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In the months preceding the battle at Asteroid M, Nightcrawler joined the X-Men after spending a childhood being discriminated against for his physical appearance. He transferred to Bayville High School and worked with his new teammates regularly, which included combating the Brotherhood of Mutants.[1]

Joining the X-Men

Nightcrawler arrives to the X-Men, who meet him for the first time, in disguise.

After coming into contact with Charles Xavier, Kurt took the subway and met with him and Storm. He left with the pair and arrived at the Xavier Mansion, where he met Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Kurt shocked the pair when he showed his hand while in the process of giving Scott a handshake, revealing his appearance. Xavier began scolding Scott for having caused an explosion with his powers and explained Scott's optic blasts to Kurt, who was impressed. Kurt showed off his powers to Scott and Jean by teleporting and remained at the Xavier Mansion after the pair left.

Charles and Storm showed Kurt to his room. After Kurt responded well to seeing the room, he mentioned his appearance, negatively referring to it before Charles handed him an Image inducer. The device allowed him to change his appearance to that of a human. When Kurt initially used it, he thought Charles had cured him of his appearance until the latter explained that he was only using it as a disguise. Despite the revelation, Kurt still was happy about the device and what it had done for him.

Shortly after being given the Image inducer and a costume, he learned of Cerebro, which Charles used to locate mutants either discovering or using their abilities. At the time of Kurt's recruitment, the X-Men scheduled a test for Todd Tolenski, who Scott had saved from being harmed by jocks at their high school. He had revealed his mutant powers and Mystique had also managed to scare him into going along with the X-Men test.

During Toad's testing, he was attacked by Storm. When he got inside the Xavier Mansion, where Nightcrawler was presently located in, the pair encountered each other for the first time. They got off to a bad start when Toad insulted Nightcrawler on his appearance and Nightcrawler did the same on Toad's smell. Toad began chasing Nightcrawler, who teleported away from him at every turn. Even after Toad was accepted by Charles Xavier into the group, he persisted in chasing Nightcrawler, eventually culminating in the pair landing in the Danger Room after Nightcrawler teleported them there and being attacked by its automated defenses.

Regretting his role in Toad choosing not to remain with the X-Men, Nightcrawler opts to leave the group.

Charles called Cyclops and Jean to assist the pair. Jean managed to save Nightcrawler from being harmed and after he exchanged some banter with her, the latter tried to unplug one of the machines and causing it to attack Cyclops and Toad. After Charles stopped the automated defenses from inflicting anymore harm on the four, Toad chose to not join the group. Nightcrawler, doubting himself and feeling he was responsible for the whole ordeal, chose to leave the group. He retreated and came across the Blackbird, the group's jet. It was through the jet that Cyclops managed to start a dialogue with him and convince him that he should remain on the group, as well as his confirmation that he did not care about Nightcrawler's appearance.[1]

Shortly after joining the group, Nightcrawler began attending Bayville High School using the Image inducer given to him by Charles. One morning, he ran late for class and was caught by Principal Darkholme. Darkholme reminded him of his tardiness and threatened to enroll him in after school group. Scott intervened and whisked Kurt into the school, where he confronted Kurt over his junk food obsession. As the pair returned from school, they noticed Wolverine as he drove away on his motorcycle, planning to confront Sabretooth, his longtime adversary.

The pair agreed to follow their teammate. They tracked him down to a parking garage, where Sabretooth's motorcycle nearly crushed both Scott and Kurt before the pair were teleported to safety by the latter. Nightcrawler and Cyclops soon became involved in Wolverine and Sabretooth's conflict. Nightcrawler was saved by Wolverine when Sabretooth prepared to lunge at him after knocking Nightcrawler down. The three fought against Sabretooth until he escaped using an elevator, after which Wolverine told Nightcrawler and Cyclops to not try assisting him again. Despite his blunt order, Nightcrawler told Cyclops he loved the pair.[2]

Encountering Rogue

Kurt tries to cheer up Kitty.

After Shadowcat joined the X-Men, she met Nightcrawler. The pair watched the demonstration preformed by Wolverine and after this, she asked if anyone in the group was disturbed by the X-Men's standard protocol. The X-Men all stared at her blankly, leading Kitty to assume she was the only one and express her disappointment. Kurt tried to cheer her up by stating she was among friends and teleported on both sides of her, scaring her and causing her to withdraw from the meeting. Nightcrawler was disappointed and said she was not into him, but was encouraged by Jean that she would like him eventually.

