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In the months preceding the battle at Asteroid M, Cyclops served as leader of the X-Men and was active in recruiting new mutants to the group. He developed relationships with his teammates and continued attending Bayville High School.[1]

Meeting Nightcrawler

Scott confronts Duncan Matthews over him and the other jocks confronting Toad.

Scott attended a Bayville High School football game, sitting next to his friend Paul before noticing that Toad was pickpocketing people in the bleachers. Duncan Matthews and two other jocks caught Toad as well and planned on harming him, before Scott approached them with the alternative of Toad returning the money as opposed to him being harmed by the three. When Duncan declined, Scott intervened and proceeded to get into a fight with Duncan. Jean noticed the two and called out for Scott, who she managed to get the attention of and in the process, caused him to lose focus of his fight against Duncan and get hit, resulting in his powers going off.

This was followed by an explosion. Jean came to Scott's aid after the fight and suggested that he leave. Toad confronted him as well and thanked him for saving him. Meanwhile, Charles Xavier and Storm met with Kurt Wagner, a mutant with an appearance that made it impossible for him to interact with normal humans. As Scott and Jean prepared to leave the Xavier Mansion, Charles called for the two to meet Kurt. Scott tried shaking his hand and in the process noticed the hand's mutation.

Xavier then tried to confront Scott over the explosion and Scott reasoned that his powers caused difficulty for him to keep them a secret, given their strength. Principal Darkholme confronted Toad over his acquaintanceship with Scott and ordered him to gain entry into the Xavier Mansion. Toad confronted Scott, using his powers and tried to get him to consider speaking with him more often. Scott contacted Xavier following the meeting and expressed his distaste for Toad's unsanitary nature, though ultimately agreed with Charles that the X-Men could not turn their backs on anyone.

Cyclops convinces Nightcrawler to remain with the X-Men.

Charles had Storm test Toad and during the test, Toad met Nightcrawler. The two quickly became enemies and they ultimately ended up in the Danger Room after a series of teleportations courtesy of Nightcrawler. Charles ordered Scott and Jean to come to their aid. Cyclops saved Toad from being crushed and also blamed himself once the latter chose not to join the X-Men. Nightcrawler expressed regret with his actions and opted to leave the team as well. Cyclops went to confront him about his choice to leave and the two spoke after Nightcrawler looked at the Blackbird. Cyclops found common ground with Nightcrawler and told the insecure with his appearance mutant that he did not care about his appearance.[1]

Backing up Wolverine

Kurt arrived to school late, and was met by Principal Darkholme. Scott confronted Kurt and Principal Darkholme and got him away from her. As the two walked inside the school, Scott asked Kurt about his reason for being late, rightfully assuming he had went out to get food before coming to the school.

Cyclops fires an optic blasts at Sabretooth.

Wolverine's longstanding feud with Sabretooth prompted the former to leave the premises of the mansion after smelling around and figuring out Sabretooth was nearby. As he was speeding off to find Sabretooth, Scott and Kurt were returning home from school. The pair noticed how furious he was and they decided to follow him. While Kurt initially thought the two would ride in the X-Van, Scott opted to use his car, which he called cooler than the X-Van. The two pursued Wolverine and briefly lost sight of him, prompting Kurt to hit against the car. Scott spoke to him over this and the two then saw Wolverine, who began his confrontation with Sabretooth.

The latter charged at Wolverine on his motorcycle and Wolverine sliced it up. The motorcycle then fell off the complex, which Wolverine and Sabretooth were standing on, and fell towards Scott and Kurt. The pair managed to get away thanks to Kurt's teleportation, while the car was damaged severely, much to Scott's shock and disappointment. Wolverine was attacked by Sabretooth, who had him against the wall with a car and was seemingly getting ready to finish him off. Cyclops fired an optic blast at Sabretooth, sending him in the air and allowing Wolverine to get away from the car.

Cyclops and Nightcrawler then aided Wolverine in combating Sabretooth, until the latter used an elevator to escape. Wolverine scolded the pair over following him and made it clear he did not want them to do it again. Nightcrawler stated that he loved the two, to which Cyclops responded with sarcasm.[2]

Meeting Rogue

Scott questions Wolverine's demonstration.

