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Cyclops is a member of the X-Men. He served as the group's leader. He and his brother Alex Summers destroyed Asteroid M with their powers.[1]


Background Edit

At an early age, Scott and his family were involved in a plane crash. Before the plane could hit the ground, Scott's parents had him and his brother Alex take the two parachutes and jump of the plane, in order for them to survive. Scott opened Alex's parachute, securing the safety of his brother before his own parachute caught on fire. He hit the ground and spent a month in a hospital and was told by the hospital staff that he was the only one who survived.[1] He came in contact with Charles Xavier and became a member of the X-Men, meeting Wolverine, Storm and Jean Grey. He was given a pair of shades, which allowed him to control his powers. After he began attending Bayville High School, he met Duncan Matthews, Paul Haits, Todd Tolensky and Taryn Fujioka.[2] He was unaware that his Principal Darkholme was really Mystique, an enemy of the X-Men.[3]

Formation of the Brotherhood Edit

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Scott got into an altercation with Duncan Matthews after stopping him from harming Toad, which resulted in the latter knocking his glasses off and causing him to use his powers, resulting in an explosion. Following the incident, he met Nightcrawler and convinced the latter to remain on the X-Men after he opted to leave the group.[2] He and Kurt then intervened in a battle between Wolverine and his longtime adversary Sabretooth and the pair were not appreciated for their involvement.[4]

He accompanied the X-Men to recruit Rogue and the latter mistook him for Mystique after she morphed into him. Following her absorbing of Storm's powers, Cyclops and Jean held her off until she teleported away using Nightcrawler's powers.[5] He learned of Jean's kidnapping by Fred Dukes and made Rogue feel bad for stating that she would not have told him of the kidnapping if she had known anything about it. Once he was defeated by Blob, she used his powers to defeat Blob herself.[6] Scott and Jean were deployed by Charles to meet with Evan Daniels, Storm's nephew, after she discovered his powers. When Evan was placed in prison for the damaging of his school's lockers, Scott and Jean helped him defeat Quicksilver, the actual perpetrator and helped in clearing his name.[7]

Soon after, Scott and Kurt became involved in an argument which threatened to ruin their friendship. After Nightcrawler disappeared as a result of being transported to an alternate dimension, Cyclops worked with Rogue, who was responsible for his disappearance, to save him and did.[8] Scott and Rogue were on the same trip when Mystique attacked him, revealing her identity as his school principal.[3]

Cyclops and Wolverine were in the middle of training exercises when Evan tried recording them and the three learned that Sabretooth had found out the location of the Xavier Mansion as a result of Evan's filming.[9] Scott led the X-Men during their tenure at Ironback Survival Camp and also led the Brotherhood against Juggernaut after he threatened the lives of both Charles and Mystique.[10] After Nightcrawler's past became a trending topic following Rogue having a suppressed memory as a dream, Cyclops and the X-Men came to his aid after he was taken out by the Brotherhood.[11]

Scott was part of the annoyance that Kitty had with the mansion,[12] before Charles discovered his brother Alex was alive and he went to meet him in Honolulu. After Charles was kidnapped, the brothers went to Asteroid M and met Magneto.[13] The brothers underwent an increase in power using his enhancer and fought against the X-Men before realizing the error of their ways. They redeemed themselves by destroying the falling Asteroid M, saving the lives of both the X-Men and Brotherhood.[1]

Pre-Mutant Revelation Edit

Almost revealed Edit

Scott reacts to car about to fall

Scott reacts negatively against the car getting ready to fall over.

Scott cheered for Jean while she was taking part in a soccer game, which she won for her teammates. He tried approaching her after she secured the victory for her team, but was both blocked and cut off by Duncan Matthews. Scott asked Jean if she was going to return to the mansion with him and the others or walk instead, to which she revealed that she was being taken home by Duncan. The latter's remark towards Scott hinted that the pair would not immediately go back to the mansion, a remark which Scott thought about heavily while driving himself, Kurt and Kitty to the mansion. Kurt and Kitty tried getting through to him while he was deep in thought but it was not until the three encountered a driver speeding from police officers that Scott came to his senses. The car eventually ended up dangling off a bridge, atop a school bus. Scott had Kurt to teleport the driver away while the car fell, which was blasted by Scott and made to fall away from the bus.

The three then left the scene of the incident and returned to the Xavier Mansion, where they discussed as they arrived what they would do when it came to telling the others about what happened. However, Charles, Beast and Storm met the three, already informed of the incident and Scott's role in it. Scott stressed to Charles during their talk that he had hesitated during the incident and the latter, while appreciating and understanding his actions, urged him to continue using his powers in private the best he could. Scott was confused about having mutant powers that could save others, but not being able to use them to help people openly and mentioned his confusion to Charles. He contacted his brother Alex and learned about his place in the finals of a surfing competition. It was during their talk that Scott brought up Alex not being able to join the X-Men still and his brother indicated that would be the case.

Scott butts heads with Lance

Scott butts heads with Lance.