Charles arrived into the Danger Room and informed the X-Mne of Rogue, a mutant with the ability to absorb the powers and abilities of anyone she touched. She discovered her powers after touching Cody, a boy who had been attracted to her and asked her to dance. When he was made to push her over, he tried helping her up and upon touching her arm, fell out.

While the group was in the Blackbird, which Nightcrawler piloted, Cyclops complimented him on his piloting skills, though was taken back by him using his feet to steer. Cyclops informed Charles he had planned ahead, much to the latter's approval and Shadowcat's as well, who called Cyclops "cute" and made Nightcrawler jealous. He decided to teleport to the front of the Blackbird. He was trying to impress Shadowcat as he slipped and fell. Not wanting to hit against the front of the jet, he teleported inside and crashed into Shadowcat.

Shadowcat tells Nightcrawler to "stay away" from her.

Charles scolded him and Nightcrawler apologized to Shadowcat, but the latter still did not like him and moved to sit in the front, telling him to "stay away" from her. The group arrived in Mississippi, Rogue's home state, where Charles tried to get to Cody and had Jean enter the hospital. He tried entering Cody's mind to give him a clue as to where Rogue was, but this failed due to Rogue's mind being scrambled and not concentrating. Nightcrawler went with Shadowcat and Wolverine to do a foot search.

The three X-Men found Rogue when she was confronted by Destiny. The latter trying to get her to believe the X-Men were mutant hunters, after Mystique morphed into Wolverine and Storm to attack her. Rogue ran away from the group upon seeing them, especially Wolverine and Nightcrawler briefly stopped the pursuit to speak with Wolverine. He told Wolverine that Rogue seemed to be terrified of him and asked if he could try speaking with her without him. Wolverine abided by this, and told him to keep an eye on Shadowcat.

The latter was annoyed by his comment. Kurt used his Image inducer to give him a normal appearance. When Kurt appeared to Rogue, he tried relating to her and succeeded for the most part before Shadowcat intervened by tackling her. During the confusion, Rogue touched Kurt and gained his powers, knocking him out as well before teleporting. Shadowcat tried to wake him up and realized that he was knocked out, contacting Charles shortly after this. Rogue eventually was confronted by Cyclops, Jean and Storm. She touched Storm and gained her powers.

Cyclops and Jean succeeded in holding her off until she teleported away. The rest of the group joined them, along with an unconscious Nightcrawler. The latter woke up and assumed he had missed a major event, as Shadowcat expressed joy in him being awake again and greeted him. She hugged him, calling him a "fuzzy elf" as he looked at Cyclops, who mouthed what she said.[3]

Meeting Blob and Spyke

Fred Dukes was approached by Mystique in her Principal Darkholme guise after he was embarrassed during his performance. She opened a spot for him at Bayville High School and he transferred there soon after. During the lunch of Fred's first day, Kurt learned about Scott being partnered with Rogue in their shared drama class.

He laughed and told Scott he had to invite him to rehearsals with her. The pair laughed and they were seen by Fred, who mistook the pair for laughing at him. Fred went to a table and caused his food to slip and fly out, landing on Duncan Matthews and the rest of the jocks. The group planned to approach him, but Fred fell down and was laughed at by the group along with rest of the students in the cafeteria.

Nightcrawler falls during training with Shadowcat.

Fred became angrier and bursted out by throwing food, starting a food fight. Later, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat had a training session, where they played keep away with a football. Wolverine served as their instructor while Charles watched. After the pair both had the ball at different points, the pair both fell to the ground. Charles received a telepathic message from Jean, who had been kidnapped by Fred. Wolverine interrupted their training by ordering Nightcrawler to meet with Scott and inform him of what had happened to Jean.