A female mutant named Rogue, located in Mississippi, discovered her powers when she was touched by a boy. The X-Men were watching Wolverine preform a demonstration with the assistance of Storm. Right after the demonstration was completed, Scott questioned what the point of watching Wolverine was. Charles came in after this and told the group about Rogue. The full team assembled due to it being a weekend. While Nightcrawler piloted the plane, Cyclops complimented him on his piloting skills before the latter began using his feet.

Cyclops turned to Charles and told him about his planning ahead. Charles was impressed with Cyclops, as was Shadowcat. The latter's remarks were the reason Nightcrawler turned his attention away from trying to pilot the plane and instead to trying to impress her. The group landed in Mississippi. After a failed attempt to garner information about Rogue through Cody, the group began scattering around and Wolverine, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler succeeded in finding her. When Nightcrawler was knocked out by Rogue, Shadowcat was the only one present and contacted the rest of the group over what had happened to him.

Rogue used Nightcrawler's powers to teleport to a cemetery, where she was met by Jean Grey. The latter was soon joined by Cyclops and Storm, the latter's appearance having been used by Mystique when she attacked her. Rogue began running away and though Cyclops tried to convince her to remain with the group, he slipped and fell. Mystique used his form to attack her, causing her to not trust him anymore than the other members of the group.

Cyclops tends to Storm after she is wounded by Rogue.

When Rogue came across the real X-Men again, she had been attacked by Mystique in the forms of Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine and Storm. When confronted by the real Cyclops, Jean and Storm, she was hesitant to interact with them and gained Storm's powers when she touched her while Storm was trying to comfort her. With Storm knocked out, Cyclops and Jean proceeded to try and stop her from being electrocuted, as she was laying in a pool of water while Rogue was accessing her powers. Cyclops shot at Rogue before the latter teleported away with Nightcrawler's powers, leaving him and Jean with Storm's body before the others arrived. When Nightcrawler awoke, he was greeted warmly by Shadowcat, who referred to him as "fuzzy elf." Cyclops mouthed what she said to Nightcrawler.[3]


Jean and Wolverine attempted to recruit Fred Dukes, but failed to reach him before Mystique. The latter was under the disguise of Principal Darkholme and offered him enrollment at Bayville High School. The large teenager met Jean shortly after enrolling and in the meantime, Scott was partnered with Rogue for a reading of Shakespeare. The two were partnered together since both were the only students to not have chosen a partner. Paul joked around with Scott, saying that Rogue liked him and in response, Scott told him to shut up.

Scott comes to Jean's aid.

At lunch, Scott and Kurt laughed over his partnership with Rogue and did so in the presence of Fred, who angrily took their laughing as being directed towards him. Fred accidentally dropped his food on the jocks and as the group prepared to harm him, they began laughing when food got him until he angrily screamed for everyone to stop laughing at him. His subsequent food throwing triggered a food fight, which Scott and the others did not take part in but instead tried to break up. Jean was nearly harmed by Fred during his blind rage until she talked him out of his frustration.

Jean had Scott leave her with Fred and once he obliged, he met up with Rogue. The latter had watched him in secret. She asked him about the incident and as the two made a connection, they were broken up by Principal Darkholme. Before they left each other, Scott told Rogue to met him at the park to rehearse their lines and to bring her material. They met at the park after school and Rogue remarked that Scott was a "charmer" when she heard him read his lines.

While Scott said he was only reading his lines, Rogue began revealing her wishes to touch others, which she could not do thanks to her powers. Their conversation was broken up by Nightcrawler, the latter warning Scott that Jean had been kidnapped by Fred. Scott asked Rogue if she knew anything about the abduction and when she said she would not tell him even if she did, he said he hoped she could live with her conscience before teleporting with Nightcrawler to find Jean.

Cyclops attacks Blob.

