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Asteroid M was the base which Magneto operated under while conducting battles between members of the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants.[1] Whoever won the battle, would be sent to the asteroid and given sanctuary,[2] though Magneto was known to have kept several members of the X-Men in decompression chambers.[1] The asteroid was destroyed soon after its involvement in the clashes between the X-Men and Brotherhood, as it would be destroyed when it nearly smashed the two groups to death.[2]



The asteroid stored the bodies of X-Men Storm, Jean Grey and Rogue along with Charles Xavier, the group's founder while they were in the decompression chambers. The asteroid also housed the enhancer, which Magneto intended to use to increase the brute strength of the powers of mutants. Cyclops, his brother Alex, Sabretooth and Mystique are known to have used it and been transformed.[2]

Invasion and conflict

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The X-Men invaded Asteroid M, accompanied by Brotherhood member Toad and Mystique. After the X-Men landed inside, they began to combat the Brotherhood. Mystique fought against Magneto, ultimately being kicked into the enhancer, which produced Sabretooth, who fought against and overwhelmed Wolverine. The asteroid was not stable enough to contain all of the mutants and their respective powers at use and began falling out of the sky by the time the conflict had ended.[2]


Cyclops and his brother Alex Masters were not able to join the X-Men aboard the Blackbird, the team's standard aircraft. The two escaped from the asteroid by jumping out and using their powers on the ground, which gave them the opportunity to slow down their fall and land on their feet. As the asteroid began to come apart following the chaotic battle which took place earlier, it began falling from the sky and towards the X-Men and Brotherhood. Cyclops and Alex used their powers, which had been amplified by the enhancer, to destroy the asteroid.[2]


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