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Rogue discovered her powers shortly before the battle at Asteroid M. She started out as an adversary of the X-Men after the group tried recruiting her and aligned with the Brotherhood, though showed signs of having more morality than its other members. She joined the X-Men after nearly being killed by Mystique, who had caused her to believe the group was against her.[1]

Discovering her powers

Rogue being touched by Cody, activating her powers.

Rogue discovered her powers when she attended a dance. There she chose not to socialize with the other attendees until she was approached by Cody, who happened to have a crush on her. He asked her to a dance and she accepted after some hesitation. When the pair danced, his friend Ty tried to get the two closer to each other and pushed Cody into her. He apologized and touched her arm as he tried helping her up.

He then was knocked out as Rogue began to have memories of his childhood and take on his abilities. Rogue was unaware of what was happening to her and while Ty tried to stop her from leaving, she easily was able to get away from him. Now possessing Cody's strength, she easily pushed him out of the way and he even remarked that he had felt the same type of push from Cody. She began to run away as X-Men founder Charles Xavier detected her on Cerebro.

Once he and the X-Men arrived there, Mystique began to take steps necessary to keeping her from trusting the group. She shape-shifted into Wolverine while Rogue was in Cody's house and attacked her. As Rogue ran away, she turned into Storm and attacked her. During the attacks on her by Mystique, Irene tried to get her to come with her and went along with Mystique's plan, referring to the X-Men as mutant "hunters." Rogue was deeply confused by what was going on, but took Irene's hand out of her trust for her.

Rogue then saw the real Wolverine, along with Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. She ran away from the three, instructing Irene to do the same thing and Nightcrawler convinced Wolverine to allow him to talk to her without his presence, given that she was terrified of him. Nightcrawler confronted her and using his Image inducer, gave off the appearance of a normal person interested in helping her. Rogue started to believe in him and stopped running until Shadowcat pushed her down.

She quickly got Kitty off of her and in the commotion, touched Nightcrawler. She gained his abilities and teleported away. She enjoyed his powers momentarily, as she soon fell and wished that she did not have to go through what was happening to her. Jean Grey confronted her and Rogue instantly knew who she was. Rogue reacted with great fear, but Jean calmed her down by stating that if she knew who she was then she knew she would not harm her. Jean gave her a communicator and tried to appeal to her, attempting to make herself an ally of the newly-powered mutant by asking for her to call her whenever she feels the need to. She did well before Storm came. Rogue recognized Storm from when Mystique attacked her using her form and ran off. Storm noticed Rogue being scared of her, but was like Wolverine before her, unaware that Mystique had attacked her using her form.

She was then confronted by Mystique, who took on the forms of both Jean and Cyclops. As Jean, Mystique made reference to what the real Jean had said, stating that she guessed some people just would not be helped. Mystique had both overheard and viewed Jean as she spoke with Rogue. When she came across the real Cyclops, she pushed him down. She also tried to get away from a concerned Jean, who came across her following her encounter with Mystique posing as her and Cyclops and tried to help her by asking if she was hurt and telling her not to move. Rogue backed away in response, under the belief that the real Jean and Mystique posing as Jean were one in the same.

Rogue absorbs Storm.

She was approached by Storm. The latter asked for her to tell the group what was wrong and stated the team were her friends. Rogue touched her and gained her abilities. She was in the air and briefly caused a problem for Cyclops and Jean before teleporting away.

The group ended with their attempts to recruit her, as Charles put it, she would have to come of her own free will or not at all and also since the group needed to care for their members injured during the unsuccessful attempt to recruit her. Soon after, she was enrolled at Bayville High School. After speaking with Principal Darkholme, she walked out of her office and pulled out the communicator Jean gave her, looking on.[1]

Saving Jean

Scott tries seeing if Rogue is alright as she expresses her distaste for him and his teammates.

Rogue and Scott, Cyclops of the X-Men, shared a class together. The two were partnered after being the only two students who did not have a partner yet and were assigned to read Shakespeare lines. Scott asked her if she was okay with the pairing and she asserted that she was not afraid of him. During lunch, Scott and Kurt laughed at him being partnered with Rogue, the two's laughter about Rogue being mistaken by Blob to be about him. He slipped and caused an incident before falling and being laughed at by others, causing him to get angry and start a food fight. In the commotion, he nearly hit Jean before Scott came to her assistance and Blob came to his senses.