Cyclops arrived after Wolverine to the warehouse Blob was keeping Jean captive, making his introduction by firing a shot at him. Blob responded to the blast by throwing Wolverine's body at him, knocking Cyclops out. His powers were used by Rogue when she confronted Blob, the former successfully defeating him and freeing Jean. She stayed when Cyclops woke up and the latter complimented her by reciting a Shakespeare line before she departed, saying she was unsure of why she had helped the group.[4]

Meeting Spyke and Quicksilver

Evan Daniels, the nephew of Storm, had his powers manifest during a basketball game and she noticed. She arranged for Scott and Jean to visit him and meet him and his parents. Scott tried to speak on the positives of having powers and was challenged by Evan for his statements, who wanted him to reveal his powers. Evan left the meeting and went upstairs, his father apologizing to Scott for his son's behavior and Jean sensed Evan as he went through the window from upstairs. As Scott, Jean, Ororo and Evan's parents watched him leave the house, Scott said the X-Men really needed to work on their pitch.

Evan went off to confront the individual who had been stealing his money from inside his locker at school. During the staged confrontation, he noticed the effects of Pietro Maximoff's powers, in a costume and going by the name "Quicksilver". Using his super speed, he left the scene, with the lockers trashed. Evan was still there and assumed by arriving officers to be the one who damaged the lockers.

Scott and Evan shake hands after the latter agrees to try out the Xavier Institute.

He was placed in jail for his believed role in the damaging of the lockers and Scott, Jean, Storm and his parents came to see him. Scott informed Evan that Charles would use his influence to get him out of jail if he would give the X-Men a shot. Evan concluded he did not have a choice. In response, Scott stated he did and the X-Men were trying to make sure he made the right one. Evan joined the X-Men and the group had breakfast the following day without him.

Scott asked Charles if Evan had told him who trashed the lockers, which the latter confirmed he did not and expressed his belief that Evan would tell him when he was ready. Wolverine doubted this and the latter and Cyclops trained with him later on. Cyclops, noticing his relentless training, asked Spyke if he wanted to take a break. The latter refused and went on with training, which was stopped by Shadowcat.

She informed him that Principal Darkholme had put together a last-mintue game, against his old school. Evan confronted Pietro as he arrived at Bayville High's campus. The two had a brief exchange before Scott and Jean arrived. Pietro quickly admitted that he had damaged the lockers. Scott told him he should come with the group, but Pietro threw him to the ground and ran off. Evan chased after him and Jean and Scott went after them. The pair aided him in defeating Quicksilver and Cyclops commended Spyke for his teamwork. The three left as law enforcement arrived to arrest Quicksilver. Later, the X-Men enjoyed themselves in the group's pool at the mansion.[5]

Alternate dimension

Scott was the only member of the X-Men against the group attending Duncan Matthews's party. He cited that the group's powers would be exposed through one incident or another and the rest of the group tried getting him to lighten up. As Kurt started dancing on the table to express how excited he was for the party, his tail popped out. Scott grabbed Kurt by his tail and pulled him back onto the seat. Kurt was mad at Scott for pulling his tail while Scott stated that Kurt was goofing around too much and Kurt argued back with him, their fight ending with Kurt teleporting away.

Scott asked Jean and Evan if he had messed up; the pair agreed that he did. Kurt teleported into a basement, where he fell on a pile of boxes and broke his Image inducer. He then noticed a young man on a screen, who told him the room would explode. The room did, but not to the scale Nightcrawler thought and he was soon approached by Rogue. The latter noticed a device which had not been destroyed in the commotion and the two struggled over it as Nightcrawler tried taking it away from Rogue.

She ended up accidentally shooting him with the device, which seemingly vaporized him. In actuality, Nightcrawler had been sent to an alternate dimension, where he met Forge, the creator of the device who had been stuck in the dimension for a number of decades and had been trying ever since to return home. Scott spoke with Jean about Kurt and tried to get her to admit that Kurt goofed off too much.

Scott grabs Lance.

Jean did not negate this, but asked if that was worth losing a friend. She tried to track him, but could not. She was unable to track him due to him being in an alternate dimension, which she and Scott were unaware of. Scott guessed that Lance and Blob had something to do with whatever had happened to Kurt and outright asked the pair what had become of him. When Blob hinted that the two had something to do with the disappearance, Scott charged at Lance and had him up against a locker before being tugged away by Blob.

Jean ordered him to put Scott down, but Lance intervened and threatened her. She prepared to confront him and the four were broken up as Principal Darkholme arrived. She stopped the conflict and had Scott and Jean to go with her to her office. The three arrived in her office and found the furniture had disappeared. Principal Darkholme ran out after it and Scott and Jean looked outside, noticing Toad using a device on her car, making it disappear. The device was the same as the one Rogue had, which she had discarded before Toad took it out and started using it.