During the school assembly, Scott tried getting Jean to sit with him and when she smiled in his direction, he mistook her for smiling at him when she was really smiling at Duncan. Following the assembly, he asked Sandy if she had seen Jean and noticed Lance bothering Kitty, who did not want to be with him. He approached Lance over messing with her and the latter tried provoking him to use his powers. Kitty stopped him from doing so and she walked off with him, leaving the Brotherhood to conclude they were tired of keeping their powers secret. Scott attended the girl's soccer team game that night, where the Brotherhood arrived in costume and announced they were mutants, as well as outing the X-Men. The Brotherhood then began causing property damage and wrecking the field, which prompted the X-Men to intervene. Storm's arrival saw the end of the conflict as Charles entered the minds of every single person there and erased their memories with the exception of Robert Kelly, the school's new principal, who Charles had tried entering the mind of before passing out.[14]

Jean's powers Edit

Jean began to lose control of her powers following the group nearly being exposed and it became evident when she was trying to construct an acceptance speech after being awarded the MVP Soccer Award. She read the minds of her schoolmates and Scott confronted her after the assembly. He tried cheering her up by stating the speech was similar to her games, keeping him on the edge of his seat, but he also expressed his belief that she was terrified.

Scott unknowingly revealed to Jean that Duncan had not invited him to his party, which she asked him to attend for her. Scott tried leaving the Xavier Mansion to attend the party and was bothered by the New Mutants and Kitty, who had contracted a foul aroma when she made a stink bomb in class and asked him if he knew a cure for the aroma. He slipped on Bobby's ice as he approached his car and upon arriving to Duncan's party, he was struck by the soccer ball Duncan kicked out.

Once he came into the house, he returned the ball to Duncan and the two began dueling by playing ping pong aggressively. Jean recognized this and stopped the game. As she spoke with Duncan, she contracted difficulty with her powers and rushed out to the balcony, where Scott had retreated to following the duel. Scott confronted Jean as he noticed she was having problems and the latter used her powers to send him over the balcony.

She came to her senses and caught him with her telekinesis, but had to let him fall due to Duncan coming outside to see if she was alright. Scott and Jean returned to the Xavier Mansion, where Scott repeated Jean's previous statement that attending the party would be fun. Jean however, blamed Scott for what happened and tried to stop Charles and Nightcrawler from learning of the incident. Rogue and Risty arrived after this and Scott spoke to Risty, who took note of him soaking wet.

Scott and Duncan dueled again at school the following day while participating in P.E. Duncan cheated by pushing Scott aside and causing him to lose his glasses. Mr. McCoy noticed Duncan's actions and stopped the latter from competing any further, as well as giving Scott his glasses back. Jean's powers went out of control after she saw Scott and she made large metal balls shoot in different directions. Scott saved Duncan from getting hit by them when he used his optic blasts to destroy the ones heading in his direction and confronted Jean, the latter crying as she stated she could not stop her powers before passing out in his arms.

Scott and Kitty took her back to the Xavier Mansion, where Charles had him to place her in a room for further study. There, her powers continued to work on their own as she laid unconscious. The rest of the group met with Scott and he joined them in charging at Jean in the midst of her powers, which had caused most of the room's objects to hover around recklessly. Rogue used her powers to absorb Jean's, which caused the latter to not be as overwhelmed by her abilities. During the situation, Cyclops told Jean that he knew her "better than anyone ever has or ever will."

She came to her senses and returned to normal. Scott checked on Rogue after this and following a nice conversation with her, he gave Jean the flowers sent to her by Duncan. While Jean claimed to have not remembered what happened during the event, which Scott asked her about, she implied she remembered when she paraphrased what Scott had said, leaving the latter surprised and watching her as she walked off with the flowers in hand.[15]

Helping Boom Boom Edit

File:Cyclops reminds Nightcrawler.png

Cyclops partook in a training exercise with Wolverine, Nightcrawler and the New Mutants. As he was let down a rope, he confirmed that Nightcrawler was unconscious before the latter began to complain that he needed to speed up the rescue due to his requirement of breakfast, causing Cyclops to tell him to be quiet.

He soon contacted Boom Boom, causing Nightcrawler to express distaste in his choice for a rescuer for him. After Boom Boom came down to save Nightcrawler and referred to him as cutie when the two started to talk, Cyclops reminded her that his codename was Nightcrawler and reminded the aforementioned mutant that he was supposed to be unconscious. After Boom Boom got Nightcrawler aboard her transportation for him, Cyclops told her to get Nightcrawler, whom he referred to as the victim topside before she alerted Wolverine and Cyclops began to tug their way to the top of the mountain.

Everything was going great until Nightcrawler purposely fell of the board, in an attempt to remind Boom Boom that she had not strapped him in, causing Cyclops to utter to himself that his predicament was not good as Boom Boom started to use her powers on the mountain, causing a ruckus that nearly got Nightcrawler killed before Wolverine dived into the water and caught his body. Cyclops also helped by shooting out boulders that could potentially hurt his friend and soon watched as Charles Xavier forbid Nightcrawler and Boom Boom from using their powers and leaving the mansion for anywhere except for school.

File:Scott on Tabitha.png

During lunch at Bayville High School later that day, Scott sought to eat with Jean whom he saw eating before noticing that she was with Duncan Matthews and some of the other jocks. Seeing Kurt eating by himself, he told his teammate to cheer up and that there would be other carnivals to attend. After Kurt asked him if he was taking anyone, Scott looked across at Jean and told him that it was doubtful.

After Boom Boom returned his book, Kurt expressed irritation in her drawing all over it before Scott sarcastically questioned him on why he was not surprised. After Kurt told him that she was kind of funny, Scott said that she was so funny that she almost got him killed that morning as he walked off. He would attend the carnival that night, somewhere that Jean and Duncan would be present at as well.

While Kurt and Boom Boom had their own fun, Scott sticked by himself and was on a ferris wheel before being met by Taryn. Taryn asked him if he minded if she joined him before Scott told her that he thought she was there with Jean.

