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Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men.

History Edit

Charles Xavier formed the X-Men. He recruited Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey.[1]

Meeting and recruiting Nightcrawler Edit

During a football game at Bayville High School, Scott used his powers unwillingly when his shades were knocked off by Duncan Matthews during a physical altercation between the pair. Charles arrived at the high school and used his telepathy to sway authorities from learning of the origin of the blast or concluding anything that could possibly lead them to understand just what actually caused the blast. Charles and Storm went to a subway station to meet with Kurt Wagner, the latter having a mutated appearance. Once he and Storm found him, they brought him back to the Xavier Mansion. Charles stopped Scott and Jean from leaving the mansion to meet Kurt. The latter was hesitant to shake hands with Scott, given his appearance, until Charles convinced him he was among friends.

Charles briefly confronted Scott over the explosion and urged him to use control given his abilities, citing it as the reason he and the other students were X-Men in the first place. Charles told Nightcrawler about Cyclops's powers and after the latter and Jean left, showed him to his room. When Kurt began to complain about his appearance, Charles gave Kurt an Image inducer, allowing him to disguise his appearance.

Toad, who had been saved by Scott before he engaged in his altercation with Duncan and was the person responsible for the confrontation to begin with, tried speaking with Scott after Mystique as Principal Darkholme scared him into doing so. Scott contacted Charles over the meeting and expressed his distaste for Toad's hi-gene. Charles told him they did not turn their backs on anyone and after scheduling for Toad to be tested, asked Storm to be the one to perform the exam.

That night, Toad arrived at the Xavier Mansion. He was tested by Storm and in the process met Nightcrawler. Charles had already confirmed that Toad could join the group if he wished, but the latter said he was only interested in inflicting harm on Nightcrawler. The pair ended up in the Danger Room as a result of Nightcrawler's teleportation and Charles ordered Cyclops and Jean to assist the two. While they did so, he tampered with the Danger Room's controls and caused the attack on the pair to cease. Toad chose not to join the group and Nightcrawler, feeling guilty over the incident, said he would leave as well. Cyclops, approved by Charles, managed to get him to stay.[1]

Recruiting Shadowcat and Rogue Edit

Charles detected Kitty Pryde after the latter discovered her powers. The following day, he set out with Jean Grey aboard the Blackbird. He told her he had picked her because she could relate to Kitty. The two set out to meet with her parents and arrived at her residence. Charles asked nicely if he could hear about the previous night, only to have Kitty's father slam the door in his face. Charles concluded they would have to make contact with Kitty directly and dispatched Jean to meet her at her high school. There Kitty not only used her powers for the first time since discovering them, she also discovered Lance Alvers was a mutant after meeting him. When Lance began appealing to Kitty, Jean phoned Charles and told him of her difficulty.

Charles understood her, but urged her not to give up. He hung up the phone with her to face difficulty getting down a flight of stairs. Kitty was tricked into getting Lance inside the main office for his own nefarious purposes. When she began to change her mind about helping him any further, he started to show his true self. Charles arrived at the school with Kitty's parents and they joined Jean in confronting Lance and Kitty. While Charles was not able to meet with the group in the office before Avalanche destroyed it, he was able to meet up with them once Kitty phased Jean, her parents and herself out of the ruins of the office. Kitty's parents forged a different opinion on Charles and spoke wit him, eventually agreeing to having Kitty become a member of the group.[2]

Charles detected Rogue after she used her powers unwillingly to knock out Cody when he tried helping her up and touched her while doing so. Wolverine preformed a demonstration for the younger X-Men and while fighting off and damaging the automated defenses of the Danger Room, Charles calls for him to stop given the expenses. Charles approached the members of the group in the Danger Room and informed them of Rogue before the team set off to her home state of Mississippi.

While aboard the Blackbird, Cyclops turned to him and informed him of his planning ahead. Charles was impressed and his positive response to Cyclops seemed to have influenced Shadowcat, who expressed interest in Cyclops. Nightcrawler sought to impress her by using his powers to stand atop the Blackbird, but only managed to crash into her. Charles proceeded to scold him and say he frightened Kitty, the latter not wanting to be around him after the incident. When the group arrived in Mississippi, Charles sent Jean inside the hospital Cody was being treated in to help him enter the boy's mind. After Cody failed to give Charles the results he needed, Wolverine, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler were dispatched to find Rogue and did.