Rogue watched outside of the cafeteria as Scott defended Jean and hid as he came out, to ensure that he would not see her watching him. She confronted him over what happened and noticed that the X-Men watched after each other. The conversation between the pair was cut short by Principal Darkholme, who insisted they get to class. As the two went their separate ways, Scott told Rogue to bring her book with the lines to the park after school. During their meeting at the park, Scott recited his lines as Rogue said they confirmed he was a charmer.

While Scott asserted that he was just reading his lines, Rogue began to relate that she wished she was able to get close to someone. In the meantime, Blob kidnapped Jean and following getting out of her unconscious state, she contacted Charles with her telepathy. Nightcrawler was sent by Wolverine to retrieve Scott, teleporting in on him while he and Rogue were speaking about how she felt. Despite Nightcrawler apologizing for interrupting them, Rogue stated that he was like an "annoying little brother."

Rogue shoots Blob.

After Nightcrawler informed Scott that Jean had been kidnapped, Scott asked Rogue if she had known anything about the kidnapping. Rogue confirmed she had not and said that she still would not have told him if she had known. Scott told her he hoped she could live with her conscience, words that hung by Rogue as she appeared to combat Blob following the latter defeating both Cyclops and Wolverine. She absorbed Cyclops's powers and charged in as Blob was preparing to harm Jean. Blob did not know what her powers were, which she introduced to him as she absorbed his abilities.

When Blob lunged at her, she fired an optic blast at him, sending him through the roof and into a junkyard. She stayed with Jean, Wolverine and Cyclops as the rest of the X-Men arrived. She explained to a coming to his senses Cyclops that she had only taken a short term dosage of his powers and expected that he should return to normal soon. Cyclops complimented her, but she denied his compliment and when Jean asked why she helped her, she said she did not know and ran off. Jean tried to chase after her, but Wolverine stopped her, insisting that she was not ready.[2] Sometime after, she sat outside Principal Darkholme's office as she spoke with Magneto about Quicksilver.[3]

Alternate dimension

While reading her Dracula novel, she overheard Nightcrawler teleport and went to the room he was in to see if he was alright. The room had been destroyed by an explosion, which set off as he arrived. She found a device which was not destroyed in the blast. Nightcrawler tried to take it from her, but she refused to let go off it.

Rogue as she blasts Nightcrawler with a device.

Things took a turn for the worse when she blasted him with it accidentally, seemingly vaporizing him. In actuality, he had been sent to an alternate dimension, where he met Forge, the creator of the device who had been trapped in the alternate dimension for decades and was seeking to return to his own. Rogue tried discarding of the device and was seen by Toad. She threatened him and walked away as the device rested in the trash. Toad took it out and began using it. Rogue was unsure of what had happened to Nightcrawler and became suspicious of her having murdered him when Jean tried using her telekinesis to find him, to no avail.

Jean and Scott got into a confrontation with Lance and Blob, which ended with the pair being taken by Principal Darkholme to her office. The three walked in, and found the office's furniture had been removed. Principal Darkholme ran out to find her furniture and Jean and Scott looked outside and noticed Toad using the device.

The pair chose to confront Toad on him using the device and whether or not he had anything to do with what happened to Nightcrawler. He put up a chase, but was stopped in his tracks by Spyke. The X-Men began interrogating him and he kept denying a role in what happened to Nightcrawler. Rogue then showed up and confirmed he had nothing to do with Nightcrawler's sudden absence and she stated that she had.

Rogue threatened that if the group did not leave Toad alone, they would not find Nightcrawler. The team agreed to leave Toad alone and the team went with her to the site Nightcrawler disappeared. She got into a conflict with Cyclops, who threatened her and in turn she stated that he would never find Nightcrawler if he stated threatening her. The group tried understanding the device, which they were torn between resetting or destroying. Forge built Nightcrawler a device that allowed him to teleport back to their dimension and he tried to tell the group to reset the device and not destroy it before teleporting back to the alternate dimension, as he only had a second to warn them.

Rogue watches the X-Men and Forge leave.

The X-Men and Rogue were given confirmation that he was still alive. Rogue was surprised and the five concluded rightfully that the device should be reseted. After the device was reseted, it opened a portal and the group saw Nightcrawler and Forge.