After Taryn told him that three was a crowd, the two began to ride before Scott noticed that Kurt had been using his powers. Boom Boom's father wanted her to rob the carnival. Kurt soon came to Scott and enlisted his help, asking him who else was there. Scott reported seeing Jean and Evan and went with Kurt, telling Taryn that he would catch up with her later.

File:Cyclops retreives money case.png

The four got together and arrived to face the Brotherhood of Mutants, with Scott asking if anyone had seen a lost bag of cash upon arriving. After Jean used her powers to grab Toad, Cyclops took the dollar-filled bag away from him and was attacked by Blob, whom was able to momentarily keep him at bay before Cyclops shot him off. After Boom Boom's father began to make off with the money, Cyclops told the others he would get him before Boom Boom said she would do it and chased after him.

Though she managed to catch up to her father, it was too late as he was arrested for his crime and in addition, on notice for his others in the past. This left Boom Boom feeling rather despondent with the X-Men and seeing herself as a pest to the team, causing her to quit the group over her feelings and instead move in with the Brotherhood of Mutants.

After Boom Boom left the institute and Nightcrawler, Scott asked him how bad the damage was before being told that he would have to wash all the clothes, wash the X-Jet and clean the Danger Room. Scott tried to cheer up his friend, telling him that Boom Boom may return after seeing what it was like out there. However, Nightcrawler was not so sure, telling him that something told him that she knew exactly what it was like out there.[16]

Temporarily leader Edit

Around a few days later, Charles Xavier ordered Scott and the others to gather immediately downstairs that night. Charles told the team that Juggernaut's prison unit had began to fail and that he would go alone despite Scott telling him that he and the group would be ready to aid him. Instead, he placed Scott and Jean in charge of the mansion while he was away, asking them if they could be counted on.

After Xavier left, Scott asked his teammates if they wanted to start training in the Danger Room since they were already awake. However, the four began to walk back to their rooms tired and Jean told him not to let the power of command go to his head, causing Scott to allow his teammates to rest.

At school that day, Taryn tried to see Scott's eyes, asking if she could get one little peak and beginning to guess what color they were. Scott told her that his eyes were beat red and that it was a long night. After Taryn told him that one day she would like to know all of his secrets, Scott said that it would be a day to remember before seeing Jean, whom he asked upon seeing how long she had been standing there. However, Jean began to get suspicious and told him that she was not spying on him, prompting Scott to tell her that she was. Their teammates began to plan a party while Xavier was away and quickly realized that they would have Jean and Scott to worry about.

File:Scott notices non-functioning car.png

The younger X-Men conspired by having Kitty tell Scott that Jean wanted to meet him from on top of a hill. Upon Jean's arrival to said hill, he told her what Kitty had told him as she and Nightcrawler took the keys and stopped the engine of his car. However, Jean told him that Kurt had told her the exact same thing that Kitty told him and was questioned by Scott if she was being sneaky again.

While Jean expressed confusion over his assumption, Scott told her that she wanted to get him at the hill, but wanted to blame someone else before rhetorically asking her if she really was jealous of Taryn. Not having a car, Jean merely told him to take her home, calling him an egomaniac. However, Scott began to have difficulties with his car, causing Jean to assume that she lured him up there so that he could have her alone and have car trouble, citing that sarcastically as original. Scott told her that it was not his idea.

Jean soon began to make fun of his actions angrily, causing Scott to remind her there was a car up the hill before being told to hold on by his longtime teammate, whom used her powers to make him come back and asked if he was coming. In the car of a truck, Scott asked him if he could slow down before the man told him that he was keeping schedule. Jean soon fell into him, smiling and telling him sorry before the two smiled at each other. After returning to the Xavier Manson, they discovered that their teammates had plotted to get rid of them to throw a party and apologized for their assumptions of each other.

After being attacked by several of the Xavier Mansion's security system weapons, Cyclops suggested that they get in through the launch bay. They soon found themselves under attack by Arcade, not recognizing the young man initially until Cyclops told Jean that he was one of Kitty's friends and Shadowcat herself admitted to having been affiliated with the boy, but having no idea of how he got in Cerebro.

Cyclops told her and the others that they would worry about that later and that right now they would get Arcade out of there. They succeeded and Xavier soon arrived, with Cyclops apologizing to him after questioning Arcade as to what he was doing in the Cerebro room to begin with. However, Xavier revealed to him that someone had orchestrated everything that happened, Cyclops concluding that it was up to the X-Men to discover who that person was.[17]

Cyclops participated in a training exercise with rest of the X-Men and performed well, even told so by Storm. Along with the rest of the X-Men, he became angered at Spyke after his late arrival and soon rested before being asked by Shadowcat how she looked in her brain-stimulating hat. Cyclops asked her if she was still stressed over her upcoming test, prompting Kitty to tell him that the hat would aid her. Along with the other X-Men, Cyclops was given strict instructions by Charles to not harm Hank McCoy after his mutation caused him to turn into a blue beast. After Kitty threw away the hat, Scott questioned why she chose to get rid of it before she said she looked in a mirror.[18]

Aiding his brother Edit

Despite warnings from the media to stay out of the water during the draught, Scott decided to watch his brother in the waves as he operated several moves. He told him that his next performance would be his last one, as the weather was turning against them. His brother was not so easily convinced and instead continued to have fun, leaving Scott most impressed before he dropped into the water without any sound afterwards or struggle to get out, causing Scott to get away from his laptop and scream for his brother.