However, Rogue used her powers to knock out Nightcrawler and gained his abilities, leaving him in a coma before teleporting away. Mystique led Rogue to believe the X-Men were mutant hunters and when she came across Storm, Rogue touched her and gained her powers. She teleported away after being confronted by Cyclops and Jean. The rest of the X-Men arrived after this and Charles told the others they needed to tend to their injured while Rogue would have to decide on her own free will whether or not she wanted to join the group.[3]

Blob Edit

Jean and Wolverine tried to recruit Fred Dukes. The pair failed and he instead met with Mystique in her Principal Darkholme guise. She enrolled him at Bayville High School. He became friends with Jean and when she rejected his proposal for a date, he kidnapped her. When Jean awoke after being knocked unconscious by the brute, she immediately contacted Charles with her telepathy. Charles was with Wolverine, who was overlooking Nightcrawler and Shadowcat's training. As Wolverine became critical of their strategies, Charles tried to defend them before getting Jean's telepathic message. He informed Wolverine, who informed Nightcrawler and left on his own. Wolverine got to the warehouse Jean was being held captive at before anyone else and despite Charles calling on him to wait for back up, charged Blob by himself.[4]

Recruiting Spyke Edit

Storm's nephew Evan Daniels had his powers manifest during a basketball game. Though she tried to convince him to join the group, Ororo could not stop her nephew from being stubborn about his powers and asserting that he was able to control them. Charles asked Storm how she was coming along with him after he expressed a desire in not seeking help with his powers. After Evan got framed by his former friend Pietro Maximoff, he was placed in containment. Charles offered his influences to get Evan out of jail in exchange for him joining the X-Men. After Spyke defeated Quicksilver with Cyclops and Jean Grey, the three joined Charles and the other X-Men at the pool. Charles told Ororo that her nephew was going to fit in with the other students.[5]

Mystique's identity Edit

During a training simulation, Cyclops encountered Rogue. He stopped the simulation and was confronted by Charles, who told him that simulations are not stopped unless one is injured. While Cyclops told Charles that Rogue was not supposed to be part of the simulation, the latter said he had added her in as an element of surprise. Charles also said he would have to get used to such a thing during missions before ending the training simulation so the students could go to school. While the others were away, Charles was confronted by Magneto, who said he did not trust his students with the truth and left after slamming him into the glass doors.

Affected by the meeting, Charles spoke with Logan over the issue of Mystique's identity as Principal Darkholme. While the latter said the students should be told, Charles believed they might not be ready to know. Mystique as Principal Darkholme used her influences to stop Jean from attending a trip with Scott, having her instead replaced by Rogue. When Jean came back to the mansion after learning of the replacement, she told Charles about the change.

Mystique revealed her identity as Principal Darkholme to Scott and Rogue when she tried to kill Scott during the trip. Charles, Wolverine and Storm flew out to find Scott. Scott was unconscious as Charles tried to contact him telepathically and could not answer, Charles interpreting him as being hurt. The group has difficulty finding Scott until Rogue had him fire his optic blasts into the sky. After the incident, all of the X-Men knew of Mystique's identity. The younger students, kept in the dark about who their school principal really was, confronted Charles about not telling them the truth. Charles asked Rogue what she thought and after she responded, told the group he would try to be more honest with them in the future.[6]

Sabretooth Edit

Evan recorded footage of Logan arriving at the Xavier Mansion while he was at school, with a camera he received for an assignment intended as make up for having done poorly on another assignment. Sabretooth attacked him and using the footage he recorded, found the Xavier Mansion. Charles spoke to Wolverine while Sabretooth was being held off by the mansion's defenses, and learned that Evan was responsible for what had transpired. When he and Wolverine spoke after Sabretooth was chased off, Charles concluded that Sabretooth would try taking one of the students hostage to get Wolverine away from the mansion, realizing they were all in danger. After Sabretooth attacked Evan, Rogue and Kitty and was defeated by Rogue, the group dropped Sabretooth off into the snow. Charles wiped his mind and later attended the viewing of Evan's finished film project.[7]

Juggernaut Edit

The X-Men were sent to a training camp. The group used their powers along with the Brotherhood, which Charles picked up using Cerebro. He had hoped they would chose not to use their abilities, having not spoke to them about their powers. Cerebro picked up a mutant, which turned out to be Juggernaut. Charles explained his relation to Juggernaut, his half-brother, to Wolverine and Charles retreated into the Danger Room as Wolverine prepared to combat Juggernaut. The latter easily defeated him, but turned on Mystique, who had freed him, when she insulted him. Now both Charles and Mystique were in his sights. Charles tried talking Juggernaut out of harming him, but the latter refused to listen to him.