Nightcrawler teleported to Scott just as he and Rogue were relating following a reading of their lines. He apologized for interrupting them and responded to Rogue's insulting of him before telling Cyclops that Jean had been kidnapped. Cyclops grabbed him by the shirt and the pair teleported away, leaving Rogue to think about what Scott had said to her after she stated she would not have told him anything about Jean's kidnapping if she had known about it before he did. Nightcrawler accompanied Shadowcat to confront Blob, but by the time the pair arrived, he had already been defeated by Rogue, the latter having used Cyclops's powers to defeat him.[4]

Evan Daniels, nephew of Nightcrawler's fellow X-Man Storm, discovered his powers and had them seen by aunt, who was previously unaware of his abilities. After he departed from his home following meeting Scott and Jean, he returned to his school to catch the thief that had been stealing his money. The person was revealed to be his childhood rival Pietro Maximoff, who also had mutant powers, super speed.

He used his ability to make Evan remain at the scene of the crime while he escaped, causing arriving officers to believe Evan responsible for damaging the lockers, which was actually done by Pietro. Charles used his influence to get him out of jail. The X-Men ate breakfast without him. There, Kurt was scolded by Wolverine for trying to get food by teleporting onto a chandelier and he teleported back to his seat. Cyclops, Jean and Spyke were able to defeat Quicksilver and prove he was responsible for the damaging of the lockers. Evan joined the team during their time relaxing using a pool, which Kitty exclaimed that Kurt was getting fur into, an accusation he denied.[5]

Alternate dimension

The X-Men discussed going to Duncan Matthews's party. While the majority of the team was in favor of going, Scott was persistent in his view that the group should not attend. His main concern was that the X-Men and mutants in general would be discovered as such from one of the group's members being exposed at the party or if the Brotherhood had their powers found out. Kurt's Image inducer was brought up by Scott as not being able to keep him save from being revealed as a mutant. Kurt defended himself by stating that "chicks" liked him, causing Kitty to depart.

Kurt got on the table and started dancing. While dancing, his tail came out. Scott pulled him down and the two engaged in an argument, Kurt telling Scott that the latter was "cramping" his style and teleporting away. He teleported into a pile of boxes and broke his Image inducer. he came across a recording of Forge, who he had never met, as the latter stated the place would explode. It did, but Nightcrawler was not seriously harmed.

Nightcrawler and Forge.

Rogue came to check in on him and found a device that was not destroyed in the blast. Nightcrawler tried to take it from her and during their struggle, Rogue accidentally shot him with it. Nightcrawler then disappeared and appeared in an alternate dimension, where he met Forge. The latter explained he had been trapped in the alternate dimension for a few decades and was working on a way to get himself back into the normal universe and figured Nightcrawler may be able to assist him.

The X-Men found out about what happened to Nightcrawler when Jean tried using her telepathy to sense him and could not. Scott attacked Lance and after Blob got involved, the three and Jean were near engaging in a fight before the intervention of Principal Darkholme. She brought Scott and Jean to her office and discovered her furniture had disappeared. She ran to find it while Scott and Jean looked out the window, noticing Toad using the device Rogue had blasted Nightcrawler with. Rogue had tried discarding it and Toad pulled it out of the trash.

The X-Men soon after tried confronting Toad on what happened to Nightcrawler, not yet knowing of Rogue's involvement until the group caught him, at which point Rogue revealed she was responsible for had happened to Nightcrawler and threatened that the group would never find him if they did not leave Toad alone. The group went with Rogue to the site of his disappearance. Nightcrawler was able to see them with Forge. Accompanying the group was the device Nightcrawler had been shot with, which the team tried figuring out whether or not to destroy or reset. Forge warned Nightcrawler that if the device was destroyed, the pair would be trapped in the Middleverse forever.

Forge built Nightcrawler a device that allowed him to teleport into the main universe, though for only a second. Once he appeared in the main universe to the X-Men and Rogue, he said "Reset. Don't..." before being sent back to the alternate dimension. The X-Men tried to conclude what he said and while Spyke encouraged Cyclops to blow up the device, Cyclops rightfully concluded that the device would need to be reset.

Scott apologizes to Kurt.

The group reset the device and made a portal, allowing Nightcrawler and Forge to return to their original dimension. However, the pair needed more energy to return and went off to find it while the Brotherhood fought against the X-Men in an attempt to seek revenge for what had happened to Toad earlier and also to interfere with the X-Men's plans. The group's fighting came to an end with Nightcrawler and Forge coming back to their dimension. The X-Men and Forge left the site and the group got into Scott's car after bidding Forge a farewell. Nightcrawler and Scott made up, the latter changing his opinions on going to Duncan Matthews's party.[6]

Mystique's identity

The X-Men had a training exercise during a simulation. In it, the group had to rescue a captive. Jean used her telekinesis to try and lower Nightcrawler and Cyclops to the captive and complained that one of the two had been putting on weight, stating she could barely hold the pair.

