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First appearance "Power Surge"
Voice Michael Kopsa
General Information
Full name
Species Mutant
Physical description
Hair color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies X-Men
Enemies Apocalypse
Powers and abilities

Beast is a member of the X-Men.[1]


Beast was chased by officers during one of his runs in Bayville as he returned to see his Bayville High School lab. The officers cornered him, though he managed to escape by jumping on the roof of their car and running off. He later spoke with Charles about the chase and Beast expressed his belief that he was a fool to ever think he could leave the X-Mansion. While Charles tried assuring him that his need to be "out in the world" was natural, Beast said he did not belong there anymore.

He also rejected Charles's offer to create an Image inducer since it would still be hiding and he could not be trusted out there since his rage could get the better of him at any time. His questioning of why he had to become a mutant was overheard by Kitty, who came in on him and Charles and asked if the latter had spoken to him about the trip yet, referring to one to Redwood Forest.

Charles played along with her and requested that Beast lead the X-Men into the forest, but Beast declined and retorted that someone else should do it even after Charles granted him permission to select any student he wished to attend the trip. However, he changed his mind when Charles asked him to imagine what he can teach the students in a natural environment untouched by man and miles away from another human being, which Beast envisioned. He quickly related the trip to the students during breakfast and his looking at Bobby instantly made him realize that he wanted him to attend the trip.

Beast hinted at Bobby's failing grade and stopped Evan from leaving, despite the latter trying to explain that going to the park would be just as natural as going to the forest. After the group landed in the forest, Evan complained about the trip and Beast recommended that he send him an email. Shortly after arriving there, Evan underwent an infection as a result of touching poison ivy and Beast was contacted by him and quickly realized what had happened to him.[2]

Beast joined Storm in searching for Wolverine after he was seemingly kidnapped. They found a metal wrapping that had been bent to form around Wolverine by Magneto using his magnetic abilities. Beast instantly recognized the effects of Wolverine's claws on it and Storm pointed out the bending of the metal, leading the two to believe that Magneto had in fact kidnapped him. Beast accompanied the X-Men and Brotherhood to confront Magneto.[3]


  • Beast is the only mutant in the series to make an appearance before gaining their powers.


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