The pair could not return to their dimension due to needing more energy to return and the pair went off to get some more. The Brotherhood then arrived and Avalanche told Rogue that the group had been sent by Mystique to find her. Cyclops asked if she was with them and Rogue stated that he had his friends and she had hers, but it was not her fight and left. The group succeeded in getting Nightcrawler back and were watched by Rogue as they left the room.[4]

Joining the X-Men

Principal Darkholme tells Rogue of the X-Men's training simulation with her as an enemy.

The X-Men had a training exercise featuring Rogue, which she was included in by Charles, who believed her inclusion would be a genuine surprise for the team. It was for Cyclops, who called for the training simulation to be stopped and questioned how they could still be trying to recruit her when they included her in their training exercises. At Bayville High School, Scott discussed the matter with Jean and outright mentioned the training exercise having her in it, a mention Mystique overheard as Principal Darkholme.

She went to Rogue while she was training and staring at Scott through the window, and told her he would never be her friend. Rogue stated she was not interested in him and Principal Darkholme told her of the training exercise with her included as an enemy. Rogue questioned why they would do that, and Principal Darkholme stated it was time she remembered who her true friends were and wished her well on the trip, dropping her a bag before departing.

Rogue replaced Jean on the snow trip and as she stepped onto the bus, she smirked at Cyclops. On the way to the mountain while everyone is on the bus, it started snowing. While the students are cheerful about it, their instructor stated they would have to turn back if they got too much of it. The students expressed disappointment. Rogue suggested to the teacher that the group ride their snowmobiles up to the cave. The students agreed with her and their instructor chose to do this.

Rogue challenged Scott to a race while the pair were driving over to the cave, which he accepted and she won. Their teacher gave a lesson on geology to the students, during which Rogue left and was followed by Scott. She confronted him after he called out for her and asked what he wanted from her. She called for the truth while he stated that he wanted a friendship with her, and made it clear she knew of the training exercise with her in it that the X-Men had before he came to school.

Scott stated the group was not who she thought they were and said she had been lied to, as well as offering her a position on the team. She declined as the two were joined by Paul, who approached the pair and informed them that their instructor was looking for them. Rogue tried using Paul as evidence of who Scott's real friends were and betted that he had never practiced fighting him. Paul told her she would lose that bet as he morphed into Mystique.

She revealed her identity as Principal Darkholme to the two and pushed Scott over a ledge. Rogue tried to save him and when she failed, she turned to Mystique and questioned her motives. Mystique said she was protecting her and morphed into Paul as she put her hand out for Rogue so the two could rejoin the rest of the group and lie that Scott had accidentally died during the trip. Rogue grabbed her hand and started absorbing her powers.

With that one grab, Rogue learned that Mystique, using her shapeshifting ability, had transformed into members of the X-Men to attack her and convince her the group was trying to harm her, as she was unaware of who they really were. Following Mystique passing out, Rogue apologized to a none-present Scott and tried to make amends by saving him from falling. Mystique tried to throw a boulder on the pair and the two fell into the river below.

Scott saved the two of them from falling into a waterfall and hit his head when the pair fell. Rogue informed an injured Scott that she now knew the truth, and apologized for everything she had done. Rogue, speaking of Mystique, said she had thought the latter cared about her, which Scott stated in return that she may and that adults generally do not trust in kids before passing out. As the pair were antagonized by Mystique, Scott told Rogue that the X-Men were coming but could not find them.

Rogue joins the X-Men.

She ordered him to fire an optic blast into the sky, providing a marker of where they were. The group came to them and Wolverine caught both Rogue and Scott as the bridge they were on collapsed. Aboard the Blackbird, Wolverine asked Rogue who's side she was on. She asked in return if she would be thrown off the jet if she did not say the X-Men. After he confirmed she would not, as it was not the group's "style", she answered "You", confirming her new allegiance to the X-Men.

The students confronted Charles over not telling them Mystique's identity and he asked for Rogue's opinion. While Rogue said it was not her place, Kitty and Evan encouraged her to speak. She said honesty was important among a family, which Kitty had said she had become part of. Charles took her words into account and said he would try and be more honest with the students in the future.[5]

Helping Spyke

Rogue and Kitty at the heart of their conflict.

Evan was given a camera to make up for an assignment he had failed, as he would use the camera to film for a project designed to better his grade after his failure with the other assignment. Right after getting the camera, he filmed Wolverine entering the Xavier Mansion. After that, he turned his attention to Rogue and Kitty, involved in an argument. Kitty accused Rogue of trying to steal her novel, which Rogue denied doing. Kitty's evidence, finding the novel in her locker, was rebuked by Rogue, who stated the book came in her possession through a series of people giving the book to another person, she being the last of those to receive the book.