Nightcrawler and Cyclops during their training simulation.

Cyclops attributed the added weight to Nightcrawler, who did not deny having gained pounds. Jean was caught off-guard by a guard and dropped the pair, causing them to hit the motion sensors and the alarms to go off. Cyclops tried to help the captive, who revealed herself to be Rogue as she touched him and began to use his powers.

He called of the simulation and expressed discomfort in her being in the group's training. The incident was discussed between Scott and Jean, who were overheard by Mystique in her Principal Darkholme guise, who in turn told Rogue about the group's inclusion of her in their training.

After Mystique took Jean out of the two's planned snow trip with the rest of their class, she added Rogue. From there, she joined the group using her powers to morph into a student and confronted Scott, revealing his principal was also his enemy. Rogue touched her and learned the X-Men had not been responsible for attacking her the night the group came to recruit her, but that it had been Mystique acting as them. She and Scott held her off until the X-Men arrived and saved the pair, Rogue aligning herself with the group shortly after being saved.

The other X-Men also became aware of Mystique's identity and confronted Charles on not telling them who he was. Nightcrawler asked Charles if he believed the group, upon learning Mystique was their principal, would try hunting her down. The group also called on Rogue to speak, who said honesty was important and Charles said he would try and be more honest with them in the future.[7]


Kurt scares Evan after coming to him.

Evan was given a camera to use during a make up assignment for a class. He started filming out the window of Bayville High School when Kurt approached him, shocking him and nearly causing him to retaliate. Kurt explained that he needed to return to the Xavier Mansion since his Image inducer was acting up and that he would miss their class together. Evan told him he would record it for him and Kurt thanked him before teleporting away. Evan recorded Wolverine as he entered the Xavier Mansion and was attacked by Sabretooth while returning to the Xavier Mansion. The latter saw his footage of Wolverine and left a message on Evan's camera, which Wolverine saw as Sabretooth arrived at the Xavier Mansion.

As Sabretooth confronted Wolverine, Cyclops and Evan, the rest of the group came to join them in fighting him and succeeded in driving him off. Following the encounter, Charles and Wolverine discussed Sabretooth knowing where the Xavier Mansion was and concluded he would take a hostage to get him away from the mansion. The entire group was put on lockdown. At the time of the lockdown, Kurt and Jean were upstairs. Despite this, Evan, Kitty and Rogue left the Xavier Mansion to shoot footage for Evan's project and were attacked by Sabretooth, though defeated him with the aid of Wolverine. The longtime adversary of Wolverine then had his mind erased of the Xavier Mansion and was sent to the arctic.[8]


The X-Men were placed in a survival training camp after being given the option to go to the cam for survival training or receiving it from Wolverine. After Sergeant Hawk, the group's instructor, left, the team expressed their negative feelings about being sent to the camp and received encouragement by Scott and Jean. Kurt participated in several training exercises and supported Scott during his race against Lance, the latter using his abilities to try and win before Scott retaliated and won the race. Following the latter's victory, the Brotherhood approached the X-Men and claimed that Lance did not cheat and Scott should have lost.

Pietro argued that Scott went "ballistic" after slipping into the water, which Lance had made him fall in with his powers, a fact which Kurt alluded to by saying Scott was "avalanched" into the water. The two groups argued and were broken up by Sergeant Hawk, who made them do push ups and assigned them to get to the top of the mountain and get to the flag before the other group. While Pietro hinted at using his powers, that of super speed, to get to the top before anyone else, Kurt hinted at teleporting.

Kurt and Pietro fight over the flag.

The group made their journey to the top on the mountain while the Brotherhood went inside. Kurt used his powers, under Scott's direction, to make sure the flag was still there and confirmed it was to Scott and the others upon returning. Evan nearly fell to his death, but was saved by Jean's telepathy. After he was made to stand on the mountain, Kurt and Kitty tended to him.