The two came to a conclusion to confront Toad and they were joined by Shadowcat and Spyke in chasing after him. He shot at the four with the device, but was ultimately stopped in his tracks by Spyke, who used his powers to hang him by a tree. The group started interrogating him on his role in Nightcrawler's disappearance, which he denied a role in until the arrival of Rogue. She revealed it was her who had made Nightcrawler disappear and threatened that the group leave him alone if they wanted to see their teammate again.

The X-Men went with Rogue to the site where Nightcrawler disappeared, and he was able to see them with Forge. Cyclops and Rogue butted heads when he threatened her and she retaliated by stating he would never find his friend if he continued. Jean tried comforting him and the group turned its attention to the device which had shot Nightcrawler.

The team had to choose between destroying the device or doing something else with it. Forge informed Nightcrawler that if the team destroyed the device, the pair would be trapped in the alternate dimension forever. Forge built a device for Nightcrawler to use to teleport back into their timeline and inform the X-Men to reset the device and not destroy it, though he only had a minute to get out what he need to say. As Cyclops was preparing to destroy the device with an optic blast, Nightcrawler appeared and stated, "Reset. Don't..." before being sent back to the alternate dimension.

Cyclops was pressured by Spyke to use his powers on the device and concluded that Nightcrawler would not joke about telling the team to reset the device. He rested it and a portal opened, which projected both Nightcrawler and Forge. The two needed more power to get them back to their dimension and went off to get it. While the team was not able to understand why the two were heading off in the opposite direction, they barely had time to react as the Brotherhood arrived.

Cyclops fires at Blob while trying to keep the device and portal safe.

Avalanche stated to Rogue that Mystique had sent the group to look for her, to which Cyclops questioned if she was with the Brotherhood. Rogue withdrew from the scene and the two teams engaged each other. Cyclops was assisted by Jean in defeating Blob. After this, Nightcrawler and Forge returned to their dimension and slammed into Blob upon returning. The group left the room with Forge and wished him well. Scott also gave him the team's contact information in the event that he needed any help from the team.

Scott apologized to Nightcrawler for his role in their argument and had the group complaining when he suggested they train until he revealed he was joking. He reconsidered attending Duncan Matthews's party and when Kitty voiced her concern that she could not attend due to being a freshman, Scott and Jean both assured her that they would find a way to get her in.[6]

Crossing Rogue

The X-Men participated in a simulation in the Danger Room. The objective was to rescue a captive. Shadowcat and Spyke took out the guards while Jean levitated Cyclops and Nightcrawler down to the captive, in order for them to safely avoid the motion sensors. Jean remarked that one of the two had been gaining weight, citing her difficulty holding the pair. Cyclops blamed the added weight on Nightcrawler, who did not claim not to have gained weight.

As the two got to the bottom, a guard came behind Jean and caused her to lose her concentration, the end result being Cyclops and Nightcrawler dropped to the floor. As the motion sensors went off, the two came to the agreement that they would retrieve the hostage and teleport out of there. While he tried to help the hostage, Cyclops was surprised to found out it was Rogue, who absorbed his powers and was in the process of using them when Cyclops yelled for the simulation to end.

Cyclops questions Rogue's inclusion in the training exercise.

When Charles arrived in the Danger Room, Cyclops questioned why he would include Rogue in one of their exercises. Charles explained he put her in as a surprise and their conversation was cut short, as Scott and the other students had to go to school. While speaking with Jean at Bayville High, Scott voiced his concerns in the group still trying to recruit Rogue yet having her as the enemy in their training. It was while speaking to Jean that Principal Darkholme overheard the training simulation with Rogue in it, which she told Rogue herself.

Principal Darkholme also arranged for Jean to be taken out of the trip, replacing her with Rogue. As Scott and Jean were unloading their things, their instructor told the pair of Jean being taken out and after she left, told Scott about her replacement. Rogue then looked at him with a smirk and the pair joined their classmates on the bus. The bus briefly lost control and Scott used his optic blasts to get it back into position.

