principal Darkholme at the group's shared high school. The X-Men confronted Charles over not telling them and he asked for Rogue to give her opinion. When the latter stated it was not her place, Kitty openly disagreed with her, since she was "part of the family now".[6]

Helping Spyke

Kitty and Rogue at the nadir of their conflict.

Evan was given a camera by a teacher of his for having failed to properly complete an assignment in his class, with the camera being part of his make-up work. He filmed Kitty and Rouge as the former confronted Rogue and accused her of stealing her novel. Rogue asserted that she did not steal the book, but Kitty brought up it being in her locker. As Rogue explained how it came into her possession, it being borrowed by a series of people until it came into her possession, Kitty bumped into Jason and dropped her things.

Kitty apologized for dropping her things and he helped her retrieve them. As she thanked him, she was mocked by Rogue, the latter getting a disapproving look from Kitty in response. Jason asked her if she was going to try out for a role in the school's Dracula play. She found out he was the male lead, Dracula, and she confirmed that she would try out. Rogue insulted Kitty and the latter insinuated that Rogue did not have any chance of getting a role.

Rogue noticed Evan recording the two and called him out, threatening him as he came over and asked the pair if they would be auditioning. Both confirmed they would and walked away from each other angrily. Evan had previously recorded Wolverine pulling up to the Xavier Mansion on his motorcycle and was attacked by Sabretooth when leaving from school, who saw his footage and learned where Wolverine lived. He put his own message on the camera, which Wolverine saw just as Sabretooth came to the Xavier Mansion.

As Sabretooth confronted Wolverine, Cyclops and Evan, the rest of the X-Men came out to assist them, driving Sabretooth away as a group. The team was placed on lockdown, as both Wolverine and Charles suspected that Sabretooth would try kidnapping someone to get Wolverine away from the group. Evan caught Kitty and Rogue as they were arguing. Rogue complained about Kitty using the track for as long as she did, though Kitty defended herself by stating that she had purchased it and told Rogue to follow suit.

Kitty and Rogue touch.

Evan broke up their argument and asked them for their help in shooting his video. The three left the Xavier Mansion. While filming, Evan tried getting Rogue to dance differently. Rogue defended herself while Kitty agreed with Evan about her dancing. The latter suggested that the pair tap each other, so that Rogue would be able to copy Kitty's dancing. They agreed and the two touched, Rogue successfully gaining Kitty's dancing skills. The pair danced before Sabretooth confronted them. He tried attacking Kitty after he knocked out both Evan and Rogue, but she phased through him.

When she turned her attention to the knocked out pair, Sabretooth took the opportunity to smack her and caused her to hit against a tree. He was defeated when Rogue absorbed his powers and rendered him unconscious as a result. Wolverine, who arrived shortly after Sabretooth overpowered the three, grounded the group and told Kitty not to use her looks to get out of trouble.[7]


The X-Men were sent to a survival camp by Charles, having had the option of either the camp or survival training with Wolverine. After an introduction by Sergeant Hawk, their instructor, the group began to express dislike for having to be at the camp. Kitty participated in the training exercises. Scott and Lance went up against each other in a race, where Lance used his powers to try and win. Scott responded by doing the same thing and winning the match. Right after his victory, the Brotherhood as a group complained that the X-Men's leader had cheated.

The X-Men and Brotherhood argued and did push ups together under the command of Sergeant Hawk, who next assigned them to climb a mountain and reach a flag. While the X-Men and Brotherhood both had members who could reach the mountain in seconds, Hawk stated that the entire team would have to be photographed with the flag.

Shadowcat and Rogue participated in the combined efforts of the X-Men and Brotherhood to defeat Juggernaut.

During the trip, Evan fell off the mountain, being saved by Jean via her telekinesis. Kitty tended to him as he recovered from the fall. The group then discovered the Brotherhood had been trapped at the bottom of a shaft. They rescued the four and while doing so, Quicksilver thought it wise to use his powers to get to the flag. Nightcrawler countered by teleporting, the pair reaching it at the same time. Storm then arrived, via the Blackbird and told the two groups their mentors, Charles and Mystique, were both in danger.

Mystique had freed Charles's half-brother Juggernaut from containment and tasked him with getting Cerebro. Once he arrived at the Xavier Mansion, he not only trashed it, but also damaged Cerebro. Angry over what had transpired, Mystique expressed her frustration with him as he confronted Charles. This led to him planning to harm her as well and Juggernaut was just inches away from Charles when the X-Men and Brotherhood arrived. The two groups worked together to remove his helmet, Shadowcat and Rogue phasing through a wall to undo two locks. After the X-Men and Brotherhood removed his helmet, Charles was able to harm him through his mind and took him out. Juggernaut was then placed back into containment.[8]

Nightcrawler's past

Shadowcat and Jean react to Avalanche's powers.