The Brotherhood had the mountain's debris fall on them and the X-Men assisted the group in getting out. While waiting for Lance to get out, Fred pointed the flag out to Pietro, who ran to the top. Kurt intercepted this and teleported to the flag. The pair reached and grabbed the flag at the same time. They had a struggle as Storm arrived in the Blackbird. She informed both teams that their respective leaders, Charles and Mystique, were in danger.[9]

Learning identity of mother

Rogue had a dream about a blue baby being held in the arms of his mother as she was chased by a individual and a pack of wolves. Once Rogue awoke, she was comforted by the other X-Men, who were alarmed by her shrieks. She then identified Nightcrawler as the child in her dream, which he denied. Charles telepathically contacted the students and had Jean to accompany Kurt and Rogue as he met with them to discuss Rogue's dreams. Charles entered her mind, learning that her dream was a suppressed memory.

Nightcrawler is identified by Rogue as the baby in her dream.

Kurt believed she was seeing his memories, as Rogue had absorbed his abilities when the pair first met and wanted Xavier to read his mind. Charles promised to do so the following day after school, which disappointed Kurt but also made him anxious to learn more. Kurt rushed out of class the following day and met with Rogue, the latter noticing how excited he was to learn about his past. Rogue argued that Kurt's foster parents, who he brought up as not discussing his origins, may have been trying to protect him. In defense, Kurt asked how they could have been defending him when they were keeping things secret.

He lashed out at Rogue before teleporting away, using his powers openly and being seen by Mystique, who in her Principal Darkholme guise had been spoke to by Charles. Mystique had Quicksilver deliver a letter to Kurt, choosing him due to his speed and under the belief that he would not be detected since he ran so fast. However, Charles was able to determine he was there while he ran inside and delivered the letter. Nightcrawler saw the letter, which told him to come to the construction site of the new mall. Nightcrawler teleported away and once arriving there, was confronted by a hooded woman.

Nightcrawler confronts a cloaked figure with information about his past.

Nightcrawler tried to confront her and asked who she was before she revealed herself, calling him "son." He then realized that Mystique was his real mother and tried to have her answer more questions about his past, before the Brotherhood arrived. The group, led by Quicksilver, who told Magneto of the meeting and were now under "higher orders", attacked Nightcrawler. Even while he was being attacked, he still tried to ask Mystique what was going on before being knocked out.

The X-Men arrived right after and attacked and defeated the Brotherhood, though in doing so allowed Mystique to escape without much trouble. During the confrontation, Jean held an unconscious Nightcrawler, which stopped her from actively participating in the fight. Later, Kurt spoke with Rogue about his past and about learning of his relations with Mystique. While Rogue mentioned that the pair could really not be mother and son, he brought up their resemblance. Kurt also voiced his belief that Charles was not telling him everything, which Rogue said was most likely for a good reason. The pair make a commitment to keep looking for answers and find them someday.[10]

Trip to Mt. McKenna

As Kitty wrote to her parents, she made it clear she was beginning to feel crowded. The group made her feel that way even more when they all came into the kitchen, the one place where she felt it was quiet, and began making noise. She went into the Blackbird and wrote to her parents and planned to leave for school, even writing that Nightcrawler would teleport in on her.

Nightcrawler teleports into the Blackbird to find Kitty.

Kurt teleported in on her and informed her that Scott was giving the pair a ride to school. Kitty expressed how frustrated she was with being crowded by the rest of the X-Men and Kurt called her behavior "touchy". The Blackbird then started to move and the pair fell down. As the jet went into the air, Kurt and Kitty looked to see who was piloting and found out it was Wolverine.

Kitty warned him not to go near him, given how he had acted during the morning. Kurt did not take her advice and teleported up to Wolverine. Despite casually trying to greet him, Wolverine responded by throwing his claws at him. Kurt teleported back to Kitty and questioned why he had attacked him. Wolverine then put the plane on autopilot and came up the two, engaging in a brief exchange before he lost control of himself and closed the door between him and Kurt and Kitty. While Kitty stated that he had shut himself in the front to keep the two safe, Kurt questioned how having him piloting the plane was keeping the pair safe.

The two could not get off the Blackbird due to how high in the air they were and remained on the jet until the three arrived at Mt. McKenna, and Wolverine left the aircraft to wonder in the forest. He was confronted by Sabretooth and not able to combat him adequately due to the Weapon X scientist using his control panel to make Wolverine have more headaches, distracting him from fighting Sabretooth and allowing the latter to defeat him.