Kitty did not believe her and as she tried to assert her opinion that Rogue had stolen her book, she bumped into Jason and dropped her materials. After the latter helped her with getting them, she thanked him, being mocked by Rogue while doing so. The pair learned of the Dracula play, which Jason had the main role in. After Jason left, Rogue insulted Kitty, stating what just happened occurred just when she thought Kitty could not get "more pathetic." Kitty insulted her in return, stating that she had a chance at getting casted, unlike Rogue.

Their argument was momentarily ended by Rogue spotting Evan, who had videotaped everything they had said to each other. Rogue asked him what he was doing and threatened that if she saw herself in his film, he would then be called "Spyke-less." Evan casually asked the pair if they would be auditioning for the play. Both confirmed they would and looked at each other angrily as they walked in opposite directions.

After school, Evan went directly to the Xavier Mansion. While en route, he was attacked by Sabretooth. The latter knocked him over and in the time he was done, went into his camera. He found out where Wolverine had been staying, at the Xavier Mansion and recorded a message for him. Evan got back up and planned to confront whoever had knocked him down, but by the time he came back to his senses, Sabretooth was nowhere to be seen. After arriving at the Xavier Mansion, he tried filming Wolverine and Cyclops as they were training. He angered Wolverine in doing this, who went through his camera and found the footage of Sabretooth, who arrived at the mansion as he thanked Evan for giving him the information on where Wolverine resided.

Rogue and Kitty are approached by Evan.

The X-Men came to help Wolverine, Cyclops and Evan. The group easily overpowered Sabretooth, who fled from the mansion. Wolverine's conversation over the confrontation with Charles ended with the pair agreeing that Sabretooth would try taking one of the students hostage and the mansion being put on lockdown until they could resolve the matter. Evan, seeking to defeat Sabretooth on his own, came to Rogue and Kitty while they were arguing. Rogue had asked to use the track for the Dracula play, which she stated Kitty had been using all morning, while the latter reasoned that she had bought it and Rogue should get her own.

The two snapped at Evan as he tried speaking with them and he requested that they help him with his video. The pair left the grounds of the Xavier Mansion, being seen by Sabretooth, who stated that Wolverine was making it too easy to abduct one of the students. The three stopped and started filming and Evan soon became unimpressed with Rogue's dancing skills. Kitty insulted her skills, while Rogue defended them by stating that she and Kitty had their own moves. Evan suggested that the two touch and while both initially objected, they softened to the idea when Evan said they would only get enough to allow Rogue to rip off Kitty's dancing moves.

The pair touched each other with a tap of their fingers and both were visibly bothered by the touch. Rogue reacted and started speaking similarly to Kitty. The pair then began dancing and the three were then attacked by Sabretooth. He succeeded in dispatching of Evan and Rogue and took out Kitty while she looked at their unconscious bodies. Rogue woke up right after Sabretooth took out Kitty and tried attacking him, but could not absorb him due to her arms being spread away.

Rogue after absorbing Sabretooth.

After Wolverine arrived to combat Sabretooth, Rogue was finally able to touch him and defeated him with the touch, though her appearance changed to reflect his. Wolverine called her change in appearance the "finishing touch." Wolverine learned that Evan had planned the encounter and scolded the entire group, stating they could have been killed and grounded all three. When asked how long, Wolverine was unsure, but directed towards Rogue when he said until she got a haircut, in reference to her appearance. Rogue asked what would happen to Sabretooth, who was dropped off in the snow with his memories of what transpired erased by Charles. The X-Men all attended the viewing of Evan's film, which featured Rogue and Kitty dancing.[6]


Rogue tries ditching survival camp.

The X-Men were shipped off to a survival training camp, after having the option of survival training there or with Wolverine. Attending the training camp alongside the X-Men were the Brotherhood and non-mutant teenagers. Following a speech by their instructor Sergeant Hawk, the X-Men began to express their dislike with being sent to the camp. Rogue planned on going AWOL and asked if anyone knew how to hot-wire a school bus before being stopped by Scott, who assured her the group would not be washing out in front of the entire school.