Rogue had a nightmare in which a woman was chased by wolves and a man while she carried a baby, who she dropped in the river during the pursuit. Rogue awoke, comforted by Kitty and soon the rest of the X-Men. The group was then contacted telepathically by Charles, who had Nightcrawler, Rogue and Jean to meet him the library while the rest of the group returned to bed. Entering Rogue's mind, Charles discovered she was witnessing a suppressed memory. He promised Nightcrawler, who was eager for Charles to read his mind so that he may learn more about what happened to him, that he would read his mind after school the following day.

After Charles confronted Mystique about what happened to Nightcrawler, she had Quicksilver deliver him a message, under the impression that his speed would allow him to slip into the Xavier Mansion without being detected. She turned out to be very incorrect, as Quicksilver speeding through the mansion was noticed by Kitty as he entered and Charles was able to read his mind and know it was him entering. He still succeeded in giving Nightcrawler the letter, which called for him to go to the construction site of a mall if he wished to learn more about his past.

Nightcrawler went off and the X-Men found his letter. At the construction site, he discovered Mystique was his mother before being attacked by the Brotherhood, who managed to defeat him. Th X-Men arrived right after and combated the group. Blob charged at Shadowcat, the latter using her phasing to get through him as he landed in a barrel. Both Shadowcat and Jean reacted to Avalanche as he tried using his powers, before he was knocked out by Rogue. Despite their victory over the Brotherhood, the X-Men failed to retrieve Mystique nor the answers she could have provided for Nightcrawler.[9]

Trip to Mt. McKenna

Kitty and Rogue have an early morning conflict.

Kitty awoke to her alarm, phasing her hand through it to turn it off. Stumbling into the bathroom, she fails to notice the sign in the front, which read "occupied" and came in on Rogue. Rogue reminded her angrily there was a sign on the door, as well as mentioning the fact that the door was locked. Kitty defended herself by asking who could read at that time in the morning and Rogue slammed the door on her.

Kitty returned to her room and wrote an email to her parents, complaining about how crowded the mansion is and never being able to find somewhere for herself. Rogue walked in and began blowdrying her hair, causing Kitty to leave the room, where in the hallway, she was pushed and shoved by the other X-Men and Rogue when she came out. She went into the kitchen to continue writing, where Wolverine was reading a newspaper. The latter tried to strike up conversation with her by asking if he was reading too loudly, but Kitty was just enjoying how quiet it was, until the others came into the kitchen and made noise as a group.

On the television in the kitchen, Wolverine noticed the report about a possible Bigfoot sighting and the damage on Mt. McKenna and left upset. Kitty wrote about how he did not act like family and always wanted to be on his own. Kitty passed by his room in the hallway and heard him destroying his room.

Kitty notices Wolverine's change in behavior.

When Wolverine came out the room, Kitty confronted him and asked him he was alright. He confirmed he was and walked past her. Downstairs, Kitty wrote about Evan using his powers to hang a poster from the ceiling. She confronted him over the poster and if others did not like it, to which he expressed indifference. After Evan left, the poster fell on Kitty's head while she was writing about how immature he was.

She then climbed into a tree, where she observed Scott while he was around his car. She wrote that he had two personalities, sometimes acting responsibly and other times acting his age. Scott drove off with his stereo's volume high, causing Kitty to nearly fall from the tree. She turned her attention to Charles and Wolverine, who were in a courtyard nearby. She wrote that Xavier kept everything together at the mansion. Wolverine spoke with Charles about his nightmares and ultimately decided to head off to Mt. McKenna on his own, planning to use the Blackbird.

Before school started, Kitty took her writing elsewhere, into the Blackbird. She wrote about Kurt and how he teleports to people. He proceeded to appear to her via his teleportation and noticed her snappy attitude when he told her that Scott was going to give the pair a ride to school. The Blackbird then began to move, causing the two to fall to the floor.

They headed up to the cockpit and discovered Wolverine was flying the jet. Kurt suggested they try speaking with him, but Kitty had doubts, recalling how he had acted previously. When Kurt approached him, he revealed his uncontrollable state to them by throwing his claws at the latter. He shut himself off from the two and Kitty claimed he did this to keep them safe. Kitty asked Kurt if he could teleport the pair to the ground, but the pair were too high in the air and going too fast for him to do it. They were forced to remain on the jet until arriving at Mt. McKenna.

Shadowcat falls while being chased by Wolverine.