However, Alex was still alive, reporting to him that he was stuck in a riptide and it was pulling him out to sea. Scott told him that he would call Harbor Patrol, causing Alex to decline his decision, stating that he would look like a fool and telling Scott to just come out and get him. Scott told his brother that he would do the best he could and took a boat out of the Boats for Rent booth as he began his journey to find his brother. As his brother called for him, Scott told him that he was there and revealed that he had borrowed a boat before asking his brother if he could see him.

After Alex told him that he did not, Scott said that he would find him and told him to use his powers as a signal of where he was. Looking for his brother, he noticed his powers and reported to him that he saw it before going off to the sight. While coming to his brother, he noticed the loss of a signal and continued to call his name before deciding to call the harbor patrol, as he originally intended. However, he was unable to reach them, as the communication was lost and soon continued his search without them.

File:Scott grabs Alex.png

Scott soon began to hear his brother in pain and believed he was coming close to dying, causing more screaming of his name to occur. Alex managed to get to the boat, being rilled in by Scott, whom expressed to him that he did not believe it and that he was starting to lose hope. After Alex told him that he was getting tired of him trying to find him, Scott told him so much for a nice relaxing visit. Following a large wave managing to get to the two, they were contacted by the harbor patrol that Scott had called earlier. Scott chose his brother to be the one to go first, seeing how he had been in the water longest.

The harbor patrol plane was struck by lightning, causing the jet to go into the water and soon take Alex with it as well. Scott chose to pursue the sunk jet and his brother underwater and watched his brother tried to use his powers to save himself before they failed him and he passed out. Scott picked his brother up and took him above water before they continued to have troubles breathing. However, Charles Xavier, Jean and Storm arrived to save them and with the use of Jean's powers, the two were successfully transported above the jet, where they had a blanket placed over them by Jean.

At the mansion, Kurt tried to see him after he returned. Kurt had previously messed with his Image inducer and Charles set it to give him the appearance of a female. When he spoke to Scott, the latter made a remark about how he looked and Charles admitted that he had purposely set it like that, citing that he could not resist.[19]

Christmas with Angel Edit

During the Christmas season, Cyclops chose to stay at the Xavier Mansion while his teammates sans Rogue would depart. She came to him the night before and stated that it was going to be lonely when the left, with Cyclops agreeing with her. Rogue soon gave Cyclops a gift, prompting him to thank her and tell her that he had not gotten her anything before she told him that it was okay and to open it. Scott opened the present and received a sweater, thanking Rogue as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

The next day, he and the others waved to their friends as they departed. After Beast asked which one of the two was up for helping him and Xavier install Cerebro's new upgrades, Cyclops told Rogue that he guessed that was his way of having a good holiday. While playing chess with Beast, he and the others discussed the angel that had recently been performing acts of heroism. When Xavier stated that he did not believe that the angel was of a heavenly origin, Cyclops asked him if thought he was some kind of demon. Though Xavier denied this, he expressed his fear that the mutant could cause the exposing of mutants as a whole and suggested that someone should go after him, prompting Rogue to suggest herself and Scott. They began their investigation by meeting up with the people that claimed to have seen him and soon being chased by a homeless man.

File:Scott relates to Rogue.jpg

While the two were drinking coffee in a shop, Scott told Rogue that his hands were freezing while she related that Angel sounded pretty cool, based on his deeds. Though Scott told her that their chances of finding him were slim, Rogue said that at least the two were able to get out of the Xavier Mansion and suggested that they do something fun while they were there. Scott agreed with her and asked what she had in mind. Rogue told him that she had seen a good music store and that he did still owe her a gift.

In response, Scott told her that it would do for starters, although shopping wasn't exactly his idea of fun before asking Rogue if she really believed the angel was real. Following her shock, Scott related to Rogue that when he was kid, he had thought he lost everything. He continued by stating that he had given up hope on finding his brother and soon became surprised to see him alive after all those years, believing that there may have been a guardian angel watching out for them all those years.

While at the music store with Rogue, she overheard some girls talking about the angel being sighted on the Brooklyn bridge. She tapped Scott as he listened to music, in order for him to overhear their conversation. They found Angel himself at a hospital and soon followed him as he ran off, with Scott telling him to wait and that they just wanted to talk to him. They were unable to meet with him, as he decided to fly away.

They encountered him again at a church, where he was attacked by Magneto. Cyclops and Rogue aided him in defeating the veteran mutant and soon talked to him after he saved Rogue's life. Cyclops told him that he did not have to explain himself and told him of the Xavier Institute and how it was different than Magneto's cause. When the little girl that Angel saved told her mom that she had seen him in her dreams, Scott put his hand on Rogue's shoulder as she nearly cried.[20]

Hungan Edit

File:Sword misses Cyclops.jpg

Hungan claimed he would get revenge on Storm. While eating with Taryn Jean walked around before being asked to sit down with the two. She explained that she was looking for Duncan, prompting Scott to tell her that she had not seen him. Scott soon discovered that Evan was being shipped home by Ororo from Kitty while at school. Scott confronted Evan with the others and tried to convince him to talk it over. However, Evan did not want to talk to him and merely told him and the others to leave him alone.