While the students were riding, it snowed and their instructor stated that they would have to turn back if there was too much of it. Rogue suggested the group using their snowmobiles to wait out the snow, to which the bus and Scott agreed. While driving his snowmobile with a friend on his back, Rogue came up to him on her own snowmobile and challenged him to a race, which he accepted and she won. Scott went off looking for her later and she confronted him, asking him what he wanted of her.

Scott expressed interest in forming a friendship with her and stated that she had been lied to, which she did not believe and she declined joining the X-Men. The two were soon confronted by Paul, who Rogue used as an example of what one of Scott's real friends were. However, Paul morphed into Mystique, the latter revealing her identity as Principal Darkholme to Scott and taking great joy in Scott not having been told about her dual identity.

Scott thanks Rogue.

She pushed him off the edge and Rogue proceed to absorb her powers, learning of Mystique's morphing into members of the X-Men when she attacked her the night the X-Men came to recruit her and tried to assist Scott. When she jumped towards him, morphed into Mystique, Scott allowed himself to fall before Rogue pulled him back up. Scott thanked her for saving him. Mystique then attacked the pair by sending a boulder towards them.

Though they dodged it, the two were sent falling into the river beneath them. They swam to the top and barely avoided going down a waterfall, but soon fell off the crumbling ledge that stopped them from doing so and Rogue tried to reassure the injured Scott that they would be alright, before seeing the pit beneath them and openly changing her opinion. Scott thanked her for saving his life and Rogue began to tell him of how she had seen Mystique's memories and actions which had led her to distrust the X-Men.

When Rogue stated that she had previously thought Mystique had cared about her, Scott did not dismiss the idea that she did and reasoned that adults that never seemed to "trust" them before passing out. Rogue carried his body away from Mystique after the latter morphed into a wolf and Charles tried contacting him telepathically. Scott did not answer, having been unconscious, but still felt Charles's presence and told Rogue of the group searching for them but not being able to find the pair.

Rogue had him to open his eyes, which sent a large optic blast into the sky that allowed the X-Men to locate them. The X-Men's arrival saw Mystique's departure and the two were saved by Wolverine as the bridge they on finally crumbled. Scott was tended to by Storm as Wolverine asked Rogue of her allegiance. She joined the group and the team later confronted Charles over not telling them about Mystique's identity. After the group voiced their opinions over not being told, Charles reasoned that there were some challenges that the group was ready for and some they were not. In response, Scott stated that it was nice knowing they all had something to learn. He reasoned that this made the group X-Men.[7]


Evan received a camera for an assignment design to make up for another one, which he had failed. While en route to the Xavier Mansion, he was attacked by Sabretooth, the villain looking over his footage of Wolverine arriving at the mansion and learning the latter's residence as a result. Sabretooth recorded a message for Wolverine on the camera and departed, before Evan could confront him over the attack, as he had been knocked out while Sabretooth went through his camera.

The following day, Evan tried to film more footage for his video. At the same time, Cyclops and Wolverine underwent training with an obstacle course. Cyclops was taken down when one of the obstacles wrapped around his legs and had him fall. As he laid on the ground, he was filmed by Evan and the latter was saved by Wolverine, who went through his footage to investigate what he had recorded and whether or not it could prove revealing about mutants and saw Sabretooth's message.

Cyclops fires at Sabretooth.

Evan, upon seeing the footage and being unfamiliar with Sabretooth, asked who he was. Cyclops explained and stated that it seemed he had given Sabretooth their location. Sabretooth then arrived at the Xavier Mansion and was combated by the mansion's defenses. Cyclops, Wolverine and Evan were confronted by Sabretooth as the rest of the X-Men came out to assist them. During the confrontation, Cyclops fired an optic blast at Sabretooth. The group managed to run Sabretooth off and Wolverine gave chase, to no avail.

Wolverine and Charles spoke about Sabretooth following the encounter. The pair concluded that he would try to lure Wolverine away from the mansion in some way, which they believed he would try doing by acquiring a hostage. The two put the mansion on lockdown and Wolverine encountered Scott as he was trying to leave the mansion to get something to eat.