Nightcrawler and Sabretooth during their confrontation.

The two went to the Weapon X scientist's base and later were spotted by Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. The pair called out for Wolverine before noticing him with Sabretooth, confusing them due to Wolverine having been mortal enemies with Sabretooth. Wolverine and Sabretooth began charging at them and Nightcrawler and Shadowcat split up, Nightcrawler being pursued by Sabretooth and Shadowcat being pursued by Wolverine.

Nightcrawler got away from Sabretooth using his teleportation and called out for Shadowcat, who had been chased by Wolverine until she secured her safety by phasing through another side of the mountain. Sabretooth noticed him and attacked him. Nightcrawler climbed into a tree and Sabretooth followed his lead. As Nightcrawler fell and Sabretooth came after him, Nightcrawler teleported away.

Wolverine believed he had killed Shadowcat and the latter phased behind him. While he confronted her, Nightcrawler tried to teleport her away from him for safety, though she refused because she was "reaching" him. Shadowcat successfully took Wolverine out of his uncontrollable state and moments afterward he was attacked by Sabretooth, who chased him as he went back to the Weapon X scientist's base.

The pair followed Wolverine and Sabretooth back into the laboratory. There, Nightcrawler held of Sabretooth so Shadowcat could advance. She destroyed the control panel and the base began to show signs of erupting. Wolverine voiced his wishes to have Shadowcat leave, but she refused to leave without him.

Nightcrawler would not let her stay behind and teleported her to safety. The two then watched as the mountain exploded and came to the aid of a staggering and wounded Wolverine, who they brought back to the Xavier Mansion, where he received care. During the later hours of the day, Kurt held the rest of the X-Men off as Kitty finished writing to her parents, with an improved view of the X-Men.[11]

Asteroid M

Nightcrawler after losing to Avalanche.

Magneto's finished construction of Asteroid M allowed him to use the newly-formed asteroid to act as a sanctuary for the members of the X-Men and mutants aligned with him that defeated a member of the opposing faction. Charles located Alex Summers, the brother of Cyclops who had been long believed deceased. Charles had Wolverine to tell Scott to meet with him, and he revealed the locating of his brother.

Charles, Wolverine and Scott left on the Blackbird to meet with Alex's brother in Honolulu, Hawaii, leaving the other X-Men behind. Kurt, Kitty, Rogue and Evan went in the hangar room and discovered they had been left behind. Kurt concluded that the group should go to the nearby beach and the four left the mansion, being spotted by Mystique. She alerted the Brotherhood that the X-Men were on the move and the four were confronted by the Brotherhood while en route to the beach, which they landed on after being taken out of their car by Blob.

The group was then made to go into the sand by Avalanche, which Nightcrawler and Rogue teleported out of and proceeded to combat Avalanche and Toad. Avalanche tried using his powers on Nightcrawler, who tried getting away from the boulders made to fall onto him, which failed and he was defeated. Out of the four X-Men, the only one to win was Rogue, who accompanied the Brotherhood to Asteroid M.[12]

Following the confrontation, the group confronted Toad, who had been defeated by Rogue and had his tongue grabbed by Nightcrawler as he questioned him about what had happened. Toad explained the battles were assembled and staged by Magneto, who the group had never heard off and caused Toad to further explain his identity. When Toad referred to the losing X-Men and himself as "losers", Nightcrawler questioned what became of the "winners".

Nightcrawler after defeating Blob.

The team returned to the Xavier Mansion accompanied by Toad, searching for Storm. They were instead confronted by Mystique,[13] who had been defeated by Storm during a one-on-one match similar to the matches conducted between the students and the Brotherhood.[12] Nightcrawler asked his mother what she was doing there and she expressed her willingness to confront Magneto on Asteroid M.

Wolverine arrived and after establishing his command, left with the X-Men and Toad and Mystique. The group arrived at Asteroid M, where they were attacked by Scott and Alex before the pair were taken out by debris. Nightcrawler defeated Blob and accompanied the group as they left on the Blackbird. The entire group was saved by Scott and Alex, who used their powers to destroy the collapsing Asteroid M and the X-Men joined the pair in the snow.[13]


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