He proceeded to use the Danger Room's automated defenses, which did little to stop the villain. Juggernaut was still stopped from attacking him by Jean Grey, the latter barely being able to keep him at bay before the intervention of the other X-Men and Brotherhood. Storm had arrived at the survival camp the two groups were attending and informed them of Charles and Mystique's predicament. The two groups worked to remove Juggernaut's helmet and when they finally succeeded in doing so, Charles used his telepathy to harm Juggernaut's mind. As the X-Men and Brotherhood cheered for their teamwork, Charles told Mystique it was a shame that the two groups did not work together often. Charles later returned Juggernaut to containment.[8]

Nightmares of Rogue and Wolverine Edit

Rogue had nightmares about a blue child, who was held in the arms of his mother as she ran from a man and eventually dropped into a river. The other X-Men responded to her shrieks and while it was suggested that the group meet with Charles about the issue later, the latter overheard them thanks to his telepathy and ordered Rogue, Nightcrawler and Jean to meet with him in the library, as well as reminding everyone else to go back to bed. Following reading Rogue's mind, Charles realized that Rogue was not having a dream at all. Instead she was seeing a suppressed memory, which Nightcrawler believed was his.

Charles said they would regarding the issue the following day, keeping it to himself that it was Mystique's memory. He met with her, Mystique in her Principal Darkholme guise, at Bayville High School and tried inquiring more information. She had a brief flash of memories come back to her as Xavier asked if the experimenting on Kurt were worth him being lost. After being kicked out by Mystique, Xavier reported to her that Kurt turned out to be a "fine young lad." Thanks to the meeting and Mystique's memories, Xavier knew the location of the castle where Kurt had been experimented on and contacted Wolverine with his telepathy.

After Nightcrawler learned Mystique was his mother, Charles spoke with Jean, Scott and Logan, telling them everything he knew about Nightcrawler and Mystique and came to the conclusion that the group should not tell Nightcrawler what they know.[9]

Wolverine had several nightmares of his own shortly after this, which escalated to him acting out physically in his everyday life. When Wolverine requested Charles enter his mind for an answer to his dreams, the latter entered his mind and concluded that his dreams were suppressed memories having to do with his origins. After the session, Wolverine prepared to journey to Mt. McKenna. Charles asked him if wanted company, which he declined.

When Wolverine returned from the trip, having had a dangerous encounter and accompanied by Nightcrawler and Shadowcat, he was gravely injured. Not only that, but it was also discovered during the Mt. McKenna trip that he had a chip in his head. The chip caused him to act out in the violent ways he did during the nightmares. When Wolverine awoke, Charles explained that Shadowcat had been checked in on him every hour and that the chip had been removed.[10]

Asteroid M Edit

Cyclops's brother Alex Masters discovered his powers and was approached by Magneto. Charles detected Alex, the latter believed to have been dead by the group. Charles had Wolverine to tell Scott to meet with him in the hangar, where he revealed his brother was still alive. The three headed off to Hawaii, leaving the other members of the X-Men at the Xavier Mansion. The Blackbird landed a beach, where Wolverine and Scott began to investigate while Charles remained in the jet. After Wolverine realized Magneto had been there, Charles attempted to contact the latter telepathically.

The jet suddenly came off the ground and while Wolverine tried to remain on the flying jet, the latter was made to come off by Magneto. Charles argued with Magneto telepathically and the pair arrived at Asteroid M. Magneto greeted Charles and told him the X-Men were facing off against the Brotherhood for sanctuary on Asteroid M. When Magneto asked Charles to join him, the latter asked what became of those who would not willingly join. Magneto then showed him the comatose bodies of Storm, Jean and Rogue. Charles protested that Magneto had abducted him.

Magneto showed Charles his newest converts, just arriving on Asteroid M, Cyclops and Havok.[11] Charles confronted Scott over why he was on the asteroid and brought up the comatose bodies of his teammates, which Magneto tried to explain away. Charles used his telepathy to try and convince Scott of Magneto's true intentions, but the latter placed him the same stasis pod as the others. Just before he went unconscious, Charles contacted Wolverine, who was fighting Sabretooth, and told him to lose. He and the others regained consciousness at some point and watched as Cyclops and Havok used Magneto's enhancer to enhance their powers.

