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The Brotherhood is a team of mutants, formed by Magneto and Mystique. The team had regular conflicts with the X-Men, particularly the group's teenage members.



Mystique used her position as principal of Bayville High School to enroll the mutants she acquired for the group at the school.[1] The first mutant to join the group was Toad, who did so after refusing to align with the X-Men after being tested for the team.[2] Mystique personally met with both Lance Alvers[3] and Fred Dukes in her guise as Raven Darkholme, school principal of Bayville High.[1] The last member of the original four was Quicksilver, who was approached by Magneto, his father.[4] Mystique also enrolled Rogue into Bayville High, where she was seen with members of the group on a few occasions.[1][4]

First conflicts with the X-Men

The team's first known fight against the X-Men was when the Brotherhood confronted the group while they were trying to retrieve Nightcrawler from an alternate dimension.[5] The group intervened during Nightcrawler's meeting with Mystique, where she revealed her identity as his mother.[6] In both of these encounters, the team was defeated by the X-Men.





  • Though Rogue was convinced by Mystique to not join the X-Men and enrolled into Bayville High following the encounter in a similar fashion to the other members of the Brotherhood, her affiliation with the group appears to have not been as close as the rest of its members, since she is never seen fighting with them. It is most likely that she only interacted with the group at school.


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