While he complained, Wolverine stopped him and asked where the other students were, having not seen them since the encounter with Sabretooth. He informed Wolverine that Jean and Kurt were upstairs while Evan had left the mansion with Kitty and Rogue. Noticing Wolverine's shaken reaction to discovering this, Scott opted to come with him. Wolverine declined his help, ordering him to stay at the mansion and defend the others.[8]


Scott tries convincing Rogue and the others to give it their all at the survival camp.

The X-Men were sent to a survival training camp after the group chose the camp over Wolverine for survival training. Scott's achievements were noted by their instructor Sergeant Hawk, who made him leader. Scott participated in several training exercises before he raced against Lance. As the two were getting their boats, Lance asked Scott if he could swim. After Scott confirmed he could, Lance used his powers to make him fall into the water and went off in his boat. Scott retaliated with his optic blasts, much to the disapproval of Jean, and won the race. After Scott's victory, the Brotherhood confronted the X-Men.

They claimed Lance had not cheated and that only Scott did, stating that he stole the first place ribbon among other things. The X-Men defended him and the two groups started arguing. Sergeant Hawk chose to have the two groups go against each other in a race to the top of a nearby mountain. While both Kurt and Pietro were able of getting to the top of the mountain with great ease and at fast speeds with their powers, Sergeant Hawk stated outright that a picture must be taken of the full team holding the flag.

As the two groups prepared themselves for the trip, Lance threatened the X-Men by telling Scott that the group was not coming back. Scott confronted him over what he said and made it clear he planned on using his powers incase Lance tried anything. The two were then broken up by Jean, who asked Scott what he was doing. Scott expressed his frustration with the X-Men always having to play by the rules and Lance defending the Brotherhood stated the group would not need their powers to defeat the X-Men.

Scott and Lance came to an agreement to not use their powers. Jean tried asserting her approval over the two's decision, and Scott grabbed her as she was dragging on. The X-Men made their way up the mountain, Scott instructing Kurt and Evan to use their powers to teleport and see if the flag was still there and also to spike a rope to the top. The rest of the group was disapproving of him using his powers.

During the trip, Evan was nearly killed while falling off the mountain. Jean used her telekinesis to bring him back to the mountain and Scott tried getting her to use her powers to levitate him, further advancing their progress to the flag. When she refused, Scott questioned why she would use her powers to help Evan and not help him. Jean explained Evan's situation as being life or death and expressed disapproval in him seemingly not knowing the difference.

The Brotherhood got trapped under debris during their attempt to get to the top of the mountain using an abandoned mine. The group was found by the X-Men and the team assisted them in getting out. As Scott went inside to help Lance, he ordered him to hold onto his back so he could carry him to the top. Lance refused and carried himself while Scott went up as well. Pietro then tried to touch the flag before the X-Men, but was intercepted by Kurt, who got to the flag at the same time. As the two tugged onto the flag, Storm arrived in the Blackbird and informed both groups that their respective leaders, Charles and Mystique, were in danger and at the mercy of Juggernaut, the half-brother of Charles.

Cyclops and the X-Men and Brotherhood all join together to combat Juggernaut.

The X-Men teamed up with the Brotherhood to confront Juggernaut. As the group arrived, Cyclops told Wolverine to take a break, as he had been the only one attempting to fight the villain. The group managed to remove Juggernaut's helmet, which had made him immune to telepathic invasions of his mind. Once they succeeded in doing this, Charles was able to enter his mind and use it to defeat him. Scott accompanied Jean, Wolverine and Charles to take Juggernaut back to his place of containment.

He complained about the Brotherhood not being able to just be on their side for once and Jean told him that as Wolverine had said, you cannot control the will of others. He told Jean that she could be their conscious when they turned good, stating she was good at it. Jean defended herself by stating everyone needed a nudge, which he said she could give him whenever she felt he needed one.[9]

Nightcrawler's past

Cyclops makes Blob's barrel roll.

Rogue had dreams about a woman running away from a floating man with a blue baby in her arms, the dream ending with the baby falling in a river. The X-Men confronted her after she woke up and after she expressed her belief that the baby in the dream was Nightcrawler, the latter joined her in meeting with Charles, who promised Nightcrawler would learn more about his past the following day after school. Following a meeting between Nightcrawler and Rogue which ultimately resulted in Kurt teleporting away, Scott and Jean met up with her.