After learning that Hungan had captured Ororo, Cyclops went with the others to try and save her. They were attacked by multiple copies of Hungan and after Spyke asked if they were ghost, Cyclops told him that their weapons were real enough. Spyke managed to defeat Hungan by damaging his spear, releasing his grip on Storm. Discovering that he could stay, Spyke told him and the rest of the X-Men that he would be allowed to stay with them. Happy to have his friend back, Scott patted him with the others. However, after Evan bragged about his victory, Scott and the others dismissed him and walked off.[21]

Accusations Edit

Avalanche arrived at the Xavier Mansion following the denizens, being that of the X-Men, having gone to sleep. Along with his teammates, Cyclops responded to the mutant after he defend himself from their security and was surprised that he wanted to join the X-Men. Xavier brought Avalanche in and began talking to him in the presence of the others. After Avalanche said that the Brotherhood was alright, Cyclops asked him what he was up to, stating that he did not try breaking in just to make jokes. Avalanche responded by saying that it was time for a change, prompting Xavier to accept him, much to Cyclops's surprise.

While Cyclops tried to speak out, Xavier halted him and told Shadowcat to show Avalanche to his room. With the others gone, Cyclops related to his mentor that he thought his decision was a mistake, stating that Lance would not try joining unless he wanted something. While Xavier told Scott that he knew their new recruit wanted to be close to Shadowcat, he also expressed his belief that Lance was genuine in his feelings for her and that it was a good beginning. Around a day later, Cyclops tested Iceman for piloting duty and cleared him to begin. While Iceman failed, Cyclops continued to instruct.

File:Cyclops embarrasses Avalanche.jpg

As the firing practice commenced, he saved Magma and Iceman from their own backfiring attacks and complimented Avalanche on his new costume as a member of the X-Men, stating that it looked much better than the fishbowl he used to wear, in reference to Avalanche's retired costume. He was pushed off by Avalanche and stood by as Avalanche received praise from the other new recruits for his abilities. After he received further praise for his accomplishments in training, Cyclops told Nightcrawler to watch him as he embarrassed him by knocking him over after pressing a button in the Danger Room.

Continuing the exercises, he helped Rogue out of a pool and scolded Avalanche for getting the wrong victim and drowning two people. After they finished, Scott went with Nightcrawler to his car and after noticing mud on it, asked what happened to it before concluding it was Avalanche calling his last name as he drove off. Participating in exercises with Wolverine, meh asked him if he thought he was pushing them a little too hard after seeing their sleep deprived states.

Cyclops later accused Avalanche of the recent damages of the X-Men's X-Van, not knowing that a few of the new recruits had actually taken them. Despite theses accusations, Avalanche proved himself good when he saved the lives of Kitty and the newer students after trying to stop the younger members from continuing to operate the hijacked X-Jet. Not knowing this as well, Scott expressed to Xavier his belief that Lance was responsible.[22]

Bayville Sirens Edit

Jean tried to help new recruit Magma with her powers. At the same time, Cyclops arrived through an elevator and crouched as he watched them. After Magma succeeded in creating a bridge with her powers, Cyclops told Jean view their com-link that Xavier wanted him to remind her that Amara could not be late for her first day of high school. After a boulder began to drop near Jean and Magma, Jean told her to use her powers on it. However, Magma missed before Cyclops destroyed it, asking them if they were alright before boosting that what he did was what heroes do. Unknowingly causing Jean to get angry by saying he saved damsels in distress, Scott became confused by their anger before being shunned by Jean and Magma as they took separate ways.

File:Cyclops after saving gang leader.jpg

After school, Scott approached Jean as she told him that she needed to borrow his car, alerting him that Magma was with Boom Boom and she wanted to stop them before something bad happened. Scott told Jean that he would retrieve her before Jean looked at him angrily, causing him to utter that it was not like she couldn't do it herself. While Scott tried to apologize for what happened that morning, Jean told him that she understood his sincerity, but was just tired of being treated like the weaker sex.

After Duncan arrived and Jean took Scott's keys, Scott whistled. Soon after, Jean formed a group of crime fighters named the Bayville Sirens. Scott became suspicous of their identities and tried to follow them that night with Kurt. They lost trail of the five when a train came between them and Shadowcat used her powers to phase her and the other girls on the other side. They soon found the five again, deciding to not get involved after Scott told Nightcrawler to merely watch them.

After the Bayville Sirens tied up the gang leader and put him in a car, gas began to mix with oil, producing fire. Cyclops shot the vehicle out of the way and teleported away. Jean confronted him later that night, the two both trying to get the last cookie in a jar. He decided to break it in half and gave her the other piece. She told him that she and the others knew he was following them, before thanking Scott for not getting involved in their endeavors.[23]

Mesmero Edit

Jean went missing, prompting the other X-Men to go around looking for her. Scott joined the X-Men in their attempts to find him. While driving, he called Duncan and asked him if Jean was there. After Duncan told him that she was not with him, Scott asked if he had seen her recently and after he told him he had not, Scott assured him that it was noting to worry about. Scott then called Taryn and asked her if she had seen her best friend. Logan went around and learned that she had recently bought a ticket. Charles used Cerebro and discovered while confirming that she was in Boston. Scott asked if she was using her powers, being told by Charles that she most likely was. While Jean used her powers and Charles and Beast began to have difficulties locating her, Scott expressed his frustration in not being able to find her.

File:Scott confronts Jean.jpg

Jean returned that night, with Scott having difficulty sleeping at the time. Though he began to go to sleep, Scott saw her as she walked past his room and called out her name. He asked her what she was doing there, before she used her powers on him and took him out. Jean had in actuality, arrived at the Xavier Mansion to possess Nightcrawler as well. Scott reported the incident to Charles, telling him that the X-Man had returned that night and that Kurt had gone missing as well. After Shadowcat reported that she got a match on the face recognition scans of Jean leaving an airport with Kurt, Scott questioned where they could be going. With this news, Charles told him to go with Wolverine before Cyclops stated that they were already gone.