The team went off grumbling and Rogue participated in several training exercises, later joining the X-Men in supporting Scott as he raced against Lance. The latter used his powers and still lost due to Scott using his in retaliation. The Brotherhood confronted the X-Men over Scott's victory and claimed he had cheated. Toad insisted that Scott had stolen the first place ribbon, which Rogue said she would pin to his forehead since he wanted it so badly. The two groups argued inaudibly and were broken up by Sergeant Hawk, who made the two groups do push ups.

He assigned for them to race each other to the top of a mountain and get to the flag before the other group. While both Pietro and Kurt could get to the flag ahead of everyone else in the group, Sergeant Hawk stated that the group would have to be photographed together. The X-Men made their way to the top while the Brotherhood did the same thing, choosing to go through an abandoned mine and end up getting trapped inside thanks to Lance using his powers.

Rogue and Shadowcat move in on Juggernaut.

The X-Men assisted them in getting out and Kurt and Pietro grabbed the flag just as Storm arrived in the Blackbird. She informed them that their respective leaders, Charles and Mystique, were in danger. Mystique had released Charles's half-brother, Juggernaut, from his containment to retrieve Cerebro. Once he destroyed it, she lashed out at him and he turned his attention to her and nearly grabbed Charles as Jean stopped him upon the X-Men and the Brotherhood arriving at the mansion.

The two groups worked to remove Juggernaut's helmet. Rogue and Shadowcat phased through a wall in the Danger Room, where the confrontation took place and undid two locks on his helmet. After the group succeeded in removing his helmet, Charles used his telepathy to defeat Juggernaut using his mind. Juggernaut was returned to his place of containment following his defeat.[7]


Rogue got off the phone with a friend the night before finals and went to sleep. In her dreams, she saw a baby in the arms of a woman who referred to a man as a "monster" and asked what he had done to him. The woman was then chased by wolves and she ultimately dropped the baby into a river by accident during the pursuit. After Jean and Scott came to comfort her, Rogue explained her dreams started when she moved to the institute. Rogue had a some difficulty in describing her dream and was most visibly upset over the baby, who she admitted she did not see the face of but seemed to "know him somehow" as she looked at Nightcrawler.

He asked her why she was looking at him. Rogue instantly identified Nightcrawler as the baby and after some further thinking, she confirmed it was him. She explained what happened in the dream to him and after he asked her if she thought that was him, Rogue questioned why she was having the dream. Jean figured that Charles could assist them, but opted to do it in the morning until Charles revealed he had been listening in on them with his telepathy and concluded that Rogue's dreams were important before requesting that she and Nightcrawler go with Jean to the library.

Rogue has her mind entered by Charles.

In the library, Nightcrawler explained his adoptive parents had never said anything about him being fished out of a river. Charles chose to start with Rogue, since she was the one who had the dream. He asked Rogue to sit by him and concentrate on the dream after she asked if him going in her mind was going to hurt and saw the dream for himself, discovering it was a repressed memory. Nightcrawler and Rogue both questioned why Nightcrawler was not having the dream since he was featured in it, which Charles was not sure of but assumed she must have touched someone familiar with Kurt's origins.

Nightcrawler brought himself up as the person Charles was referring to, recalling that Rogue had touched him when they first met. Charles chose to not go through Nightcrawler's memories instantly, but promised to do it the following day after school. He knew the memories were that of Mystique and confronted her over the matter at school the next day.

Shortly after their meeting, Kurt ran out of class eager to return to the Xavier Mansion so Charles could search his mind. Rogue came up to him and she asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with learning about his past. Kurt stated that he always felt his adoptive parents were keeping something from him and Rogue reasoned that they may have been trying to protect him, angering Kurt and causing him to lash out at her before teleporting away.

Scott and Jean approached her following the conflict between her and Kurt. She told the pair that Kurt was still "worked up" about the previous night and the three went off to go find him. Mystique, posing as a student, overheard the group and arranged for Pietro to go to the Xavier Mansion and deliver a envelope to Kurt. She believed that he would be able to enter and exit the mansion without being detected, a theory which proved to be false when Charles sensed him using his telepathy. Nightcrawler got the letter, which called for him to meet up at the construction site of a mall if he wanted to find out the truth. He accepted the letter's request and went to the site.

Rogue using Avalanche's powers to try and stop Mystique from leaving.

There Mystique revealed her identity as his mother and the two were intercepted by the Brotherhood, who had "higher orders" to ensure certain questions were not answered. The group defeated Nightcrawler with great ease and the X-Men arrived right after. Rogue stopped Avalanche from using his powers. Rogue confronted Mystique as she tried to leave, stating that she and Kurt had a few more questions they needed her to answer. She said it was far too late for answers and despite Rogue's attempt to keep her at bay by using Avalanche's powers, Mystique succeeded in fleeing using her morphing ability.