As Wolverine descended from the Blackbird, Shadowcat phased out right behind him and Nightcrawler informed her the communicators had been jammed. The two proceeded to follow Wolverine and came in contact with him after he came in contact with the latter was placed under the control of a scientist from his past, who had him work alongside Sabretooth. The two noticed he was standing next to Sabretooth, right before the latter and Wolverine charged at them.

Shadowcat tried to dodge Wolverine, but ended up tripping and falling down a slope. Wolverine caught up to her, as she began speaking and started to get through to him before the scientist cranked up his control of Wolverine, who began chasing Shadowcat. Shadowcat phased through to the other side of the mountain he chased her to and nearly fell into the ravine.

Wolverine thought she had died and began lamenting her death as she phased behind him. He turned on her and despite Nightcrawler's insistence that he teleport her away from him, she remained and proceeded to take Wolverine's hood off. She told him that he could win despite what was happening to him and asked if he really wanted to hurt her. Wolverine then dropped to his knees, after which Shadowcat hugged him. He was then attacked by Sabretooth, leaving Shadowcat and Nightcrawler behind, who realized that Sabretooth wanted Wolverine in control and teleported to the lab.

Shadowcat arrives as Wolverine is being defeated.

Wolverine had returned to the lab to confront the scientist, who used droids to keep him at bay by tying him up. Shadowcat came in and noticed Wolverine's condition. In response, she phased through the droids before diving into the control panel. After a few explosions occurred and it became apparent to the scientist that the lab was going to explode itself, Shadowcat told Wolverine she did not want to leave without him. Regardless, Nightcrawler teleported in and grabbed her, teleporting the two away as Wolverine stood with Sabretooth and the scientist.

Far from the laboratory, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler watched as the mountain exploded as a result of what happened to the lab. Wolverine staggered outside and appeared to the two before passing out. When the three returned to the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine underwent surgery to remove the chip that made him act uncontrollably. Shadowcat had checked on Wolverine every hour after the surgery and in the dining room of the mansion, finished writing to her parents. She expressed new appreciation for being part of the X-Men, which she considered a family.[10]

Asteroid M

Kitty defends Scott.

Magneto finished construction of Asteroid M. He planned to have the asteroid serve as a sanctuary for the X-Men and Brotherhood members that defeated a member of the opposite team in battle, thereby securing their place. Charles located Alex Masters, Scott's believed to be deceased brother and the two went off with Wolverine, leaving behind the rest of the X-Men. Kitty, Rogue, Kurt and Evan were left where the Blackbird had taken off and the group discussed what had happened. Kitty defended them being left behind, saying that she would not want a crowd if she was seeing a relative who she had not seen in years.

Kurt then proposed that the group go to the beach. As they left the Xavier Mansion noticeably without Jean, who had been taken forcibly to Asteroid M after defeating Toad, Mystique spotted them and contacted the Brotherhood to inform them that the four were on the move. While the group was en route to the beach, they were followed by the Brotherhood. Kitty informed them of the team following them and they were stopped in their tracks by Blob, who used his stomach to stop their car and threw the four onto the beach. They were then made to go under the sand by Avalanche.

When the team resurfaced, they individually fought the Brotherhood. Kitty phased Evan through the sand, only for him to be knocked down by Quicksilver. She would be combated by Blob moments after, who proclaimed that she was staying behind as he threw his weight at her. She phased through him when he landed and through him again when she emerged from being underneath him. She was disgusted by Blob and passed out.[11]

After the Brotherhood and Rouge, the only winning member of the X-Men, left, Kitty, Kurt and Evan confronted Toad on what had transpired and he mentioned Magneto, who the group had never heard of before. Toad went on to explain that Magneto was cleaning out "the best from the worst" and that the four were "losers" for not winning their respective battles. The X-Men and Toad returned to the Xavier Mansion, where they found Mystique.

Shadowcat with Nightcrawler and Spyke on Asteroid M.

She had lost her battle with Storm, who Kitty had called out for when the group first arrived. Mystique refused to be discarded after all she had done for Magneto and offered to go with the X-Men to combat him or go by herself before Wolverine arrived, who firmly established that the team would confront him and made it clear that Mystique would not be leading the X-Men if she expected to journey with them on their jet. When the group arrived on Asteroid M, they engaged the Brotherhood and Magneto in battle.

Avalanche used his powers to try and crush Spyke with rocks, but Shadowcat used hers to phase him out of danger and saved him. Shadowcat and Spyke then reemerged as Spyke knocked Avalanche out with a single kick. The X-Men retreated to the Blackbird as Asteroid M began to crumble, Shadowcat running to the jet with Spyke as he held Quicksilver's unconscious body. She watched as Cyclops and Alex used their powers to destroy Asteroid M and she and the rest of the X-Men rejoined them right after.[12]


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