Wolverine in the meantime assembled the X-Men and Mystique and Toad, who lost their matches, to arrive at Asteroid M. When Magneto unsuccessfully tried using his powers to control their jet, he realized Xavier had it made of plastic purposely to render his powers useless, giving him a look after his powers failed. Magneto ordered Cyclops and Havok to attack the X-Men. Charles and the others were released by Wolverine. Charles scolded Cyclops and Havok for their decisions after the pair faced a reprimanding from Jean. Cyclops and Havok saved the X-Men and Brotherhood from being killed by a collapsing Asteroid M, which they destroyed. Charles admitted the pair had saved the lives of the two groups, including his own and offered Alex help with his powers.[12]

Pre-Mutant Revelation Edit

Almost revealed Edit

Charles spoke with Wolverine about the new recruits and the two were interrupted during their conversation by Storm. Charles learned of Scott using his powers to stop children on a school bus from being killed by a dangling car. Scott had used his optic blasts to shoot the car away from the vehicle. When Scott returned to the mansion following the incident, Charles confronted him with Wolverine and Storm. In a private conversation between Charles and Scott, the latter voiced his frustration with having hesitated to use his powers.

Charles did not condemn him for using his abilities, but cautioned him to keep them out of public view. Scott still did not understand where Charles was coming from, voicing this to him as their conversation ended. The X-Mne attended the girl's soccer game later on and there, the Brotherhood chose to reveal themselves as mutants and the X-Men as being mutants, as well as the inhabitants of the Xavier Mansion as all possessing the X-Gene.

Once the group started causing trouble, the X-Men dispatched themselves to handle the group. They succeeded in stopping them from causing further damage and Storm's arrival signaled the end of the conflict. Charles thanked her for using her powers, but she stated the pouring of rain would not make the attendants to the game forget what they had seen. Charles told her of his plan to erase the minds of everyone there and she voiced her concern for him.

However, he still chose to go ahead with his idea and proceeded to erase the mind of every single person there, all until only one person remained, Robert Kelly, the new principal at Bayville High School. Charles tried using his powers on him, but he became exhausted as he entered Kelly's mind and passed out. When he awoke at the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine and Scott notified him of the airing of the conflict between the X-Men and Brotherhood being blocked out by a magnetic pulse, assumed to be the work of Magneto.[13]

Jean's powers Edit

Jean's powers soon became a problem for her to control and she demonstrated this by using her telekinesis unintentionally on Scott while the pair attended a function together. The two then returned to the mansion and while both Charles and Nightcrawler tried to learn of what had happened during the party, Jean kept them from doing so. Rogue then returned to the mansion, accompanied by her friend Risty.

After Wolverine and Shadowcat used their powers around her, Charles had Rogue to see her out of the mansion and apologized to Rogue for having to kick out her friend, but reminded her that visits must be scheduled. Rogue thought to herself that Charles treated Jean better than her, and the latter both read her mind and openly responded to the accusation. Charles confronted Jean about her powers after this and explained that he understood she was most likely having trouble with it without having to read her mind to see if she was alright. Jean assured him that she could handle her abilities.

During school the following day, Jean lost control and was returned to the mansion by Scott and Kitty and made to lay down by Charles, who had Wolverine to escort Scott away. Jean's powers became uncontrollable as her powers continued developing and Charles retreated for safety following her abilities soon beginning to cause everything to levitate, including Jean herself. When meeting up with the other X-Men, Charles revealed the dilemma and Rogue suggested using her powers to absorb Jean's.

While Charles was somewhat hesitant to go through with her plan, Wolverine pointed out that the team did not have many options and he agreed. The group was able to successfully remove the stresses of her powers by having Rogue absorb her abilities and she returned to normal following the incident.[14]

Probation of Boom Boom and Nightcrawler Edit

Nightcrawler was nearly killed during a training exercise with Boom Boom as a result of her misuse of her powers, but was saved by Wolverine. Charles learned of the incident and put the two on probation, citing rules were for their protection. Boom Boom's father arrived at the mansion later on to see his daughter, after having spent two months tracking her and Charles turned him down since her mother left instructions dictating that he could not have access to her. When Boom Boom's father threatened to reveal the X-Men as mutants, Tabitha and Kurt arrived at the mansion. Tabitha spoke with her father and reluctantly agreed to using her powers to commit a heist with him so he could have money to live off of. She snuck off to the Bayville High School carnival with Kurt and she met up with her father to commit the crime. After the Brotherhood and X-Men became involved, Tabitha's father was found out by officers, who arrested him. Charles spoke with her at the police station, accompanied by Kurt. Charles explained that her father was being kept in prison and when she chose to leave the group, he left the door open for her to return to the group anytime she wished. He also furthered the probation status of Nightcrawler, who went against his orders.[15]