Jean and Nightcrawler were robbing the Township Bank prior to their arrival. The two blasted down the front door of the bank to get to them and Cyclops soon began blasting at several cameras. Wolverine sniffed and deduced that they were in the safe. Cyclops blasted the door down and upon seeing Jean, told her it was him and Wolverine and to take it easy. Jean soon used her telekinesis to push the two away and took the Blackbird with Nightcrawler and piloted it to the Xavier Mansion, where she manipulated the minds of Shadowcat and Spyke to join her. The four stole a ring at a museum and left again. Cyclops and Wolverine waited for the rest of the X-Men to pick them up.

File:Cyclops comforts Jean.jpg

The group departed for the circus, where Charles Xavier expected a confrontation with Mesmero, the manipulator of their minds. Cyclops fought against Jean, being tossed around by her several times as she unleashed his powers, causing much destruction as he begged for her to let go of him. Rogue tried to prevent Jean from giving the key to Mesmero, touching her face and gaining her abilities as she collapsed to the ground. After Rogue took Jean out by touching her, Cyclops grabbed her and told her that it was there for her as she came to her senses. Charles soon told the X-Men that Mesmero was just another puppet, and that someone else had been pulling the strings.[24]

Sadie Hawkins dance Edit

File:Cyclops helps Nightcrawler.jpg

Bayville High Schpool hosted a Sadie Hawkins dance at their campus for students. Prior to attending, Cyclops helped Nightcrawler put on a device Forge had planned him to use to enter another dimension. After being told to make sure Nightcrawler's breathing mask was secure by Charles, Cyclops asked Nightcrawler if he was ready. Nightcrawler teleported and soon saw some creatures with monstrous designs before teleporting back. While arriving at Bayville High School with him and Jean, Kurt told Scott about his trip. After supporting Kurt, Scott expressed disappointment in seeing Jean leave the two. However, that soon faded when she asked him if he could talk to her during lunch. Scott confirmed that she could and soon denied that she was going to ask him to the dance while conversing with Kurt.

Scott asked Kurt if he knew if the girl in his math class would ask him out. Following their discussion of her, Scott told Kurt to be cool. His coolness earned him an invitation to go to the dance with that girl, Amanda Sefton, an invitation that he accepted and soon regretted after realizing that she would most likely be disturbed by the feelings of his furry hands. Scott suggested that he wear gloves and told him to make up a phony story to get out of further questioning. Scott told him that when ever he was hassled about his glasses, he merely told them that he had an eye condition and they believed him.

Evan soon alerted Scott that Jean was approaching them. Though anticipating to be asked and won over by her, Taryn soon came towards him and asked if he would like to go. Scott accepted and soon word got out that he and Taryn would be going together, causing Jean to become jealous. Along with the rest of the X-Men, Scott viewed footage of the creature in Nightcrawler's teleporting dimension and expressed shock in it's appearance. He attended the dance with Taryn and found himself fighting off the creatures from the world Nightcrawler teleported to. While in pursuit of another one of them, he found that the Brotherhood had taken care of it.[25]

Scarlet Witch Edit

Mystique managed to get Wanda Maximoff, the daughter of Magneto and sister of Quicksilver, out of a institution. Scott asked Jean what was going on with Duncan as they got out of school that day, asking if he had been around. Jean hesitated to tell him that he was not the guy she thought he was and compared her relationship as inferior to his and Taryn's. Scott proposed that the two get things out in the open and tried to tell her how he felt for her before Duncan arrived and started honking at them. While Jean tried to tell him to continue saying what he wanted to tell her, Scott merely proposed that she go with him and that the two would talk later. Scott tried getting a drink from the refrigerator that night and soon bumped into Nightcrawler, who he asked what he was doing there.

Nightcrawler asked him if he had seen Kitty, after which Scott confirmed that he had and that Kitty was looking for him and that she referred to him as her official taste tester. Kitty arrived and tried to get him to eat a muffin, before Charles told them to get the others and meet him in the library. After Nightcrawler teleported away, leaving the muffin to fall and crack the floor, Kitty asked Scott I he wanted a muffin himself. Upon reaching the library, Charles told him about Wanda and her release from the facility. Charles soon reported that the Brotherhood of Mutants had been sighted in the mall and wished that the X-Men go there and investigate why.

File:Cyclops refuses to lose.jpg

Scott assured him that if the Brotherhood attacked them, they would be able to defeat them. After suiting up with the others, he and the rest of the X-Men went to the mall and decided to split up to cover more ground. Cyclops aided Jean in fighting off Avalanche after he attacked her before having his visor swiped by Toad. Rogue managed to get it back for him and gave it back after taking Toad out. The six soon came across Wanda face-to-face. While battling her, Cyclops was unable to control his optic blasts, causing much confusion amongst the team when he blasted Spyke and nearly Jean. With the group proving no match for Wanda, Jean told Cyclops to leave with her. Despite Cyclops telling her that it was not over, she told him that it was as the X-Men ran out of the collapsing mall. Saddened over his defeat, Cyclops walked shamefully away from the mall with the others.[26]

Mutants revealed Edit

After being defeated by the Brotherhood, the X-Men were put through harsh training by Charles. During one of the sessions, Cyclops was among the last members of the group to have not been eliminated by orange paint, which was being used by the drones to tag and signal disqualification. He joined up with Magma after Nightcrawler pushed her out of the way of fire and she revealed to him that the latter had been taken out.

