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The battle at Asteroid M was the sole battle between the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants aboard the asteroid,[1] which had been created by Magneto.[2] The X-Men, led by Wolverine, arrived at the asteroid right after Cyclops and Alex Masters were converted by the enhancer, serving as forces of Magneto during the fight.

Shortly after the altercation, Asteroid M began crumbling and nearly killed both teams while descending to the ground.[1]


The X-Men fought the Brotherhood members individually. As the battle began, Wolverine fred the X-Men captive in the decompression chambers before being assaulted by Sabretooth, who's amplified abilities proved more than a match for Wolverine. Nightcrawler defeated Blob with relative ease, despite the latter's size. X-Man Spyke, aided by Shadowcat, defeated Avalanche and Rogue knocked out Quicksilver by using her absorption on him. Magneto had an altercation with Mystique, though it ended when he unintentionally sent her flying into the enhancer, which he tried to get her out of before the effects of the device took place.[1]


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