Mystique in the meantime, following her own meeting with Charles, had Quicksilver deliver a note to Nightcrawler. Quicksilver opened the note and learned of the meeting between the two, informing Magneto and gaining permission from him to intercept it. The Brotherhood defeated him with great ease, right before the rest of the X-Men arrived. Cyclops had difficulty shooting Quicksilver, due to his speed. He asked Jean, who was tending to Nightcrawler, for assistance. After she stopped Quicksilver in his tracks, Cyclops blasted him successfully.[10] The X-Men were a major annoyance to Shadowcat after this, though the latter became more relaxed towards the team following a trip to Mt. McKenna.[11]

Asteroid M

Magneto finished construction of Asteroid M and set out for the X-Men and Brotherhood to face each other, the winning members of either group being allowed to live on the asteroid. He approached Alex Masters after he used his powers and convinced him he could help him. Charles detected Alex and reported this to Wolverine, who he instructed to have Scott meet with him in the hangar and tell him that the group was going to Hawaii. Once Scott met with him, Charles told him about the discovery. After a visibly surprised Scott learned of his brother still being alive, the three left the mansion and headed to Hawaii.

Scott and Alex embrace during their reunion.

In Hawaii, the Blackbird landed on a beach. Scott and Logan got out and after finding Alex's surfboard, the two followed footprints before Wolverine reported Magneto having been there. Magneto then used his powers to move the Blackbird, which Charles was presently sitting in, off ground and Wolverine chased after it. With Wolverine and Charles dispatched, Scott was confronted by his brother.

Having not seen each other in years, the pair hugged and exchanged dialogue, ultimately culminating in Alex showing Scott the sphere Magneto had left for the pair to meet him on Asteroid M. Scott reluctantly came with Alex to Asteroid M, having not trusted Magneto since he had taken Charles. However, he wanted to look after Alex and accompanied him. Once the pair arrived on Asteroid M, Scott was introduced as a willing convert by Magneto to Charles.[12]

As Scott spoke with Charles, he tried to get him to understand that he and his brother were on Asteroid M to just listen. Charles then pointed out Jean, Rogue and Storm as they were in stasis, questioning if they were there to listen as well. Scott tried confronting Magneto over this and Charles tried contacting him telepathically to convince of Magneto's true intentions, ultimately leading to him being placed in stasis with the other X-Men.

Scott made steps to blast Charles out of the chamber, but Magneto warned him not to, citing Charles would not survive the decompression. Scott threatened Magneto and was stopped from any further conflict with him by Alex. Shortly after this, Scott stood alone on a balcony and remembered the plane crash that ended the lives of his parents and began the separation of him and his brother. Scott apologized to Alex, who approached him, for not being there for him.

Scott then asked Alex how Magneto planned on helping him, and the latter approached them, stating he would aid them both. Magneto showed Scott and his brother his enhancer and stated it would help the pair by improving their strengths and powers. The two entered the enhancer and had their appearances changed, along with their powers strengthened. Scott was also able to control his powers without using his shades.

The X-Men arrived after this, the group led by Wolverine, who had been instructed by Charles before the latter was put in stasis by Magneto to lose his battle with Sabretooth. Scott and his brother were hit by the debris of the arriving group and the X-Men, accompanied by Toad and Mystique, fought against the Brotherhood and Magneto. During this, Charles and Jean tried to help Scott and Alex out of the debris. Scott told the two they were ruining everything and Jean defended their actions.

Cyclops and Alex destroy Asteroid M with their combined might.

Alex told Jean after she criticized their change in appearance that the two were the future. After Jean expressed no interest in being a part of the future Alex spoke of, she departed with Charles, who also spoke with the two. Their words caused Scott to realize the error of his ways and he and his brother were the last to leave the asteroid, not being able to join the others on the Blackbird but safely getting off Asteroid M by firing their powers into the ground.

The two then fired at the collapsing Asteroid M, destroying it and also losing their upgraded forms from the enhancer, as well as saving the lives of the X-Men and Brotherhood. As the X-Men joined the brothers, Scott apologized for his choices, being given his glasses back by Jean. Charles acknowledged they were not the best of decisions, but admitted that the group owed their lives to him. Scott and Alex were both happy to have each other back and Charles offered to help Alex with his powers should they manifest on their own.[13]


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