Cyclops corrected Magma after she incorrectly gave him the directions to the objective and the two joined the rest of their teammates in being fired at by the drones. Cyclops saved her from being shot, but Charles contacted him from the planning room, directing him to make a move or relinquish command to Jean.

Cyclops opted to rush the Magneto decoy and the group got into position to attack it. However, Spyke knocking over a rock which proceeded to knock off the Magneto decoy's head, causing it to explode. Cyclops narrowly escaped the impact of the blast and was helped up after he fell by both Shadowcat and Magma, the three being joined by Jean and soon after the drones, who shot the four with orange paint as another group of drones did the same to Spyke, the only other remaining X-Man.

Charles had the group to meet with him in the planning room, where he expressed his frustration with Cyclops thinking he could take Magneto by surprise. The latter questioned why he had been pushing them so hard and Charles explained that he needed to know whether or not they were able to face Magneto and vocalized his belief that the training session had proven they were not.

Cyclops leaves the X-Men

Cyclops leaves the X-Men.

Cyclops disagreed with him, but Charles brought up the group's defeat to the Brotherhood and introduced the X-Men to their "new teammates". The group hinted at why they wanted to assist the X-Men and after Avalanche insulted Cyclops's leadership skills, the latter chose to leave the group and did not accompany neither the X-Men or Brotherhood on their journey to confront Magneto.

Instead, he remained at his car on a hillside when he was confronted by Magma and Tabitha, who informed him that the X-Mansion had shut itself down and the new recruits inside. He rode with them in his car and Tabitha informed him that Mystique was back with the Brotherhood, confusing him since the group had just joined the X-Men. With the Brotherhood helping the X-Men and the mansion activating DEFCON 4, Scott quickly realized something was wrong. The three arrived at the only entrance point into the mansion and he confirmed it as the only way inside.[27]

With the three facing the mountain, Cyclops stopped Boom Boom from using her powers in preference of a more suitable option and had Magma use her powers to successfully get them inside. Once situated, Cyclops and the two discovered that the elevator inside was not working and soon participated in blasting down the Xavier Mansion's inside defenses.

After defeating them, Cyclops told them to go with him and arrived to the control room just in time to prevent Berzerker from using his powers on the control panel, whom he told that if he did it then it would all be over before reassuring him that he did not mean it in a good way. Scott asked the New Mutants if they had any idea of who had caused the mansion to begin self destructing and being told no by his teammates as he learned who had done it. Though Berzerker told him to just get him and the others out whatever way he had come in, Cyclops told him that there was no time, stating that they only had fifteen seconds left.

File:Scott grabs Mystique as Charles.jpg

The other X-Men, namely the New Mutants, start to crowd around Scott and ask him what they are gong to do. Cyclops tells them to follow him, running out only a few seconds before the explosion took place. Despite seemingly impossible odds, Scott succeeded in saving himself and his teammates. He had the group accompany him to Cerebro, which held up against the impact of the explosion, albeit barely and emerged with his teammates to see Charles Xavier and the other escapees of the Sentinel attack. After being given a hug by Jean for his survival, he took her hand off of him as he walked to Charles Xavier. Once near him, he said that it was him before saying he destroyed the Xavier Mansion and throwing him to the ground. He was held by Iceman and Nightcrawler as Charles morphed into Mystique.[28]

Post-Mutant Revelation Edit

Cyclops retreated to a cave with the rest of the X-Men after Beast and Storm went to Washington to defend mutants. While Jean told him that she wanted to see how Storm and Beast were doing, Cyclops told her that they were doing terrible and questioned who was going to believe them. After Jean told him in return that his sulking was not helping, Cyclops stressed that he just wished he could look for Charles. Following Jean telling him that she believed Charles to be okay, Scott thanked her and questioned how he would get through things without her. However, as the two got close, Nightcrawler appeared. After he asked how their reception was, Cyclops told him that it was lousy like his timing. Cyclops tried to view the footage before Rogue and Wolverine returned to the cave, with a fleet of choppers in toe.

While Wolverine told him that they had a fight on their hands, before Cyclops told him that they did not. After the soldiers issued off warnings, prompting Wolverine to tell him that they were getting read to attack. Cyclops told him that they did not know what they were doing. After Wolverine asked him if he was going to run, Cyclops told him that he would, reasoning that Charles would do that if he were in their place. After Wolverine departed from the group, Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men succeeded in getting to their jet and got away for the planes. Juggernaut soon was found by a few humans and attacked a dam shortly afterwards.

Hearing of the attack, Jean asked Cyclops what they were going to do. Reasoning that they would be blamed for the attack on the dam in some way. Cyclops hesitantly opted not to do anything about it, before Jean asked him what Charles would do. Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men attacked him, and Cyclops soon fired optic blasts at Juggernaut. After the latter told him that his power was raw, causing Cyclops to give him his own raw power by blasting him without the use of his visor. After Juggernaut grabbed him, Rogue stepped in and defeated him. once Rogue defeated Juggernaut, Cyclops tried to console he with Jean before Rogue revealed that she knew where Charles was. The X-Men found Charles in Juggernaut's cell before Wolverine appeared, in a new costume and making amends with Cyclops for leaving him and the others.[29]

Scott returned to school shortly after this, being met with students insisting that they should go home and even having Taryn ignore him. After Jean encountered Duncan, who expressed a willingness to exploit her powers, she grabbed Scott's hand and walked inside with him, apologizing afterward and Scott asking her what are friends for before separating. Scott was approached outside by Duncan who pushed him in an attempt to get him to use his powers so that he could be expelled and after Duncan told him to throw an attack at him, Scott said that Duncan was not worth it as much as he would have loved to attack him. Duncan grabbed Scott, who ended up in the grip of his fellow jocks, insisting that Scott had broken up him and Jean, a charge Scott denied. Scott was able to withstand the bullying and even knock the two down and boasted that he did not need his vision to defeat them, soon being joined by both Kitty and Rogue.