At the Xavier Mansion, she spoke with Kurt, who expressed outright shock that Mystique was his mother. Rogue tried reassuring him that there might be a chance she was not, given that she was a "disturbed" woman and suggested that she may have just been messing with him. While Nightcrawler tried to get her to admit the two had a resemblance, Rogue urged him to wait for Charles to get more answers for him, but Kurt could not help but feel Charles knew more than he was willing to tell. Rogue said it may be for a good reason and the two made a pact to search for answers together. Rogue left when she had to continue packing and exchanged goodbyes with Kurt before leaving, shedding and wiping away a single tear while doing so.[8]

Conflict with Kitty

Rogue and Kitty run into problems.

She and Kitty had a conflict early in the morning when Rogue was doing her hair and Kitty came into the bathroom with her, phasing through the door despite it being locked and there being a sign which read "OCCUPIED". Rogue confronted her about walking in on her and after Kitty made a remark, Rogue slammed the door in her face.

As Kitty wrote to her parents while in Rogue's presence, she wrote that it was not easy to get close to her, nor healthy. The X-Men then came in and proceeded to make noise as they got their breakfast. While walking past Kitty, Rogue questioned Kurt. After Shadowcat returned to the Xavier Mansion, the latter had Kurt block the dining room off from the others so she could write. While everyone was annoyed and complained, he swore she would soon be finished.[9]

Asteroid M

Rogue defeats Toad.

Magneto finished construction of Asteroid M, an asteroid where he planned for mutants to have sanctuary on, including members of the X-Men and Brotherhood, provided they defeat a member of the other team in combat. At the same time, Charles detected Alex Summers, the long believed dead brother of Cyclops who had already been met by Magneto. He informed Scott that his brother was still alive and the pair left with Wolverine to meet Alex in Honolulu, Hawaii. The three left behind the rest of the X-Men, and Rogue, Kurt, Kitty and Evan arrived in the hangar room to discover the group had went on without them.

Nightcrawler proposed that the group go to the nearby beach. Rogue left a note for Jean, who had been taken to Asteroid M after defeating Toad, and the four left the mansion. While leaving, they were seen by Mystique. She informed the Brotherhood of them leaving the mansion and the group attacked the X-Men while en route to the beach. The group fell onto the beach thanks to Blob and were made by Avalanche to go inside the sand.

The Brotherhood believed they had defeated the X-Men easily, but they found out that was not the case as Rogue and Nightcrawler teleported to the top and attacked Toad and Avalanche. Nightcrawler was defeated by Avalanche while Rogue easily defeated Toad. She would turn out to be the only member of the four to defeat their Brotherhood counterpart, as both Kitty and Evan were defeated by Blob and Quicksilver.

Rogue planned to combat the Brotherhood on her own, but Avalanche stopped her from doing this. He informed her that she had already won and soon after the group was picked by four pods, which took them to Asteroid M. There, Rogue was placed in stasis and put alongside Storm and Jean, the other two X-Men who had defeated their opponent from the Brotherhood. The three were seen by Charles as he arrived at the Asteroid, and he asserted they had been abducted not rescued, as Magneto claimed.[10]

The three were joined by Charles as the X-Men in stasis when he tried telling Cyclops of Magneto's true intentions and all four were out of stasis when they witnessed Cyclops and Alex go through Magneto's enhancer and become stronger and undergo a change in physical appearance. The group were freed by Wolverine, after he arrived with the rest of the X-Men and Toad and Mystique. Rogue and Storm were instructed by Charles to ready the jet while he and Jean tried to help Alex and Cyclops escape from the debris.

Rogue absorbs Quicksilver.

During a confrontation between Spyke and Quicksilver, Rogue got involved and absorbed Quicksilver's speed as she touched him. She used his powers from that point and met up with Storm to inform her that Wolverine was still fighting Sabretooth and Cyclops and Alex were still trapped under the debris. Rogue and Storm joined the X-Men on the Blackbird and the group along with the Brotherhood were saved by Cyclops and Alex, who destroyed Asteroid M by using their powers. Rogue, standing beside the other X-Men, looked off into the snow after Charles told Alex the group would be willing to help him whenever his powers manifested on their own.[11]


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