Mesmero Edit

Not long after, Jean seemingly went missing. As the X-Men searched for her individually, Charles went to her room with Scott, concluding that she had simply vanished. Charles asked about Beast's progress and denied that he had with Cerebra since it could only detect her when she used her powers. Charles was able to detect her with Cerebra later, in the presence of Scott and Wolverine, telling them it was confirmed that she was in Boston as he had been able to detect her powers. As Scott prepared the X-Jet, he was denied its usage on the grounds that Jean had already left the setting, another thing Charles had been able to detect alongside her continued use of her powers, though he promised him that the group would find her but insisted they needed another lead. After Jean returned to the Xavier Mansion to retrieve Nightcrawler, and in doing so encountered Scott though subdued him with her powers, Scott banged on Charle's bedroom door to inform him of what had happened.

Once Shadowcat and Beast were able to determine where she had been, Charles sent Scott and Wolverine in their direction, where the pair confronted Jean and Nightcrawler at the Townshift Bank but were unable to stop them from leaving with the use of the helicopter and returning to the Xavier Mansion for Evan and Kitty. Charles was able to detect her though felt a pain from an outside presence as he and Beast were trapped inside of a computer room thanks to Evan using his spikes to tamper with the controls outside the room. Charles searched for the identity of the man he saw in Jean's mind and confirmed to Rogue that he looking for a match though she explained his identity as Mesmero of a circus group, one that Xavier concluded they would have to attend as he was informed by Beast that they had detected the mind controlled X-Men at a museum. When the group traveled to the setting, Charles was able to get around the X-Men battling their allies to where Mesmero was, ordering Jean to not give Mesmero the rings and fight her control, telling her also that he would be the one to deal with Mesmero.

Charles was held in the air by Jean, who lost control when she was touched by Rogue. Jean handed him the rings before losing consciousness, though Charles soon questioned Mesmero on whether he could handle his mind in place of theirs and began a battle of minds with him where he seemed to be dominating until Mesmero gained the upper hand and prompted Charles to fall down further. Charles explained to Beast that someone had been pulling the strings while Mesmero was just another puppet, saying that it was a mind more powerful than anything he had encountered before.[16]

Abduction Edit

Charles met with Wanda and spoke to her about her possibly joining the X-Men. While he believed she had a place at the mansion, he did not want to run the risk of her attempting to harm anyone there. An officer came inside and told him the meeting was being cut short. The officer, revealed to be Mystique, broke Wanda out of the facility and let her leave as she went back in.[17] She captured an unsuspecting Charles, who was not able to sense her due to her new abilities.[18] She placed him in Juggernaut's cell and posed as him, setting the X-Men up to be defeated by the Brotherhood.[17] Also during his absence, mutants were revealed to the public during a broadcasted battle between the combined forces of the X-Men and Brotherhood and a Sentinel.[19]

Post-Mutant Revelation Edit

Rogue and Kitty used their powers while trying to stop the Brotherhood from inflicting harm on military personnel in their effort to secure the release of Pietro. After this, the pair met with Charles and Scott, the former telling the pair that their judgement was not wrong at all but insisting that they were unable to deal with every crisis, citing their lives as a factor in his determining of this.[20]

Powers and abilities Edit

When someone does not respond in anyway to his telepathy, it is likely the individual is comatose or in some other type of unconscious state.[6]

Charles used his abilities to alter minds. He did this during Scott's incident with his powers to benefit humanity, as he believed mutants were not ready to be discovered.[1] In addition to his telepathy, Xavier possessed a keen understanding of the Xavier Mansion's controls,[7] which extended to the Danger Room.[1] Xavier's powers had the ability, as has been seen with other telepaths, to completely subdue a person by harming their mind.[8]

Personality Edit

Xavier was compassionate and sympathetic, both traits aiding him in recruiting mutants to join the X-Men. He always tried to make the mutant, whatever their ability or power, feel they had been blessed. He never turned his back on anyone, no matter how repulsive they were or any other aspect they possessed.[1]

Charles cared deeply about the well-being of his students and took their protection to heart. An issue with Sabretooth saw him put the students on lockdown out of fear the latter would try and abduct one of them as a hostage.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • Xavier's only appearance in the first season in which he does not use his powers is "The X-Impulse".
  • This is the only incarnation of the character in a mainstream X-Men series to remain with the group at the end of the series.

References Edit

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