Seeking to attend the school board meeting that night, Scott went with Evan, Kitty and Rogue but was stalled by Duncan who expressed an interest in just having Scott to confront while allowing the others inside. They refused and the Brotherhood showed themselves, Scott reminding the others that they could not use their powers and him being punched in the face by Duncan as Avalanche began using his. Scott gained the upper hand and was able to toss Duncan around right after, Scott falling to the ground once Avalanche used his abilities again and joining up with the others after saving multiple lives from the effects of his powers. The next day, Scott told Wolverine that the group had dug their own grave, being surprised that he and the others were allowed to continue attending the school.[30]

Scott had his powers taken by Rogue, who was under the control of Apocalypse. In addition to her taking his abilities, she went on to take the powers of the other X-Men as well. Due to her taking his powers and along with the rest of the X-Men, Scott woke up late and quickly prepared breakfast for himself and the others. Arriving at school, he rushed inside with the rest of the group. While he walked with Jean, she lamented that they would be done with the school forever after that day, prompting Scott to tell her good riddance. Though Jean tried to figure out if he had some good memories, Scott told her that he would not be buying the year book. After Jean asked him if he was ever going to lighten up, Scott told her that he would one minute after graduation and noted that he could not wait. While the two walked, Principal Kelly overheard their conversation and told them that he did not want any mutant mischief at the graduation. In response, Scott told him to just have their diplomas ready and they would be out of his hair before he walked away with Jean.

At graduation, Jean fixed his cap and corrected him by stating that their graduation day was a great day. After Jean told him that their who lives were ahead of them, Scott responded that whatever it brought was as well. After Jean told him that they earned the graduation as much as anyone else and possibly even more, Scott told her that he knew and asked who the people behind her were, knowing that they were her parents. After Jean was overjoyed to see them, Scott told her to go ahead and that he would catch her at the ceremony. Despite his upholding to using his powers, the arrival of Magneto, Quicksilver and the Acolytes changed that, prompting him to remark "there goes graduation". Magneto explained that Rogue had attacked him and the rest of his team to gain their powers and tried to wipe their memories of the event, not knowing that they had security cameras.

Allying themselves with the Acolytes, Cyclops was chosen by Charles Xavier as one of his most experienced team members and made his way to Apocalypse's tomb. Sensing that their was a passing area downstairs, Charles Xavier sent Shadowcat to investigate. The investigation proved successful, Shadowcat was able to get Cyclops and the others inside. While the team began to be attacked by the statues in the bunker, causing many of them to get separated, with Cyclops being knocked away with Pyro and Quicksilver.[31]

With the two, he told them not to move and that they needed to find a way out of there as they were in the presence of the motion sensing cat guards. When Quicksilver speed away, Cyclops and Pyro teamed up to fight against the guards. Sometime afterwards, Jean knocked a guard past her group and smashed it through a wall, leading Cyclops and the others to regroup with her team. They soon ran into Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Colossus before being attacked by the guards again. He, Pyro and Iceman used their powers against them and soon after, the entire team went to confront Apocalypse, who had finally been able to get out of his tomb and soon defeated both teams with a single clap.[32]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Cyclops possess the ability to fire optic blasts from his eyes, beams that are red in appearance. His optic blasts have the capability of destroying buildings,[33] or merely pushing someone or something elsewhere.[14]

Without his visor or shades, he is unable to control his powers.[2] This has been capitalized on by opponents as a way of disarming him from battle, as was the case with Toad.[33] Cyclops is not incapable of using his powers without his visor though in not having control of them with it, will typically stray from firing as it could potentially harm someone or something else apart from his intended target.[33]

Apart from his mutant powers, Cyclops has been shown to have basic combatant skills, being able to hold his own in fights against Duncan Matthews[2] and Avalanche.[14] He typically resorts to fighting with his fists[2] or pushing.[14]


Cyclops is a natural born leader, using his skills to guide the X-Men in battles.

Scott is charismatic about other mutants and deeply cares about others, even those who have done him harm.[34] He could have easily left Toad to be bested by Duncan and his peers but chose to get involved,[2] opted to come back for Lance and the Brotherhood after they became trapped inside of a mountain,[3] came to Kitty's aid when she was being bothered by Lance,[14] and saved the new recruits of the X-Men when they were all trapped inside the Xavier Mansion by Mystique, returning to the mansion just to assist them even after being disillusioned with the X-Men as a whole.[27] In all of these situations, he had the choice to go about his business and completely neglect the well-being of those around him but chose the opposite, showing his concern was a precursor to his choice to take action.


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  • He is the only member of the six main students to not be possessed by Mesmero at any point.
  • He is the only member of the X-Men to undergo power amplifying by the enhancer.
  • Cyclops is the only member of the X-Men to have a known sibling possess mutant powers.
  • Cyclops is the male character to be the subject of the most romantic interest, as Jean, Rogue, Kitty and Taryn all express interest in him.


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